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Production Brief

Project name: Sliding Door

The length of this documentary will last approximately 5 minutes. This would
be a perfect length for the audience to see what the documentary is about and
get a lot of information out of it. We didnt want the documentary to be too
long as we though that could bore the audience.
Group Members : Arrani Kugathas- Cinematographer, Editor, Sound
Maheen Hashmi- Director, Editor, Sound
We chose to base our production from 20- 40 year olds , this is because our
documentary is based around a man who has many responsibilities, it shows
us his life and how he manages his time. So it will be interesting for other
adults to see another persons life who's the same age as them.
We will also be producing a newspaper advertisement for the documentary, by
doing this more people will be aware of our documentary, which means that
we would get more views.
The rationale behind our product is that we want our audience to hear real life
stories, as this could influence then and also it may be interesting for them to
hear about someone elses life. By watching this they might learn how to be
responsible and organised as this documentary shows how the interviewer
managed his time.
Generic codes and conventions:
There will be text and titles
Voice over
Success :
We will test the success of our production by posting our short documentary
on Youtube, this will allow anyone to view our production anywhere at any
time. We will then look at the reviews and comments and see how we can
improve our production.