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Project name: The devils Helper

The reason why we chose this title for our film, is because it relates to the doll were going to
use which will be a possessed doll.

The length if this film will only be 2 minutes as its only the opening sequence.

Group members:
Arrani kugathas Camerawoman ****, we gave Arrani this role because she volunteered to
do the filming
Jamie Hart- Director, we decided to give this role to Jamie, because she knew what we had to
do, also because she had everything organised.
Ganesh Pillai- Editor, we gave Ganesh this role because he knew how to organise our group

All members of the group will be responsible for the equipment's we use, this is so that we
dont miss out on anything. Our opening sequence consists of 2 sister going to a school for a
workshop, and the little child sees a doll, and becomes possessed because of it , they then
start to haunt the older sister.

We chose to base our film on the age group of 15 30 years old as the genre for this opening
sequence is Horror, it would be suitable for people from young teens to adults.

Comparable products:
Our comparable products are Tv shows/films such as Chucky , Annabelle. These are all
relevant to our opening sequence because the genre is horror and also because both od these
films used a 'doll' to scare the audience, which is what we will be doing with out opening

The rationale behind this text is that people should..............

The rationale behind this text is that people should realise the consequences of their actions
and deal with them instead of being oblivious to them.

The representations we will operate are:

Female : scared, sensitive,

Little child: curious, lonely, confused,

Doll : evil, creepy, scary, possessed

We will test the success of our production by posting our opening sequence on YouTube, this
will allow anyone to view our production.

Generic codes and conventions:

The generic codes and conventions we will be operating are tension music, quick cuts and
also camera angle. The reason for this is because the genre is horror, so we need to make sure
that it scares the audience .

What are the overt messages with in the production?

The obvious message of the production is to always keep an eye on little children, and also
not to pick up anything that doesnt belong to you.

Resource constraints:
The things that may affect our production is if one of the actors cant make it when were
filming, this would affect us we only have 2 main actors, also because we have to book our
equipment's before hand.

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