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?In cryptography, what is cipher .1
A. algorithm for performing encryption and decryption
B. encrypted message
C. both (a) and (b)
D. none of the mentioned
In asymmetric key cryptography, the private key is kept by .2
A. sender
B. receiver
C. sender and receiver
D. all the connected devices to the network
Which one of the following algorithm is not used in asymmetric- .3
?key cryptography
A. RSA algorithm
B. diffie-hellman algorithm
C. electronic code block algorithm
D. none of the mentioned
In cryptography, the order of the letters in a message is .4
.______ rearranged by
A. transpositional ciphers
B. substitution ciphers
C. both (a) and (b)
D. none of the mentioned
.______ Cryptanalysis is used .5
A. to find some insecurity in a cryptographic scheme
B. to increase the speed
C. to encrypt the data
D. none of the mentioned
Which of the following is NOT a typical component of a security .6
A. The consequences for the person breaking the security policies
B. The policies and protective measures that will be used
C. The responsibilities of individuals involved in maintaining
D. The responsibilities of those who abide by established security
B. It is focused on preventing outside persons or systems from
.accessing internal systems


.C. It prevents virus intrusion into an internal network via email
.D. All of the above
.___________ A denial of service attack .8
.A. can erase an entire Web site
.B. does not have to occur over a network
.C. is an intentional attempt to overload a Web server or Web site
.D. all of the above
Which of the following describes someone who gains illegal .9
?access to a computer system
A. Hacker
B. Identity thief
C. Intruder
D. Cyber-terrorist
._______ A computer virus is .10
A. Is a hidden program
.B. Enters a computer without the owners knowledge
C. can modify data or computer programs
D. all of the above
Which of the following are used to provide computer security .11
?in businesses
A. Digital signatures
B. Firewalls
C. Encryption
D. All of the above
Which of the following is/are methods of providing secure .12
communication between two entities through the use of
?mathematical coding
A. Digital signature encryption
B. Public key encryption
C. Private key encryption
D. All of the above
Which of the following requires two keys - a public and private .13
one - that are used by the sender and receiver to
?encode a message
A. Digital signature encryption
B. Public key encryption
C. Private key encryption
D. Virtual key encryption
? What is major drawback of anomaly detection IDS .14
A. These are very slow at detection


the lack of an alert for nefarious activity D. typically __________ .D. i. The engine can scale as the rule set grows D. Virus D. Both a and b ANSWER: D Which is the largest disadvantage of the symmetric .15 . Less secure encryption function . i) Propagation phase ii) Dormant phase iii)Execution phase iv) Triggering phase A. RC5 D. Problem of the secure transmission of the Secret Key .17 ?Encryption . None of these ANSWER: B ?Which of the following is an advantage of anomaly detection . Isn't used any more ANSWER: B Which of the following Algorithms belong to symmetric . and iv B. iii.19 . i. TripleDES B.running on the network . Rules are easy to define .C. Both a and c ANSWER: D are used in denial of service attacks.B. iv and iii 3 .20 execution. It doesnt detect novel attacks D.C.16 A.A. RSA C. Trojan horse ANSWER: B Select the correct order for the different phases of virus .18 ?encryption A. ii and iv C.against targeted web sites A. Custom protocols can be easily analyzed . more complex and therefore more time-consuming calculations . an alert that indicates nefarious activity on a system that is not .B. ii. upon further inspection. an alert that indicates nefarious activity on a system that.legitimate network traffic or behavior B. ii.B. turns out to represent . i. iii.detected ANSWER: C . Zombie C.____ A false positive can be defined as . Malicious activity that falls within normal usage patterns is . Worm B.A.C. It generates many false alarms C.

ii. . . e-signature B. ii-only C. Polymorphic Virus C. Macro Virus ANSWER: B A portion of the Polymorphic virus. Parasitic Virus D. mutual engine B. Macro Virus ANSWER: C is a form of virus explicitly designed to hide itself ______________ . generally called a ______. Polymorphic Virus C. Stealth virus B. ii) Macro viruses infect . Not i and ii ANSWER: C is an encryption/decryption key known only to the party ______ . Stealth virus B. Polymorphic Virus C. i) A macro virus .24 creates. Macro Virus ANSWER: A A _______ creates copies during replication that are functionally .remainder of the virus A. a random encryption. private key D.or parties that exchange secret messages A.D. mutation engine C. by finding . polymorphic engine ANSWER: B State whether the following statement is true. digital certificate C. key to encrypt the .21 when the infected program is executed. iii.26 . i-only B.from detection by antivirus software A. iv and i ANSWER: C A _________attaches itself to executable files and replicates. Boot Sector Virus B.patterns A.25 is platform independent. Parasitic Virus D. Parasitic Virus D.other executable files to infect A. Both i and ii D. multiple engine D. security token 4 .23 equivalent but have distinctly different bit .documents.22 . not executable portions of code A.

