Lesson Plan





Team Sports
American Football Kicking

19 September 2016,

1. Students will demonstrate how to pass, carry, and throw a football.
2. Students will demonstrate how to kick a football.

Outcom Communication with use of space and interaction in team sports
American Football

Instructional Strategies:


1 hour Objective: Upon completion of this lesson, students
classes will be able to identify what unit we will be doing,
Before and develop communication and teamwork skills,
along with passing the ball effectively.

Customized warm-up activities. ( V and M turn)
-Have partnership lead 5 min. warmup.
-Have cones set up on field ready for game (full field).

Football drill: Simon Shows. They know how to play since we did it last class,
emphasize importance of knowing where the ball is at all times, along with
where others are so you are not running into each other. Keep head up at all
times, keep eye on coach. Blow whistle: Line of scrimmage: offense and
defense line up along line.


Pass and Catch

Spring 2016: Marynowski
Adapted from Wiggins and McTighe (2005)

Accommodation /

If not prepared, talk
about how important it
is to come prepared,
otherwise they all run
laps for warmup.
Set up cones on field
for yards. Center line is
there, then do 2 sets
and the end line for the
end zone.
½ and ¾

Players will pair off and begin 5 yards from each other.
Have players throw the ball back and forth.
Make sure players use the appropriate touch on the pass, according to
the distance they are from one until another.
After a few throws, have each player take a step back. Continue.
Next, make it a competition: pair that drops pass, sits down - go until 1
remaining pair.

Kick: sweet spot is about 2 inches down from center of ball, position
ball laces away from you, ball pointing up, someone can hold it with
their finger so careful with kicking. Have a stationary target in mind.
Take same amount of steps towards ball, be consistent in width. Be
about 90 degree angle back from ball. About 3 steps back and 2 steps
to the side.
Record parts of game.

Game: when to pass: cannot pass ball after kick, offense just
runs and stops where tagged. Can only pass if standing
behind line of scrimmage during a down.
Start game flipping quarter or rock paper scissors to decide
who starts. Winner pick if want to kick or receive. Team can
huddle to communicate play or who they will pass to.
Include everyone. Rotate center and quarterback, who to
throw to. Decide where each person will run to: end zone,
stay closer, hand off. Defense can tag quarterback after 5
Quarterback yells hike for center to snap ball, throws ball to
someone on their team or does a handoff or can run. Can
only pass behind the line of scrimmage. Other team can
count to 5 Mississippi and then tag quarterback if the ball
hasn’t been passed. When have touchdown, that is 6 point,
have one more try to get another 2 points from 10 yards
from end zone. Then they kick the ball to the other team
who runs to ball and runs until tagged.



Rotate football so
everyone gets a chance
with the actual football
and not just rugby ball.

Can repeat
activities as they
are having fun.
If they are not
listening, have
them run laps.
We will kick ball to
start game and
after touchdowns.
After 12 min. switch
sides of field after
1st and 3rd quarter.
Whoever has
possession of ball
keeps it. Second
half starts opposite
of who started in
first half (kicking
and receiving).

Cooldown stretch.

Self-Evaluation / Reflection:
Things I did well: I explained the rule and then demonstrated. I was more straight forward in
direction. I
Things to do better: partners, know when to end. I could have connected the warm up game
to football in how you are protecting the ball or your flag from the other team. I should have
whoever is leading warmup run their idea past me prior to class for it to be suitable warmup.
Make sure everyone is paying attention. I need to have them rotate roles on the team so
everyone gets a chance to play.

Spring 2016: Marynowski
Adapted from Wiggins and McTighe (2005)