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How work environment affects employees work satisfaction in

working place in IT Sector

Employees are the key aspects of the organization to achieve the organization goal.
It is important that employees needs to be satisfy with their job role as well as
working place in order to perform well to achieve the goal of the company. If the
work environment not suits with the employee expectation, it will be frustrate to be
seated and do the work tasks. Job satisfaction reflects employees' overall
assessment of their job through emotions, behaviors, and attitudes about their work
experience as well as the place where they work.
Job satisfaction is not attained or acquired without really creating such congenial
environment in the work place (Naresh kumar et al, 2014 Feb). Job satisfaction is one
of the most common topic in workplace. It is an attitude that employees have about
their work and it is depends on several factors from individuals includes both
internal and external factors. Job
satisfaction is important to
maintaining and retaining
employees within the
organization and it will be
achieve when the employees
are satisfied with certain factors
related to their job such as the
management style, the work
culture and the teamwork
empowerment also it is the
condition of establishing a
healthy organizational environment within an organization. The Image (Naresh kumar
et al, 2014 Feb) shows the schematics view of job satisfaction of the job satisfaction.

Currently Information Technology is one of the highly competitive industry in the

world and there is high demand for IT employees as well. Since there is high
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demand IT employees are in wear and tear level with low satisfaction with their job
and they are always looking for change. It is a challenge to retain and reduce
attrition level the employees especially in IT sector which motivates to identify how
work environment affects employees work satisfaction in working place in IT sector.
This is a study to justify the title with research findings.

Literature Review
What is job satisfaction? Job satisfaction is the most widely investigated job attitude,
as well as one of the most extensively researched subjects in
Industrial/Organizational Psychology (Redmond, Apr 2015). Regarding job satisfaction
there are many work satisfaction theories have tried to explain job satisfaction and
its influence, such as: Maslows (1943) Hierarchy of Needs, Hertzbergs (1968)
Two-Factor (Motivator-Hygiene) Theory, Adams (1965) Equity Theory, Porter and
Lawlers (1968) modified version of Vrooms (1964) VIE Model, Lockes (1969)
Discrepancy Theory, Hackman and Oldhams (1976) Job Characteristics Model,
Lockes (1976) Range of Affect Theory, Banduras (1977) Social Learning Theory,
and Landys (1978) Opponent Process Theory (Redmond, Apr 2015). This valid
research results leads jobs satisfaction to link with factors such as productivity,
motivation, mental/physical health and general life.
As per authors statement Locke has defined in a most widely accepted explanation
of job satisfaction as a pleasurable or positive emotional state resulting from the
appraisal of ones job or job experiences (Redmond, Apr 2015). When determining
how an employee is satisfying his/her job, there are number of factors taken in to
place. It is not all about high paying or low paying job rather it is how adequately
challenging or stimulating and it is very subjective for each and every employee.
Author has used number of research details to justify and validate his statements in
this article with proper view of employee satisfaction. Even it is not mentioned,
there is a contribution of work place to make employee satisfy.
There is show up Workplace Motivation: Job Satisfaction and Productivity
(, July 2014) where author discuss about the employee motivation with

the motivation theories. When author talks about Herzberg's Two-Factor Theory
(, July 2014) (Redmond, Apr 2015). It has mentioned that the Hygiene

factors such as working conditions, status, technical supervision, policy, and

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administration where working environment taking place in employee motivation

which leads to job satisfaction. As per authors statement, Job satisfaction reflects
employees' overall assessment of their job through emotions, behaviors, and
attitudes about their work experience. Satisfaction with one's job has theoretical
and practical utility linked to important job outcomes, such as attitudinal variables,
absenteeism, employee turnover, and job performance (, July 2014). It
is stated that there are some researchers found that flexible working arrangements
such as flexi time and telecommuting having positive effects on employee job
satisfaction. Also, compared to traditional employees who goes to physical office
location, individuals who telecommute are mostly satisfied with their job
(, July 2014). In this article author discussed not only about physical

attributes of work environment but also about employer employee relationship

and organizational culture as well. Though there are valid points about job
satisfaction in workplace, it is not in Information Communication Technology sector
specifically and also it is not a study that directly interact with employees who
working particular sector.
There is no objection that workplace design can be a powerful tool to enhance
employee performance. Since employees are the core of the company,
organizations major goal is to support their employees and their health and
wellness as well. It is believes that human performance enabled through blend of
ability, motivation and opportunity. According to these factors author has defined
the function as Performance = Ability x Motivation x Opportunity and discussing
how these factors related to productivity and workplace (Wright, G.). According to
Judith Heerwagen, a former scientist with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
who is now a program expert with the General Services Administration, there are
sub factors such as comfortable conditions, hazardous, psychological engagement,
reduce health and safety risks are positively affect those main three factors (Wright,