cryptanalysis C. 256 bits ANSWER: B . Pretty Good Privacy ANSWER: D is the encryption algorithm that will begin to supplant _____ . S/MIME B. serendipity D. Secure HTTP D.over the next few years as the new standard encryption . IPsec ANSWER: A is a mode of operation for a block cipher. electronic code block ANSWER: D is a trial and error method used to decode encrypted data ____ . 256 bytes D. PGP C. the key size is . watermark D._______ In IDEA.28 the Data Encryption Standard (DES) .32 A. DSS B. blowfish D.intellectual strategies A. Rijndael B.31 A. chaffing and winnowing B. hash function C.33 5 . footprinting B.algorithm A.There are _____ rounds in DES . OCSP C.defined corresponding ciphertext value and vice versa A.and later Triple DES .30 through exhaustive effort rather than employing . brute force cracking ANSWER: D .is based on the IDEA algorithm _____ .ANSWER: C is the most widely used privacy-ensuring program by _____ . kerberos C.which is developed by Philip R. Zimmermann A.29 characteristic that each possible block of plaintext has a . 128 bytes B. 128 bits C. SET D. SSL ANSWER: B .27 individuals and is also used by many corporations . with the ____ .

none of the mentioned 6 .39 A. 32 B. one bit of plain text is encrypted at a time . application layer D. stream cipher B.38 A. none of the mentioned ANSWER: A . IP header C. 8 B. none of the above ANSWER: A .36 A. international data encryption algorithm B. 128 ANSWER: C . network layer C. none of the above ANSWER: B . 64 D.A. stream cipher B. one block of plain text is encrypted at a time . block cipher C. IP payload D. diffusion C. entire IP packet B.35 A. transport layer B.In _______.In _______.37 A. 14 D.increases the redundancy of plain text ____________ . neither confusion nor diffusion ANSWER: B .____ In tunnel mode IPsec protects the . both confusion and diffusion D. both stream and block cipher D. 10 C. private data encryption algorithm C.________________ A. session layer ANSWER: B PGP encrypts data by using a block cipher called . 16 ANSWER: D .DES encrypt blocks of _____ bits ._____ IPSec is designed to provide the security at the . block cipher C.40 .34 A. 56 C. confusion B. internet data encryption algorithm D. both stream and block cipher D.

private key encryption D._____ Kerberos is an encryption-based system that uses . asymmetric key C. isolating intranet from extranet C. antivirus C. screening packets to/from the network and provide controllable .A. none of the mentioned ANSWER: B . symmetric key B.42 . digital signature D.D. handwritten signature ANSWER: C is a popular session key creator protocol that __________ . FTP security D. either a or b D. firewall B.____ Pretty Good Privacy is used in .filtering of network traffic .45 A.46 requires an authentication server and a ticket-granting . data key encryption ANSWER: A Mechanism to protect private network from outside attack is . scanned signature B. none of the above ANSWER: C .43 A. KDC B. Secret key encryption B. signature in binary form C. browser security B. CA D. encrypting information D.server A. none of the above ANSWER: B . email security C. The pre-purchase phase B.____ A. Kerberos C.41 A. public key encryption C.44 .A digital signature needs a(n) _____ system .47 A. formatting ANSWER: A .ANSWER: A .__________ Firewalls operate by . neither a or b ANSWER: B 7 ._____ A digital signature is .

message authentication B. none of the above ANSWER: B A(n) _____ can be used to preserve the integrity of a document . Confidentiality B. both a and b D. none of the above ANSWER: B means that a sender must not be able to deny sending a _____ . digital B.or a message A. nonrepudiation D. TWO B.54 . integrity B.Digital signature cannot provide ____ for the message . message summary C. message confidentiality D.53 . authentication B.49 A.50 .48 A. THREE C. conventional.access the system's resources A.signature is a separate entity A. either a or b ANSWER: B . entity authentication C.A hash function must meet _____ criteria . confidentiality C. either a or b D. message digest B. none of the above ANSWER: A means to prove the identity of the entity that tries to ____ .55 8 . a _______ . authentication D. FOUR D.______ Digital signature provides . digital. authentication ANSWER: B .. message confidentiality D.51 A. none of the above ANSWER: D Message ___ means that the receiver is ensured that the . nonrepudiation C. neither a nor b ANSWER: C A ________ signature is included in the document.52 .message that he sent A. integrity C. digital C.

