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Dennis Weekly
Kindergarten Bulletin
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For the week September 19 - 23, 2016

Mon. purple day Library day Art

Wed. red day P.E.

Thurs. orange day Music

Fri. purple day Library

Show and tell this week:


Friday Free Choice

Story Dig, Dig, Digging by Margaret Mayo

Skill Classify and categorize

High Frequency Words to, a
Amazing words- scooping, swooshing, squelching, gobbling,
spinning, rumbling

Math: adding and subtracting

Some things to talk about at home:

Some of the things your

student will be working on at
centers this coming week are;
counting 1-10, letter and
sight words, letter formation,
peg patterns, reading our
little readers and much
This week we have been in
kindergarten for 30 days!
The students are working
hard on naming numbers,

**What are manners?

letter sounds, learning school

**What is your address?

This picture is from our fun

routines and expectations.

time at the YPS Bus Barn.

**What is your phone number?

Some things to ask your student about:
**snack time
**Who is in your family?
**School picture day Friday, Sept. 30

Thank you for all you do! Mrs. Dennis