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Music | Listening Log, Week 1 | Introduction to Music Appreciation

Name: Rain Kirk


Listening Log, Week 1

Introduction to Music Appreciation
(40 points)

Part 1: Sound and Hearing: Instruments at Work

Choose a song by one of your favorite bands or musical groups. Listen to the song at least twice, paying
particular attention to the sound of each instrument and how it contributes to the overall sound of the song. Then
answer the questions using complete sentences.
Name of Band or Musical Group: The
Song Title: Im


a Believer

Year Song Was Released: 2001

1. How many different instruments do you hear in this band or group? Identify and name the instruments you

I hear 5 different instruments. A guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Drums, and Tambourine

2. Is one instrument featured more prominently than the others? What is it about the sound of that instrument
that makes a distinct impression on the listener? What is unique about this instrument?

The bass is the most prominent sound I hear. It makes an impression because the song is light
and upbeat, and the bass gives it depth. The bass is unique because it has a much lower
sound than the other instruments in the song.
3. Choose an instrument that you normally dont pay much attention to (maybe the bass or the keyboard, for
instance). Listen carefully to how it sounds in this song. Describe three interesting features that characterize
this instrument and its sound. Why is this instrument crucial to the overall sound of this band? Explain your

I dont usually pay attention to small percussion like the Tambourine. In this song, the
Tambourine helps the song project the happy upbeat feeling. The Tambourine is interesting
because it is very prominent in this song, and its not very commonly used or heard. It is a
percussion instrument, but you only use your hands to play it. The tambourine can make two
distinct sounds; the jingling from the metal plates, and drumming. This instrument is crucial to
the sound of the song because it help carry the tone of the song,
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Music | Listening Log, Week 1 | Introduction to Music Appreciation

4. Think about the singer and the instruments in the band. Are the instruments and the singer of equal
importance? In your opinion, which is more important and why do you think so?
In this

song, I think that the Instruments in the band are of more value than the singers, because
the song could take on a totally different feeling if they had used different instruments or a different
Part 2: Discover a New Instrument
A whole world of instruments exists beyond the keyboard, guitars and drums. Find a piece of music written
specifically for one instrument or a piece that features one instrument with piano accompaniment. Then answer
these questions.
1. What instrument did you choose?
Answer: The

Bass Guitar

2. What family of instruments does it belong to: strings, woodwinds, brass, or percussion?
Answer: Strings
3. Is it a treble instrument, bass instrument, or in between? In other words, is it high pitched or low pitched
Answer: Bass

Instrument, Low Pitch

4. Do you think this instrument has been around for a long time, or was it created more recently? What makes
you think one way or the other?

I think that the bass guitar is newer, because it seems like it first became popular with Jazz music,
and Jazz Music is newer too. In old music you dont hear a bass.
5. When this instrument produces higher notes, what does it sound like? How about lower notes? Describe the
sound of this instrument in terms of other sounds you are familiar with. How does it compare to other
instruments or sounds you know. For example, does it sound like a bird? A fog horn? A clap of thunder? Be

I think that when a bass guitar plays out a lower note, it reminds me of a frog croaking, or
when you hear an airplane flying over head.

Part 3: Independent Listening Log Project

Once each week for the duration of the semester, you will be working independently on a creative project
designed to help you further explore and develop your musical skills. You have a great deal of flexibility in what
you choose to create. However, it must be something that you can perform, present, or showcase in some way.

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Music | Listening Log, Week 1 | Introduction to Music Appreciation

It is recommended that you choose the Option 1 for your project:

Option 1
Using Finale NotePad, compose and notate a piece of music for a solo instrument, an ensemble of instruments,
or a vocal piece of music, and create a presentation explaining your work, highlighting key features and playing
the piece for an audience.
Other Options
If you are unable to compose and notate an original piece of music using Finale NotePad, you may complete one
of these other options for the Independent Listening log Projects:
1. Explore the life and works of a composer, performer, or group of performers, focusing on outside
influences, important pieces, musical style, and his/her/their impact, socially and historically. Write a
biography and create a presentation, incorporating music and other media.
2. If you have Garage Band or a similar program, create a series of thematically related pieces using the
loops and samples available to you. Perform your music.
3. Write the lyrics to your own musical show (more than just one song). Your lyrics should tell a complete
story when all of your songs are put together. Put your lyrics to music. Use music that you create yourself
or model your lyrics after existing songs.
This list is not meant to be exhaustive. If what you are thinking of involves music, chances are it's not only
acceptable, its ideal. Pick something that you are excited about. After all, you're going to spend the next 17 weeks
with this project, so you want it to be something good.
While you could certainly research the construction of manuscript paper from 1765 1768, it probably wouldn't be
very interesting. And while it might be fun to write a symphony, keep in mind it took Beethoven four years to
complete his fifth symphony.
This week, you will write down every interesting idea that comes to mind. Once you have a good-sized list, narrow
it down to a few ideas that seem challenging yet doable. Starting with this brainstorm list, you will turn in your
project notes with your other listening logs each week.
You will be submitting your completed project at the end of the semester according to your course calendar.
Good luck, and enjoy the creative process!

I want to go with option number 1. I think Id like to create a piece of music for a bass instrument.

I was also thinking about doing a major to minor song change for a already existing song, and also
singing the lyrics, but I dont know if that would be allowed.

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Music | Listening Log, Week 1 | Introduction to Music Appreciation

Independent Listening Log Music Study Project Decision or Brainstorm List

Your Score

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