Double DES .D.B.C.60 . authenticates .refers more to asymmetric key cryptography __________ .A. digital cash .message is coming from the intended sender. eucash .C.privacy A.A.57 . integrity C. decimal .B. Confidentiality B.59 . integrity C. authentication D. hexadecimal . octal form .imposter A. integrity C. binary form ANSWER: D . physical cash ANSWER: A . access .58 . authentication D.56 .A. integrate .B.___________ The physical form of money is converted into . Confidentiality B._______________ Electronic money is also called as . none of the above ANSWER: C Message ____ means that the data must arrive at the receiver .___________ Eli Biham & Adi Shamir introduced . internet cash .C. non-repudiate ANSWER: C . none of the above ANSWER: B Message ____ means that the sender and the receiver expect .B. DES .D. authentication D.62 9 . RSA ANSWER: A . differential & linear cryptoanalysis .61 .D. Confidentiality B. none of the above ANSWER: A The bank ___________the customer's message after getting the .C.A.D.exactly as sent request for emoney . not an .

128 .C.CBC.D. Key transformation ANSWER: A . P-box substitution ANSWER: A DES consists of __________ rounds to perform the substitution .A. 18 .C. IDEA .B.67 .C.D. 16 .D. Meet in middle attack .B.__________ Data Encryption Standard also called as .D.A. or CFB mode __________ . 56 ANSWER: A . AES 10 . Expansion permutations .is generally used in ECB. P-box . Key transformation . 21 .B. AES .66 A.. AES C.B.69 A.C.D. Data Encryption Algorithm .68 .64 .DES encrypts data in block size of __________ bits each .A.the XOR operation .A.63 . 25 ANSWER: A .65 .B.B. Virus attack . Double DES . DES B. 128 . S-box . S-box substitution . RSA ANSWER: A .C. RSA ANSWER: A .is a block cipher _________ . 64 .B. DES .D. IDEA . Expansion permutation .A.C. Timing attack . Worms attack ANSWER: A substitution is a process that accepts 48 bits from ___________ the first step in DES_________ .and transposition .

public key cryptography standard . 128.D. mail lock agent .. RC5 ANSWER: C .length A. 8 C. fredick C._____ Triple DEA was first proposed by . MIME ANSWER: A .16 C.D.C. dennis ANSWER: A The number of rounds used for encryption in DES algorithm . multipurpose list agent . nauman D.________ called as .B.MLA stands for . mailing list agent .D.A.32 ANSWER: C 11 . Bruce Schneier B.71 . Tuchman C.B. dennis ANSWER: A In DES._____ A.C. S/MIME .__________ In S/MIME. message link agent ANSWER: A The processed S/MIME along with security related data is .72 .56 D. 256. private key cryptography standard .73 A. the plain text is _______ bits and the key is ____ bits in .DES-3 .76 . IDEA . 32 ANSWER: C .75 A. Tuchman B.32 B.B.74 . RSA ANSWER: A .________ Blow fish was developed by .A. 64.C.D. 16 D. 64. 48 B. Tuchman D._________ The cryptography algorithms used in S/MIME are .70 . RSA.A. RC4 .

data encryption standard B. digital encryption standard C.82 A. biometric D.15 milliseconds B.D. 1968 C. both a and b D.77 A. 1986 B.______requires A. 3 hours D.D._____ Conventional encryption also referred to as . denial of services 12 .. cryptanalysis C.________ without knowing key is known as A.communication facilities or degrade performance A. data encoding scheme . decipher analysis ANSWER: B . secret key encryption . code breaking B.79 .78 A.____ The coded message is known as . plain text B._____ The study of encryption methods is known as .___ DES was adopted in the year . none of the above ANSWER: A If the key size is 56 than the time required to dercyption . single key encryption C. cryptography C. 1982 ANSWER: C . all of the above ANSWER: D prevents the normal use or management of _______ . key D. none ANSWER: B . 13 seconds ANSWER: B The study of principles/methods of deciphering ciphertext .81 A. 1977 D. symmetric encrytion B. none ANSWER: B ._______ DES means .84 .83 A. cipher text C. demography B. 2.80 . 10hrs C.

passive attacks C. 3 B. active attacks B.86 A. replay B. integrity D. none of the above ANSWER: B .91 . interruption ANSWER: B An unauthorized party gains access to an asset.87 . system performance C. both a and b D. This type of attack is called as A. denial of services D. modification of messages D.type of active attacks A.______ attack on A. modification B. Interception 13 . active attack ANSWER: C attacks are in the nature of eavesdropping on. transmissions A.B.90 .D. replay ANSWER: A When one entity pretends to be a different entity is a ________ . release of message .85 .Active attack can be classified in to ___ categories . message during transmissions is ________ type of attack A.88 .monitoring of. 4 D. availability B. masquerade C. masquerade ANSWER: D . 2 C. interception D. authenticity ANSWER: B An asset of the system is destroyed or becomes unavailable or . modification of messages C. fabrication C. 1 ANSWER: C To prevent the opponent from learning the contents of .Addition of records to a file is a ____ type of attack . confidentiality C. traffic analysis B.89 A. or _____ ._____ unsuable. This is an .

