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Mei is a scientist who has taken the fight to preserve the environment into her own
hands. Though many blamed the planet's escalating, unexplained climate phenomena on
the advent of new technologies, the rapidly growing Omnicpopulation, and drastically
increased consumption of resources, the true cause remained unknown. To find a
solution, Overwatch established a series of eco-Watchpoints at remote, critical locations
Mei-Ling Zhou was a member of this multiyear initiative. A peerless climatologist, she
had introduced cutting-edge innovations in the field of climate manipulation that
protected at-risk areas in Asia and beyond. She was assigned to the program's
monitoring station at Watchpoint: Antarctica when disaster struck: a sudden,
catastrophic polar storm battered the installation and cut it off from the outside world,
leaving the facility damaged and the scientists stranded. As their supplies dwindled, they
entered cryostasis in a last-ditch effort to survive until a rescue attempt could be made.
But that rescue never came. It was years later when the team's cryogenics chamber was
finally discovered. Mei, still in hibernation, was the only survivor. The world Mei
awoke to had gone through considerable changes: Overwatch was no more, the serious
climate issues had worsened, and none of the eco-Watchpoints were in operation. Any
clues that they had uncovered were lost.
Mei has decided to continue her work on her own. Equipped with a portable version of
her climate-manipulation technology, she travels around the world, hoping to reestablish the eco-network and track down the causes of the threats to the planet's

Voice Lines
Voice Lines cost



Hang In There (default)


Chill Out! ("Hey! Chill out!")

Fight For Our World ("")

Learned Your Lesson ("I hope you learned your lesson.")


Ouch, Are You Okay?

Overcome All Obstacles (

Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry ("Sorry! Sorry! I'm sorry... sorry!")

That Was Great ("Haha, that was great!")


You Have To Let It Go

Mei-Ling Zhou (/Zhu Milng[1]) was an innovative member

of Overwatch's ecological studies whose technology was used around Asia for climate
preservation. She was assigned to work with other scientists Watchpoint:
Antarctica when a polar storm cut off their communications and left them stranded.
They entered cryostasis to survive until a rescue mission was made. By the time they
were found, Mei was the only survivor, and Overwatch had been disbanded.
Winston recommended that Mei keep a journal of her travels. She went to Mount
Logan, Canada to test her technology, took a quick stop in Los Angeles on Halloween,
then went toNepal for an unknown project.
At some point, Mei saved a nest of endangered arctic wildlife from a collapsing glacier.



Mei is very kindhearted and positive, showing compassion for others and having a
desire to preserve Earth's ecosystem for generations to come. She hates bullies, as
shown by one of her quotes and interactions with Junkrat. As a scientist, she is willing
to learn new things and is even inspired by Tracer as well as Winston. At times, she
appears to be slightly bashful.
Mei is also very apologetic, often saying "Sorry!" when defeating enemies.



Mei slows and freezes enemies, making them vulnerable to attack.

Use the Blizzard ultimate on map objectives to freeze enemy


Mei is often seen as one of the most irritating characters to fight, but
isn't without her weaknesses; Tracer can Blink to reset the freeze
timer, making her difficult to pin down for an easy critical hit. With the
exception of Tracer, keeping Mei at a distance will make her near

Mei has an incredible knack for 1v1 duels and frequently will have the
upper hand when faced with the situation. Mei should be fought with
caution alone, however, she is significantlay hindered when fighting
groups. Mei will struggle to focus down one player to freeze when she
is attacked from multiple angles. If Mei is giving you or your team
trouble, force her into a group fight to make her far less effective.

Mei's ice theme is purely cosmetic: she does not give or receive
greater damage from fire-related weapons.

Likewise, Mei's protective coat is cosmetic and oddly selective.

Although she is immune to her own powers, she can be frozen by
another Mei in the same ways as any other character.

Mei's ice spikes have remarkable range and can defeat snipers in
several locations.

Mei in Cryo-Freeze can negate certain abilities such as Deadeye and

D.Va's Self-Destruct, making it good as an impromptu shield for allies.
However, it cannot negate abilities like Dragonstrike or Earthshatter.

Although the drone that produces the Blizzard field is visible, shooting
it has no effect.

Ice wall has many uses beyond stopping attacks and movement: [3]

Placing it in front of Torbjrn's Turret effectively disables it (as it

obstructs its laser guidance) for as long as the ice wall stays up.

The ice wall can also be used for you and your team's
movement, as you can place it under yourself or others to get
you/them to higher places they normally couldn't get to.

You can toggle between perpendicular and parallel placement

of ice wall by pressing the ice wall button again.

The ice wall can be used to stop a weak enemy from running
away or falling back, or can be used by yourself as a defense
mechanism for running away and blocking your opponents path
as you escape.

The ice wall can have its individual columns broken if they
receive too much damage, so be wary and prepared for if the
enemy breaks it apart.

The Ice Wall cannot obstruct or delay the payload. The payload
instantly destroys any deployed object it hits when moving.

You can free yourself from Junkrat's Steel Trap by placing an Ice
Wall directly underneath you.