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Ronhovde Update

September 22, 2016


We are continuing our Brothers and

Students just picked their seed story

Sisters Unit, and have been learning

about character traits and making text
connections. Soon students will be placed
into their Guided Reading groups and
begin learning additional skills with books
at their specific reading levels! :)

for our Personal Narrative Unit. We will

be working hard to add strength to our
writing by using a checklist/rubric of 3rd
Grade Writing expectations. Each day
we are setting individual goals to make
our writing stronger. Look for a
publishing party in our future!


<<<Science/Social Studies>>>

-Sept. 26 - Science Test
-Sept. 28 - 1:20 Dismissal
*Recurring Events:
-PE: every Mon/Wed
-Music: Tues/Thur
-Library: every Wed
-PE/Music: alternating Fridays
*see month calendar
-Guidance: alternating Tues
*we have guidance every
week that Music is on Friday
-Spelling Tests: every Friday

We are wrapping up our Animals Unit.

Look for a pink review sheet to go home
Friday. Students will be tested over
vertebrates/invertebrates, what living
things need to survive, and animal
adaptations. Our next area will be Social
Studies: Where in the World is Our
!What strategies have you learned to solve multiplication problems? Can you show me the !
!Distributive Property?
No more September
birthdays Keep on
celebrating, Jace! :)
!Have you been practicing your Words Their Way?
!What did you choose for your seed story? How are you going to write it like a storyteller?

Multiplication is not an easy way to start the

year, but your kiddos have been doing an
awesome job! We continue to build fluency,
sprinkling in skills like finding area, drawing
arrays, and identifying math properties. We
have one more Quick Quiz (check in)
before wrapping up Unit 1. Your child has
been working hard to be a Math leader!



!-Science Review (9/23)

Ask your child what their word sort categories are for the week some of their papers -Light blue papers are typically
dont have sort category cards! (Email me if theyre unsure - we can check theyre right!) Math Quizzes and tests
-Pink papers are typically
reviews for any subject :)
Practice the Science study guide with your child and sign it for them to return Monday
Continue to practice those multiplication and division facts its paying off big time!

I appreciate all of the positive communication I have been getting from parents. Thanks for helping your children have a
successful start to 3rd Grade! Were constantly learning and growing into independent learners :)


Behaviors have been a hot topic as a grade level this year if you find a teachable moment, remind your
what it means and looks like to respect adults as well as their peers. Thanks!