Confidentiality ANSWER: B ?Which of the following is not a security mechanisms .message be able to deny the transmission A. Integrity D. Availability ANSWER: B A ________ is a program that secretly takes over another . Dormant phase B. Triggering phase D.93 transmitted information are accessible only for .B. Auto execute B._____ A.92 A. Non repudiation D.reading by authorized parties A. Trap doors ANSWER: B In _______ the virus places an identical copy of itself into other . Execution phase ANSWER: B The type(s) of auto executing macros. Virus D. Propagation phase C. Non repudiation C. Availability C. Interruption C. Integrity B. Non repudiation D. Encryption B. Command macro D.95 Internet-attached computer and then uses that computer . All of the above ANSWER: D ensures that the information in a computer system and _______ . All of the above ANSWER: D 14 . Worm B. Access control D.96 . Zombie C. Auto macro C.programs or into certain system areas on the disk A.97 . Access control B. Digital signature C. in Microsoft word is/are .94 .to launch attacks A. Confidentiality ANSWER: D requires that neither the sender nor the reciver of a _____ .

cryptography B.D. MAC address IP address B.A. Isn't used any more ANSWER: B helps in ensuring non-fraudulent transactions on the _________ .C. IP address D. Content -id . ISO network address ANSWER: C . Digital signature ANSWER: A uniquely identifies the MIME entities uniquely with _________ .104 A. Less secure encryption function ._____ The method of hiding the secret is . Content transfer encoding ANSWER: B . four B. Dual signature .102 A. Merchant .101 .reference to multiple contexts .D.information .C.C.105 15 . Certificate authority ANSWER: C Which is the largest disadvantage of the symmetric .B.D. six ANSWER: B __________ Kerberos version 4 requires the use of . Content description . cryptanalysis ANSWER: B .C. Digital authority . five C.100 .web A. steganography C.A symmetric encryption scheme has _________ ingredients . three D. Digital certificate . stenography D. Dual authority .A.B.103 A. Problem of the secure transmission of the Secret Key .D. Content type . Ethernet link address C.98 .will ensure the merchant and their payment __________ .B. More complex and therefore more time-consuming calculations .A.B. Certificate authority .99 ?Encryption ._____________ IAB mean .

gauge C.107 A. access control B. RFC 2402 C.A. network layer B. confidentiality D. Internet Architecture Board B. Secure E-Commerce D.106 A. Intranet Architecture Board C. router C. password failure at login 16 . none of the above ANSWER: C . none of the above ANSWER: A ?Which one is the application of IPSec .110 A. transport layer C. Internet Architecture Base D. RFC 2406 D. Secure Remote access B. application layer D. all of the above ANSWER: D .IPSec is below the __________ layer . RFC 3401 ANSWER: A ?Which one of the following is not IPSec services .112 ?execution activities A.109 ?security architecture A. counter B. limited traffic flow confidentiality ANSWER: B Which metrics can be used to find out the number of logical ._____ IPSec is implement in . either a or b D. RFC 2401 B.111 ?connection assigned to user application A.108 A. resource utilization ANSWER: B Which measure is used to detect intruders program . connection integrity C. firewall B. session layer ANSWER: B Which IPSec specification document issued an overview of a . interval timer D. Secure branch office connectivity C. login frequency B.

SHA-1 D.C.509 format . RFC822 C. RFC348 D.509 scheme is . both a and b D. Blowfish ANSWER: C . private key C. public key B.____ The heart of the X. admin C. MD5 ANSWER: B Which of the following public key algorithm is not used by .119 A. signature field covers .115 A. private key C. RFC836 B. RSA C.___ In X. Triple DES B.X.114 A. DES B. hash code B. both a and b D. the user certificate is created by .120 17 .electronic mail A. read frequency D.116 A. none of the above ANSWER: C . user D. organization C. all of the above ANSWER: D defines a format for text message that are sent using ____ . algorithm D. directory server ANSWER: A . execution frequency ANSWER: D . none of the above ANSWER: A ____ In X.118 A.___ The use of S/MIME .509. RFC356 ANSWER: B .Receiving agents of S/MIME uses ____ algorithm .113 A. Certificate authority B.509 recommends ____ algorithm . RSA D. Triple DES C.117 . commercial B.

