Name: Arfini Hidayanti
NIM: A1M011051
Title: The Effect of Proportion Nutmeg Extract, Sugar, and Molded Sugar Palm Against
Chemical and Sensory Characteristics of Nutmeg Instant Powder Drink.
Counselor: Dra. Erminawati, M.Sc., Ph.D.
Karseno, S.P., M.P., Ph.D.
Meat of nutmeg is the biggest part of fresh nutmeg fruit, i.e. 80%, but only a small fraction has
been utilized. Nutmeg Instant powder drink is an alternative to the use of nutmeg meat. Molded
palm sugar substitution aims to reduce the use of sugar because sugar has a high glycemic
index value category that is not good for health. However, the use of sugar is still needed in this
research because sugar was instrumental in helping the crystallization process and increases
the sweetness of the product.
This study aims to determine the effect of the proportion of nutmeg extract with sugar and
granulated sugar with a proportion of molded sugar palm against chemical and characteristics of
nutmeg powder drink instant; and determine the right combination of treatments to produce
nutmeg instant powder drink with chemical and sensory characteristics of the best.
The method used in this study is the experimental methods with a randomized block design
(RAK) are arranged in a factorial with nine treatment combinations and repeated three times to
obtain 27 units experiment. Factors to be tested included two factors, namely the proportion of
nutmeg extracted with sugar (E) (b / b) consists of; 3: 1 (E1); 4: 1 (E2); and 5: 1 (E3); and the
proportion of sugar by sugar palm print (G) (w / w) which consists of; 100: 0 (G1); 70: 30 (G2);
and 50: 50 (G3).
The data obtained from the measurement of chemical variables were analyzed using the F test
at 95% confidence level (α = 5%). If the results of the analysis are the real effect, then followed
by a test of Duncan's Multiple Range Test (DMRT) with a 95% confidence level. Data obtained
from the sensory test were analyzed using Friedman’s test with a 95% confidence level.
If the analysis shows a real effect, then followed with double comparative tests.
The results showed that the combination treatment resulted powder drink nutmeg instant best
obtained from the treatment proportion of extract of nutmeg with sugar 5: 1 (w / w) and the
proportion of sugar by sugar palm print 50: 50 (w / w) with the chemical characteristics of pH 6,
78, a total of 1.16% bk tritrated acids, total dissolved solids no bk 3.80%, 4.19% moisture
content bk, bk ash content of 2.18%, 2.11% reduction sugar bk, and levels of sucrose 56.18%
Sensory characteristics of the powder, which is brown (3.87), the distinctive aroma of nutmeg
rather strong (3.05), the distinctive aroma of coconut sugar rather strong (3.30), rather fine
powder (3.17), nutmeg flavor was (3.60), slightly sweet flavor (3.35), and overall a bit like
panelists (3.23), whereas the sensory characteristics of steeping, i.e. brown (4.42), the
distinctive aroma of nutmeg rather strong (3.13 ), typical aroma of coconut sugar is less strong

33). and overall a bit like panelists (3.2 (2. RINGKASAN SKRIPSI ARFI ENGLISH VERSION/201015/ay .37). slightly sweet flavor (3.22). nutmeg flavor rather noticeably (3.47).