Name: Putri Wulan Dari

SRN : 1513042085
Intermediate Reading
Material Source: Opinion Section from The Jakarta Post
Title : Judging a book by its cover
1. What is the topic discussed?
Corruption and problem public/voters face in election.
2. What is the problem proposed?
The candidates in election





background or did some crime like corruption in the past.
Public sometime got tricked by them because they have
some nice award that makes voters believe they are nice
people without knowing their true characteristic or what
crimes they had done.
3. What is the strategy to overcome the problem?
- Public have to think skeptical and critical in choosing their

leader in election.
Do not just trust what they said and find the true
information about the candidates from credible institution


like Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW).
The political parties have to put integrity on top of the list
of criteria of candidate.

4. What is the fact that he put forward?
- Banyuasin Regent Yan Anton Fardjian received an award
from the BKKBN for his contribution to government’s birth

control efforts.
Banyuasin Regent Yan Anton Fardjian was known for his
care for people.


generosity. 2 . 6. popularity. What is the conclusion? Politician sometime are not good as they look.- KPK data reveal that Yan is the 51 st head of second level administrative region it has charged with corruption since - the inception of the antigraft body late in 2013. Political parties have to lead by example before sending the anticorruption message to whoever they endorse to join the election. Voters better rely on findings by credible watchdog like Indonesian Corruption Watch (ICW) to gauge the - suitability of candidates. What is the opinion that he put forward? . Voters must carefully screen each candidate before - casting their ballots before it is too late.Politicians are experts in misleading voters with their - courtesy. Yan is the youngest among 185 politicians from various - parties KPK has prosecuted so far. Many of them got nice award but they did crimes and try to hide it so voters would chose them in election. Voters and public at large have to remain skeptical and - critical of any candidates. 5. Political parties need to place integrity on top of the list of - criteria if candidate. Therefore. KPK arrests Subang Regent Ojang Suhandi a few month ago. public/voters have to think critical and find the true information of the candidates and their characteristic or what they had done in the past. and perhaps piety.

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