There are ten fundamental design elements to discuss the workplace strategies and
the comfort level of those elements such as Thermal Comfort and Temperature,
Access to Nature, Views and Daylight, Sensory Change and Variability, Color, Noise
Control, Crowding, Human Factors and Ergonomics, Indoor Air Quality, Choice and
Employee Engagement(Wright, G.).
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Smart organizations understand that their primary goal is to enhance the

performance of their people. In a knowledge work economy, people are the engine
that keep companies growing, adapting, improving and innovating (Wright, G.).Said a
cross in an article by Gordon Wright, director of consulting. A study published in the
Indian Management Studies Journal found that employee job satisfaction affects
employee turnover negatively (Bianca,A). Employee with more job satisfaction would
be less likely to quit their job. Employers should identify which aspects of their work
environment are the strongest predictors of employee satisfaction and it is worth to
raise the time for employee job satisfaction (Bianca,A). So, the employers must study
the condition of the working environment inducing job satisfaction and consider to
improve it to keep the employees satisfy. The write-up has done and identified by
author in employers perspective to provide the satisfied workplace to their
While we drill the job satisfaction in to IT sector specifically, the research has
revealed that Job satisfaction in the IT industry is nearly double the UK
average. The survey of 200 IT professionals by Loudhouse Research found that 81%
of IT professionals in the UK are happy in their job. "Although not a complete
surprise, this is a fantastic number," said Phil Cross (Darmaraj, 2012). So, as per
the paper most of the employees are from IT industry are satisfied with the job what
they are doing. Also, it is mentioned that IT employment industry analyst David
Foote of Foote Partners, has personally found the negative correlation between job
satisfaction and company size. Author supports in the IT industry the environment is
quite good-natured leading to motivation of employees with the result the
productivity is increased and this indicates the level of their job satisfaction
(Darmaraj, 2012).

There is another write-up clearly mentioning how working environmental factors

affects employee satisfaction in work place in ICT industry. Author has discussing
here on main two topics. Communication overload and under load, due to this
individual does not receive enough input / fail to process these inputs on their Job
which leads to employee unhappy or dissatisfy and another one is superior
subordinate communication. Subordinates perception on superiors, non-verbal
communication such as eye-contact, vocal expression and body movements are
play a central role in interpersonal in interactions and crucial to relationship
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between superior and subordinates (Naresh kumar et al, 2014 Feb). As per the details
provided in this article employees who receives friendliness, open communication
positive feedback and likely to communicate to superiors will be more happy and
satisfy with their job conversely where others less likely to communicate, receive
negative feedback and unfriendly with superiors. There are factors that individual
cannot choose such as course of parents and boss. Also author has discussed

about the challenges for deriving job satisfaction. Since there is high
competition in IT sector the demand for the employees is high and they are in wear
and tear level. So this can be one of the challenge for employee satisfaction (Naresh
kumar et al, 2014 Feb).

There is another online article by Alfred Sarkissian, Demand Media. In this, Job
satisfaction discussed under the factors such as feedback, learning, rewards and
recognition, supervisory style, physical environment and interpersonal relation
(Sarkissian, A.). The work environment with timed, actual performance considered

