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Male Roles:

Albert Peterson: Jesse Penner

Conrad Birdie: Joey Wolf
Hugo Peabody: Bailey Neufeld
Mr. Harry MacAfee: Jaxson Wallace
Randolph MacAfee: Caleb Vallelly*
Mayor: Chris Heinrichs*
Ed Sullivan: Chris Heinrichs*
Harvey Johnson: Andrew Funk*
Mr. Johnson: Aaron Doerksen*
Freddie: Aaron Doerksen*
Karl: Benjamin Havkin*
Reporter 1: AAron Doerksen*
Reporter 2: Benjamin Havkin*

Mens Quartet:
Charles Maude: Chris Heinrichs (Bass)*
Dishwasher: Andrew Funk (Tenor 1)*
Customer #1: Liko Martens (Baritone)
Customer #2: Caleb Vallelly (Tenor 2)*

Teen Chorus:
Aaron Doerksen
Andrew Funk
Ben Havkin
Ajulu Akway
Keisha Bartsch
Linda Funk
Jessica Giesbrecht
Tatiana Gorchynski
Adina Klassen
Hadassah Klassen
Mackenzie Klassen
Becky Klippenstein
Abbey Peters
Jenny Sawazki
Chelsea Thiessen
Selena Toledo
Mikaela Warkentin

Female Roles:

Rose Alvarez: Willow Froese

Kim MacAfee: Mykayla Klassen
Mrs. Doris MacAfee: Michelle Bartsch
Mrs. Mae Peterson: Hannah Klassen
Ursula Merkle: Emily Penner
Deborah Sue: Victoria Neufeld
Alice: Tessa Dyck
Helen: Hadassah Klassen
Margie: Keisha Bartsch
Gloria Rasputin: Tatiana Gorchynski
Nancy: Adina Klassen
Mrs. Merkle: Mikaela Warkentin
Edna (mayors wife): Becky Klippenstein
Penelope: Mackenzie Klassen
One Girl: Linda Funk
Lee: Jessica Giesbrecht
Phyllis: Chelsea Thiessen

If your name is underlined, you are part of the

Teen Girl Trio!
Congratulations & Thanks!!

First of all, wed like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone

who auditioned. We were very impressed with what we saw
from all of you, and we are looking forward to working with
all of you as we prepare for our performances on November
17th 19th!
We had an incredible level of interest, which unfortunately
means that some people may be disappointed with the roles
theyve been assigned. Weve worked hard to incorporate
everyone in a way that helps the production as a whole,
while still offering exciting and fun opportunities for each of
Our first rehearsal will be MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 26th from
3:30 6:30. This will be our first read-through. Scripts will
be handed out and ALL cast members are expected to
be there. If you cannot attend for all or part of it, let Ms.
Wruth or Mrs. Urichuk know ASAP.
Thanks again to all of you lovely folks, Bye Bye Birdie is
looking to be a fabulous production!!

* If you see an asterix, you have more than one
role! Keep looking!

If you do NOT see your name, come see us!

This is a mistake!