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Carbon Chemistry

Chemical Resources

Chemical Economics

a Crude Oil: Describe uses

Fractional distillation
Environmental damage caused
Cracking - lab/industrial

a The Earth: Structure and

plate tectonics.
Volcanoes and igneous rock
formation, crystals etc.

a Comparing rates of chemical

reaction using graphs
Marble chips/metals with acid
Slope, extra-inter/polate

b Fuels: How to choose

Complete combustion and
Incomplete combustion

b Construction Materials:
Range of examples, quarrying
decomposition of limestone,
cement, concrete

b Collision Theory and Rates

Concentration, temperature
and pressure

c Air: Composition
How the atmosphere evolved
Pollutants CO, SO2, NO2
Catalytic converter
d Alkanes, alkenes, polymers
Molecular, displayed formulae
e Designer Polymers: properties
Uses of polymers. Disposal
Nylon, Gore-tex, PTFE
f Cooking and Additives: 5 WHs
Types of cooking, additive.
Emulsion. Thermal
decomposition of baking powder
g Cosmetic Chemistry:
Making an ester. Perfume
Nail varnish solvents etc
Properties + testing cosmetics
h Paints, pigments and colloids:
Emulsion, thermochromic
Phosphorescent, oil based

c Metals and Alloys:

Extraction and purifying Cu
Recycling metals.
Amalgam, brass, solder,
SMART alloys. Electrolysis
d Cars Rusting and Corrosion:
Al, Fe, steel. Adv/ disadv. of
materials used in a car.
Protecting metals against
e Ammonia: Haber process
Symbol eq. Costs. Uses.
Reversible reaction
f Acids, bases and alkalis
Word/ symbol equations
g Fertilisers: NPK
Properties and usage
Making a fertiliser
Eutrophication, NALDRO .
h Sodium Chloride
Sources, electrolysis.
Household bleach

c Collision Theory and explosions

Use of a catalyst
Increase in Surface area
d Relative Atomic Mass
Reacting mass. Equations
Balancing if not earlier
Conservation of mass
e Percentage Yield: (NH4)2SO4
Economy of industrial processes
f Energy: exothermic and
endothermic reactions:
Bond formation and breaking
Use of calorimeter to measure
g Batch and Continuous: Chemicals
and pharmaceuticals
h Nanochemistry and allotropes:
diamond, graphite, Buck
Explain properties and uses
Describe uses of nanotubes