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nt’d ook ‘Bingo ® ook) 8 women Y Free @ £2 ace BF Ne {© 2000-2004 Pearson Education, ne Al Rights Res Date Spooky Bingo, cont’d a poo Obele we = \y Freel @) 28 Name Date Spooky Bingo Propare Flasheards for the teacher to hold up and a game board for each players laminate them, You will also need beans or paper squares to use to cover the pictures. Distribute the game cards and markers, The teacher of stadent leader shuffles the flasheards. She ‘or he holds up a flash card and says the name ofthe picture. Students repeat after her, ‘and then look to see if they have the picture on their game cards. If so, they cover the picture with a marker, The frst student to get five covered pictures in'a row and say Bingo” wins. Give small candy, stamps, oF stickers as prizes, © 0002004 Person Eda, At Right Reseed wmtoesrenreoncon ©)