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This will explore fiction and poetry as mediums to better express oneself and understand
the world. Language is arguably our most essential and viable tool for communication
with others. It is affecting and vivid, and also often nebulous and fleeting. Words, as we
have all experienced, both in our personal and professional lives, carry myriad capacity
for power. Better understanding the creative power and techniques of creative writing,
both as writers and readers, is something that will benefit you in many ways, even if it
doesnt necessarily clearly align with your projected flight path toward a career.
Fiction and poetry are art forms which act as powerful divining rods that discover,
examine, and portray our greatest desires, accomplishments, and pitfalls. All writing is
born from the desire to communicate; writing is an experience both individual and
collective, and these worlds will intersect and even collide during this semester as we
examine and discuss many outside texts, as well as those of your peers.
The focus of this is to educate the imagination, experiment with combining the process of
communication with the artistic act of creative writing. What do you want to say? How
do you want to say it? How does using a tool such as image-making or metaphor assist in
your endeavor? This will serve as an introduction to many writing techniques and their
requisite vocabulary, which will in turn strengthen your own writing, as well as your
ability to critically and imaginatively consider information.

Unlike various forms of expository writing, fiction and poetry are art forms, and you will
all be respectfully considered artists of the written word as you work your way through
the semester. Creative writing allows for the infinite possibilities of each of your
imaginations; it therefore demands a greater amount of creative risk-taking, both for
yourselves as well as for your fellow classmates. Self-respect and respect for your peers
are absolutely vital in this classroom. In addition to frequent participation and reading
and writing, you will also be required to write one craft and one response paper, attend
one individual conference, and hand in a final portfolio of work and critical selfreflections.