122 . file storage application C. none of the above ANSWER: C The RSA public key encryption algorithm was developed .____ In PGP. CAST B. single transformation of information B. 1995 D. DSS C. none of the above ANSWER: C .Hellman ANSWER: D Which of the following algorithm is used for the key .126 A.___by A. 1991 B. IDEA C. RSA B. all of the above ANSWER: D . 1997 ANSWER: A . half duplex transformation of information 18 .____ The digital signature standard proposed in .___ one way authentication algorithm uses . a hash code of a message is created using . 3DES D.124 A.125 A. Diffie . schildt ANSWER: B .___ In PGP. 1993 C. the message is encrypted using . IDEA C. none of the above ANSWER: A .121 ?exchange A. SHA-1 B. both a and b D.123 A. both a and b D.___ PGP can be used for . 3DES D.127 A.?the Digital Signature A. DSS C. John B. Elliptic curve D. RSA B. Rivert C. email B. Mohammed D.

C. recover attack D. 1000 bits at a time B. full duplex transformation of information D. detect attack B. transposition cipher C.____ The most commonly used conventional algorithms are . none of the above ANSWER: A . prevent attack C. hackers B. generates small block of data B.131 A.129 A.___ In network security .135 A. none of the above ANSWER: A . data is not protected during transformation C. generates large block of data .___ Secure hash algorithm developed by .133 A.____ Hacking refers to . data access without permission 19 .___ In cryptography data is protected from . both a and b D. block ciphers B.128 A. ANSI D.___ Block cipher process . none of the above ANSWER: A . both a and b D. crackers C.____ Message authentication code generates .130 A.___ Security mechanism is ensured by . none of the above ANSWER: B . data is protected during transformation B. data is changed D. none of the above ANSWER: A . Secure hash function C. NIST B. both a and b D.132 A. IEE C. none of the above ANSWER: A .C. all the above ANSWER: D . does not generate data D.134 A. none of the above ANSWER: A .

means within a reasonable period of time A.information about known security holes in software A.___ Hash collisions means .139 . none of the above ANSWER: C .D. 128 20 . an illegal scam B. 28 B.___ Protocols refers to . a digital fingerprint ANSWER: C An organization known as _______________ sends out .142 .C. Secure Sockets Layers ANSWER: C When you receive a public key that has been signed by a . one key for two message C. CERT C.C.140 .B. checking user privileges B. data updation without permission C. rules B. that key is part of A. RSA B. rules and methods D.136 A. the web of trust .___ number of individuals. two keys for one message ANSWER: D The study of secret codes associated with classified . scripting . a certificate authority .A. encryption .141 . methods C.138 A. all of the above ANSWER: D . two different keys for different message D. none of the above ANSWER: B . data deletion without permission D. cryptography .D. always the same key B. PGP ANSWER: B Keys that are _____ bits long cannot be cracked by brute-force .____ information and intelligence gathering is called . verification to user's identity C. auditing user's profile D.B.____ Authentication refers to .137 A. PKI D.

DES D.148 . 2 B. plaintext attack D. the authentication header is inserted .parties A.143 .145 A. 5 ANSWER: C DES was designed to increase the size of the DES key ________ . authentication D.146 . Back-door Threats 21 .C. transport B.147 Hellman method if two parties are not . man-in-the-middle B. Double B.authenticated to each other A.The DES function has _______ components . AES ANSWER: A The _________ attack can endanger the security of the Diffie. 56 ANSWER: B is the science and art of transforming messages to ________ . either (a) or (b) D.make them secure and immune to attacks A. Cryptography B. Cryptoanalysis C. none of the above ANSWER: B The ________ method provides a one-time session key for two . tunnel C.immediately after the IP header A.. Diffie-Hellman B. Quadruple D. RSA C.149 A.144 A. 3 C. neither (a) nor (b) ANSWER: A . none of the above ANSWER: A In _____ Mode. ciphertext attack C. Front-door Threats B. 4 D. 64 D. Triple C. both a and b ANSWER: B ?Which of the following is not the External Security Threats .

Sequence number of the IP packet .150 ?the IP header A. Underground Threats D. Denial of Service (DoS) ANSWER: C Which of the following pieces of information can be found in . Destination address for the IP packet C. Kalaivani S 22 .D.C. Both (A) and (B) only ANSWER: D Staff Name . Source address of the IP packet B.