and objective feedback thrive employees to more satisfy on their job. Supervisors
dedicated interaction and ongoing and give-and-take feedback provides
performance improvement and it helps to avoid mistakes. Likewise learning
opportunities also improves job satisfaction. Growth opportunities, organizational
learning culture and sharing of learning leads to higher satisfaction in work place. As
a third factor reward and recognition such as performance award, non-monetary
rewards will boost the genuine employee efforts improves job satisfaction. In the
same manner supervisory style in the workplace also affects the employees job
satisfaction. Basic human tendency to value independence, trust, respect,
collaborative work environment and participatory decision making directs to
motivate the employees where closeness of monitoring, lack of empowerment and
trust make employee unsatisfied. Similarly, the physical working environment such
as innovative work place, design facilitated flow of information, safety and
cleanliness of the work place also affects employee behavior and satisfaction in the
work place (Sarkissian, A.). Author has clearly showed the interference of the
workplace in employee job satisfaction.
Briefly the work place is playing major role in employee job satisfaction in work
place. According to that there are write-ups listed down the companies where
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employee mostly like to work in IT sector. In the online article by Mark C. Crowley
talking about Google and its vast development in a short period. The reason is, it is
ranked as one of the top best place to work for the past three years. Most of the
people love to work here because of the environment of the organization and the
facilities provided. As stated Google has its reliable admiration for employees to
appeal motivating performance and humanitarian (Marc, C. 2013). Author was
sharing own experiences from the visit to the organization and provides strong
evidence to ensure that how Being a great place to work is in Googles DNA, how
Employees have the uncommon freedom and control of their time, how Google is a
democracy and employees are given a significant voice and how Google ensures
people have inspiring work. Its mission its mission today is to make peoples lives
better through technology and to do great things (Marc, C. 2013). The way company
treats their employees, makes them even happier at their work place. The firm
solicits employee feedback on everything from how they prefer to be compensated,
to the design of new bicycles used throughout the expansive headquarters campus.
Every Friday company leaders conduct employee forums and even in deeper
employees are given to extraordinary access to company information along with the
trust. "All of this defines the employer-employee relationship very differently" (Marc,
C. 2013). This article elaborates the influence of the working environment and the

impact on employee satisfaction well.

By comparing the above articles, there are number of findings supports the title and
illustrate the impact of employees job satisfaction in work place.
The article Job Satisfaction by Redmond B.F. (Redmond, Apr 2015) provides the
components of job satisfaction, variables of job satisfaction/ dissatisfaction,
importance of job satisfaction and to retention detail with how employees will get

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motivate in their work environment with theories.. Author has used diagrams and
smart arts to illustrate the findings also provided the measures of job satisfaction
with questionnaires. In the same manner the article Workplace Motivation: Job
Satisfaction and Productivity (, July 2014) explains the methods of
improving job satisfaction and motivation factors in work place.
There is another write-up by Audra Bianca, discusses about the employee
satisfaction and the job stableness. Also it is discussed in employers perspective to
keep their employee happy with their job (Bianca,A). Where the article by Wright. G
has stated employee performance as a function and identified factors which
depends on it (Wright, G.). In this article, it has detail discussion about the physical
environment factors and its influence on job satisfaction as well. Also an article by
Sarkissian A looked in to the factors that impact on job satisfaction in different point
of view which is in simple way to elaborate. (Sarkissian, A.)
Happiness and satisfaction in IT jobs by Dharmaraj J has provided statistical data
about employee happiness and satisfaction. Author has used no of previous
researches to validate the statements mentioned in the article (Darmaraj, 2012). Also
INDUSTRY describes about the environmental factors such as superior- subordinate
relationship, communication under load/overload and challenges for deriving job
satisfaction in workplace (Naresh kumar et al, 2014 Feb).
In one of the article from Mark C. Crowley, stated that employees are highly
satisfied with their job and most likely to work in Google (Marc, C. 2013). This article
author was sharing own experiences from the visit to the organization and provides
strong evidence to ensure that how Being a great place to work is in Google. Which
is most supportive article to the title to justify that work environment in work place
affects employee satisfaction especially in IT sector.

Problem Record
In current competitive IT sector always there is demand for IT employees, therefore
attrition level of the employees is high within organization which clearly shows
employees are not satisfying with their job and looking for a change.
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In the organization employees must satisfy with their job in order to perform well
and to be productive workers in order to gain organizations goal. Since IT sector
becoming vast growing industry currently, it is important that IT employees should
perform well and more creative. Without satisfaction on what they are doing, they
cant give their 100% innovative output to the company.
As discussed above, about existing researches and article on how work place
impacts on employee satisfaction in their work place in IT industry, some of the
article just discussed about how employees are satisfying in the work place and the
factors affects job satisfaction. And some other article discussed about employee
satisfaction especially in IT industry. Furthermore, even these write-ups provides
strong support to prove that there is an impact on job satisfaction by work
environment, none of the research showing the statistics or feedback from direct
interaction with the industry or employees. As per personal idea, it is more sensible
if the research interact directly with the employees from the IT industry and get the
feedback from them and to make statistical analysis on the factors. Also it is good if
the feedbacks will be collect by short interviewing personals by face to face rather
giving questionnaire because, data collection will be more efficient than the
questionnaire answers.
This research based on how we can ensure that employees are satisfied with their
job with their work environment in IT sector.

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