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Harolds Meat + 3 Menu

Mussels - coconut curry
Green Chili Tripe - New Mexican style
Crab Au Gratin - old school recipe
Meatballs - mushroom gravy
Sausage - grilled sweet Italian
Vegetable Fricassee - late summer vegetables and poached egg
Okra & Cauliflower Curry- coriander, cumin, raita
Grilled Salmon - simply grilled
Bone-In Pork Schnitzel - classic or Parmesan
Beer Can Chicken - back yard barbecue style
Pork Ribs (1/2 half) - brined and grilled
Flounder - broiled
5 Sides as entre - pick any 5 sides to create your own meal
Roasted Lobster- whole roasted 1 1/4 lb. lobster
Rack of Lamb (3 bones) - brushed with mustard and simply grilled
NY Strip - 14 oz. prime Creekstone beef. Simply grilled.
Scallops - seared on the plancha
Grilled Tuna - sushi grade
Black Bass or Snapper - oven roasted whole fish. Deboned, head removed before coming to table.

Macaroni and Cheese - classic style
Broccoli + Rice Casserole - cheddar cheese and Carolina rice
Baked Ziti - tomato, mozzarella, basil
Grits- slow cooked anson mills white grits
Rice + Beans - Hoppin John style
Japanese Rice - steamed
Basil Fried Rice - spinach and ginger
Quinoa- pilaf style
Mashed Potatoes - super smooth French way
Country Club Potatoes- parmesan cheese
Japanese Sweet Potatoes - baked
Potato Rosti - Idaho potato, onion, scallion
Potato Salad - our family recipe
Crispy Smashed Potatoes- steamed then fried
Twice Baked Potatoes - paprika, sour cream, scallion

Green Bean Casserole - thanksgiving style

Stuffed Artichoke Hearts - breadcrumb, lemon, Parmesan cheese
Broccoli with Burnt Garlic - Harold's favorite broccoli
Zucchini with tomato - strewed
Braised Greens - turkey wing, collard greens, mustard greens, leeks
Leeks - whole roasted, vinaigrette
Brussels Sprouts - simply roasted
Cauliflower - crushed
Okra- with stewed tomato
Spinach- sauted with garlic and olive oil
Green Beans - steamed with shallots
Coleslaw - chopped
Cucumber Salad - red onion and dill
Mixed Greens - lemon vinaigrette
Stuffed peppers - rice, shallots, tomato, Parmesan

Twice Baked Avocado
Put an Egg on It - sunny side up or poached
Grilled Foie Gras
Steakhouse Bacon
Bacon Dressed
OG Chicken for Two
Prime Rib
HM3 Antipasto Platter (deviled eggs, sausage balls, pimento cheese spread, surryano ham, housemade
pickles, crackers and potato chips) priced per person
Oysters on the half shell or Rockefeller

$25 (includes sides)
Monday Hot Chicken
Tuesday Smothered Pork Chops
Wednesday Shrimp + Grits
Thursday Ham Steak
Friday Fried Fish
Saturday Fried Chicken
Sunday Chicken + Dumplings