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Submitted by:

Aruba Khan

Submitted to:

Sir Col Imtiaz Mohar

Date: 3rd June’ 2010

Making Knowledge and Learning Affordable

Mr. Saeed Jan Qureshi founder of Saeed book bank opened a prolific book shop in
1955. His aim was to make books available and knowledge affordable. The theme
of quality book selling expressed through a broad inventory and personal service
was established by Mr. Saeed Jan Qureshi and it is also retained today as the
primary goal of the company.

In 1985 his son Mr. Akbar Saeed entered the business as a General Manager (GM)
of the Peshawar Showroom and has actively directed company activities since that

They are the publishers, Book Sellers, Stationers, Stockiest of Foreign Books, Retail
and Wholesale Dealers of Text, Technical, Scientific, Medical, Academic, Reference
and General Books, Importers and Distributors of Foreign Books, CDs, Magazines
and Journals.

It is an organization established more than five decade ago; committed for the
enhancement of knowledge, the spread of learning and scholarship and
improvement in the intellectual content of life in Pakistan.

“This is because we do not think of ourselves as suppliers only and educational

institutions as customers” says the CEO Mr. Akbar Saeed. Indeed Saeed Book Bank
is a University in itself. In a discussion with the sales people the sales persons of
the shop Mr. Akbar Saeed said, “Rather, we are partners working towards a
common goal for the spread of learning in the best possible way”.

Mr. Akbar Saeed expresses his consent with the fact that constructive and creative
activities in the society are decreasing day by day. He further elaborated the fact
that reading and library culture must be promoted in order to stimulate progress
and prosperity in the country.
Saeed Book Bank has gained a reputation for providing and distributing new/best
seller books, CDs, magazines/Journals on Academic, Scientific, Technical, Medical,
Computer, Reference and General subjects as well as text books.

With the grace of GOD, they have got the largest inventory of books/Journals in
Pakistan, to which hundreds of new books are added every day and as a result they
have very wide range of books on all subjects.

Today, the company’s two full service Book Showroom provides a complete general
selection with an academic emphasis, featuring powerful sections in almost all
subjects like Philosophy, Fiction, Cultural/Current History, Cognitive Science,
Politics, History, Commerce, Medical, Engineering, Computer etc. We also feature
the capability to special order any books which are not available in our store.

The company also participates in exhibitions and book fairs held in various
educational institutions of the country. National Library of Pakistan every year
conducts two day exhibitions in which Saeed Book Bank along with other
booksellers display their bestselling titles. A large number of visitors throng stalls in
the exhibition arranged by Department of Libraries, Ministry for Education. The
books represent human civilization and contribute in shaping economic, social and
cultural fabric of societies.

With the attainment of biggest books inventory in the country, the CEO is under
constant efforts to open up new outlets and increase its presence in other big cities
of the country notably Lahore and Karachi. The sort of market penetration will
enable it to further enhance its operations and make learning available for every
citizen which is consistent with its company goals.

The company web site is their latest and continuous effort to make out selections
and services available to everyone, no matter where in the world one might be. The
site is a best source for all kinds of foreign and Pakistani Books published in
Pakistan and aboard at Islamabad and Peshawar.

With this site any customer can search for and place an online order for buying
books. The online shopping has given the company a big edge and advantage over
its rivals, most notably Idrees Book Bank and Old Book Shops located across the
twin cities of the country.
In Pakistan minimum order must be Rs.500.00 for free delivery, otherwise freight is
charged, and for the orders received outside Pakistan actual freight is charged as
per choice of customer shipping method. In addition, free packing And forwarding
up to the carrier will be available for all buyers.

However, the company CEO, Mr. Akbar Saeed foresees a dismal future in the wake
of mounting pressure from the rivals. He is working on bringing some crucial
changes in the shops outlook. The shop should be a place very learning and
commitment towards knowledge generation is encouraged. Study tables, sitting
places and combined study areas are on the upcoming agenda for enhancing the
competitive outlook through a customized approach towards learning.

Saeed Book Bank is also working to alter its current refund and exchange policy
where it does not make itself liable to refund or exchange any online or direct sales
under any circumstances. All items ordered are subject to confirm sale / non-
returnable-non-exchangeable strictly.