Mumbai is the largest city in India, in terms of both population and
dreamers and creators! Mumbai is now witnessing the influx of an
increasing number of international patients. Mumbai has many
hospitals in the public and private sectors, which provide services at
par with international standards. Joint Commission International
(JCI), a gold benchmark for performance in healthcare industry, has
accredited a significant number of facilities.
Mumbai has world-class hospitals and medical centers with welltrained and experienced doctors and medical personnel. Dentistry,
cosmetic surgery and orthopedic are the most sought-after medical
treatments. Though India has a myriad of languages, English is
widely spoken in Mumbai. Several hospitals have doctors, nurses
and staff that are fluent in English making it easier for foreigners to
communicate without any reticence.
Mumbai possesses a thriving tourism industry and the government
has joined hands with business associations and federations to
promote medical tourism on the global arena. This is a positive sign
as it proves that Mumbai is fully equipped and ready to welcome
foreign patients with warm-heartedness.
Official Languages
History & Economy
Mumbai or Bombay as formerly known, is built on what was once an
archipelago of seven islands. Ruled by The Mughal Empire from the
outset, it was followed by the Portugese and British Empire. Mumbai
has always retained its position as a strategically important city and
is now unsurprisingly, the financial powerhouse of India.
Mumbai houses India’s major congolomerates, besides being ranked
“Top Ten Cities For Billionaires” by Forbes. This description paints a
certain picture in the minds of readers, perhaps one sees Mumbai in
the same light as New York City- high-rise buildings, fast-paced
schedules, booming economy, stock markets and the likes of a
typical metropolitan lifestyle. But this is just the tip of the iceberg
and there’s more to Mumbai.
Food & Festivals

The quest for the ultimate celestial-like place for culinary delight is
over and it pit stops nowhere but in Mumbai. A mere paragraph
would not do justice to the city’s exoticness but the must-have
dishes are listed. Treat yourself with the classic vada paav at any
street food stall. This native dish is simply a fried potato patty
stuffed in a bun with a mix of exquisite chutneys and spices and its
taste lingers on long after the last bite. While at it, give pani puri,
lassi, pav bhaji and Indianized pizza a try. A Konkani Costal meal is
based on steamed rice, coconut curry, kokum and a variety of
breads. The patrons of this meal stretch up to the tropical getaway
of Goa. Mumbai’s own version of various regional and international
foods found anywhere from a small hawker stall to a fine dining
restaurant is what gives Mumbai the distinctiveness.
There’s a festival for every month in a year and that is how colourful
life is in Mumbai. The grandest of them is Ganesh Chaturthi,
celebrated during August- September. It marks the birth anniversary
of Ganesha, a Hindu god of wisdom. On the last day thousands of
processions converge on the beaches of Mumbai carrying the idols
of Ganesha, to be immersed in the sea, accompanied by drumbeats,
devotional songs and a whole lot of dancing. The Banganga Festival,
a musical extravaganza held in January and Gudhi Padava, the
Maharashtran New Year's Day are other noteworthy ones.
Places of Interest
There’s a little bit of everything for everybody in Mumbai. Kala
Ghoda Art Precinct is a visual treat giving a glimpse into the British
era due to its gothic architecture. Many art festivals, pubs, museums
ar held here throughout the year. Not many websites would mention
this, but one must strike a conversation with Mumbai Dabbawalas,
who deliver home-cooked food to office-goers from their homes.
Besides, a Guiness World Records mention, they are the envy of
every global courier service provider due to their “one mistake in 8
million deliveries”.
With pre-monsoon jungle trek or city cycling in South Mumbai, give
the adventourous inner-self a nudge. Head to the beautiful village of
Khotachiwadi to be transported back in time to the Portuguese Era
or climb up the Siddhivinayak Temple to seek blessings. At the end
of it all, sit by Marine Drive, popularly referred to as the Queen’s
Necklace, a long promenade overlooking the Arabian Sea which has
therapeutic effects on the soul.