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CSR Project

Communication process for Apollo

Tyres Ltd

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Apollo Tyres Ltd :-17th biggest tyre manufacturer in the world
Founded:- 1976
Head Quarter:- Gurgaon Haryana
Manufacturing Units:- 4 No's

CSR Started :- 2000

CSR Initiatives:

Environment Initiatives

Social Initiatives

Health Prevention Initiatives

CSR Initiatives:

Environment Initiatives
-Green 0 Bin (Paper Recycling)
-Organic Farming
-Clean My Transport Nagar

Health Prevention Initiatives

-HIV-AIDS Awareness & Prevention Programme
-Anti-Alcoholics & Tobacco Awareness Programme

Social Initiatives
-Project U
-Improved Farming Practices
-Hygiene & Sanitation
-Women Forum

Communication process for ENVIRONMENT


Mass awareness activities are undertaken along with celebrations on world

observation days such as Environment day for wider outreach.

Green 0 Bin (Paper Recycling):-

In yr 2012~2013 the colleagues across Head-Office & all plants have


recovered 8227 Kg of office paper & channelized it into proper recycling steamer
rather than being sent to land fill

Organic Farming:-

Organic Framing programme running now in the backyard where vegetables


onions, Tomatoes etc are grown.

Waste Management:-

Mass awareness activities have been undertaken in the community. A

detailed training programme was conducted in partnership with a local NGO
on waste management and sanitation, Around 3200 people and 485 schools

Employee Engagement on environment sustainability

The objective of the program is to create awareness on environment and climate
change. The three steps To assess the existing knowledge, training of trainers
and designing communication package, location wise shop floor engagement plan
and monitoring system.
Spreading the message of water, waste, energy and biodiversity conservation on
the shop floor.

Clean my Transport Nagar

Door-to door waste collection has been started after assessing the areas

Communication process for Health Prevention


HIV-AIDS Awareness & Prevention Programme:-

Health Educators through IPCs or Inter-personal communication sessions

increase the awareness about STI and HIV among trucking community.

Counseling All walk-in patients undergo counseling sessions.

Peer Educators They constitute dhaba owners, mechanics, barbers, tea

shops owners who are found at the transport nagar and remain in close
contact with truck owners. They become significant ambassadors for the

Behavior change communication- interpersonal communications, street play

, puppet shows, etc.

Workplace program A group of employee were trained as master trainers.

Customer campaigns.

Integrating the program with supply chain partners.

Anti Alcoholism and tobacco awareness program The addiction to tobacco

was causing absenteeism among employees

Communication process for Social Initiatives

Project U:-

Identification of underprivileged youth and women around plants.

Campaigning, counseling and registrations of members from identified target groups.

Vocational training is provided to them.

Women Forum:-

These programmes covers topics such as how to make house as home, leadership,
nutrition, parenting, organic farming, best out of waste workshops etc