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There's a story in Overwatch.

It isn't rammed in your face, it doesn't get in the way

of the action, but it is there. I didn't know much at all about it after 20 hours or so
of playing but now I do, I wanted to share it with you, because knowing a bit more
about adds a certain je ne sais quoi. It's cool, all right?
The game takes place in a fictionalised version of Earth 60 years into the future.
Overwatch was an organisation formed by Earth's United Nations 30 years earlier. I
say "was" because it was destroyed, torn apart by allegations and in-fighting and
eventually an explosion at the Swiss headquarters that reportedly killed two of its
founding and leading members, Gabriel Reyes and John "Jack" Morrison, and
maybe Ana Amari, Pharah's mother. Overwatch was disbanded and declared illegal,
and all agents associated with it scattered to the wind. That was six years ago.
But once upon a time Overwatch was great, held aloft and cheered around the
world. It was a super-team created to end the Omnic Crisis - omnic robots turned
bad (or was it robots awakening from slavery and rebelling?). For years the omnics
had served humans, churned out by huge omnium factories, but something went
wrong just over 30 years ago. God programs - AI super-brains - took over the
omniums and turned omnics against humans, equipping them for war, and the
Omnic Crisis began.
The omnics had taken over most of the world but with the help of Overwatch they
were eventually beaten, forced back into submission, although a religious omnic
off-shoot was formed called Shambali that claimed omnics had souls, and crusaded
for equality with humans. An era of peace was ushered in and Earth's champion
Overwatch prospered for 20 years under the command of Morrison, expanding its
influence and numbers all over the world.
But in the six years since Overwatch disappeared, tensions have risen between
human and omnic, stirred by Talon terrorist attacks - particularly the assassination
of Shambali leader Tekhartha Mondatta by Widowmaker. But Talon has also been
attacking old - not quite dormant - Overwatch outposts hoping to steal data and
whereabouts of all old operatives. These attacks were led by mysterious and
merciless killer Reaper, but were thwarted by Winston, a gorilla scientist who
refused to let Overwatch go. It's Winston who illegally reconnected the Overwatch
network, and it's he who issues the Overwatch Recall - calling back into service all
agents - upon which the game begins.

Who are the characters in Overwatch?

Broadly, the goodies associated with the organisation Overwatch are: Soldier 76,
Ana, Reinhardt, Torbjorn, Mercy, McCree, Winston, Genji, Tracer and Mei. Pharah
never worked for Overwatch but wanted to and her mother did.
The baddies working against Overwatch are Reaper and Widowmaker, although
Roadhog and Junkrat are also considered baddies but with their own chaotic crimespree of an agenda. Symmetra can also be considered a baddie, although she has
nothing to do with Overwatch and she appears to be questioning her conscience.

The roaming outliers are everyone else.

[New entry] Ana: name, Ana Amari, age, 60
She was presumed dead, but she's back, and she's the first new character to be
introduced to Overwatch after launch. Ana Amari is Pharah's mother and a
founding member of Overwatch, having been recruited for her near peerless
marksmanship skills. She served as second in command to Morrison until she was
shot and blinded on a hostage rescue mission by Widowmaker - someone Amari
once knew as Amelie Lacroix. That near-fatal mission is the focus of Ana Amari's
Overwatch comic Legacy. Did you know that Ana has one cybernetic eye that
makes her vision six times better than yours our mine?
Ana went underground following her reported death, hiding even from her
daughter, it seems. But we don't know much about where she rehabilitated nor who
she had contact with while she was there. We do know, however, she couldn't sit by
and watch the world fall apart and the people she cared about suffer - so she picked
up her rifle and rejoined the fray.