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Pollution Control Law

- PD 984
Presidential Decree 1586 (P.D. 1586)
- Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC)
- The Philippine Environmental Impact Statement Primer
- Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
National Environment Month
- June
A CDO order stands for
- Cease and Desist
Revised Water Usage and Classification/Water Quality Criteria
- DAO 34
Pollution Control Law
- PD 984
PD 1219
- prohibition on the exploitation and utilization and conservation of co
ral resources
London Treaty
- Banning of nuclear tests
DAO 35
- Revised Effluent Regulations of 1990
Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000
- All except prohibits incineration
Republic Act 6969
- The toxic substances and hazardous and buclear waste control act
Beautification, restoration and gainful utilization of the Pasig River
- Piso Para sa Pasig
- PD 264
- Pasig River Rehabilitation Project
Montreal Protocol
- substance that deplete the ozone layer
Earth Summit (1992) - UNCED
- Held in Rio de Janeirp
- UN Conference on Environment and Development
- Tackled Sustainable Development
Basel Convention
- Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and Their Dispo
Reorganized the Department of Environment of 1987 into the Department of Environ
ment and Natural Resources
- EO 192
DENR secretary
- Ramon Jesus P. Paje
Earth Day
- April 22
DENR Administrative Order 26 (DAO 26)
- New Guidelines for Pollution Control Officer's Accreditation
Presidential Decree 813
- Polluters Pay Principle
Philippine Clean Air Act of 1999
- RA 8749
DAO 93-14
- Air quality guidelines and standards
Republic Act 7586 in 1992
- National Integrated Protected Areas System
- The most important legislation on biodiversity
ECC is given after EIC. ECC?
- Environmental Compliance Certificate
To fulfill the social, economic and other requirements of present and future gen

erations of Filipinos
- Philippine Environmental Policy
Hears and decides cases related to violations of Environmental Laws
- Pollution adjunction Board
EMB (Environmental Management Bureau) Director
Kyoto Protocol
- UN framework on climate change
Branch of DENR that takes charge of environmental issues
- environmental management bureau
Bantay Usok is the Anti-Smoke Belching Project of ABS CBN Foundation's Bantay Ka
likasan, leading the fight against air pollution through pro-active movement, in
formation, education and communication.
SMS : Usok (space) plate number (space) location sighted (space) vehicle identif
then send to 2366