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Winning Mental/Behavioral Health Benefit Denials

Appealing insurance denials of mental and behavioral healthcare can present unique challenges for
consumers and providers. Learn how to navigate the system, deploy best practices and how to avoid
cumulative obstacles that can impose extraordinary burdens on vulnerable consumers. The experts at
The State Office of Healthcare Advocate will advise you. This is a FREE WEBINAR.

WHEN: September 28th 3:00pm

Sean T. King, JD
Staff Attorney

Your presenters for this practical,

informative FREE webinar have
extensive experience with complex
healthcare issues. Sean specialized in
healthcare litigation before joining
OHA; Valerie spent more than 20
years providing direct mental health
services. On 8,930 cases in 2015,
OHA won $10.9 MILLION for clients.

Valerie Wyzykowski, MS, RN

Program Manager

Healthcare provider, consumer or company owner this is must have information about changes ,
responsibilities and assistance for mental, behavioral and addiction benefits. It can be complicated,
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You will learn:

Best Practices to Avoid Claim Denials

Critical key words and phrases to include and others to exclude in the patient file
How NOT to take NO for an answer
Get practical, relevant help through the OHA