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Language Arts 9


Semester 1 Teachers: Ms. Syme, Mr. Lucas
Welcome to Grade 9 Language Arts. During the year ahead we will be working
together to expand and strengthen your communication skills through activities
and exercises in all six of the receptive and expressive strands: reading, writing,
speaking, listening, viewing, and representing. To accomplish this, you will be
engaged in many meaningful language arts experiences to explore how language
is used both by yourself and others.
The overarching theme for ELA 9 is communication. Guiding questions for the year
will be:
What is communication?
Why is communication important?
In what ways do people communicate ideas and relay information to one
What forms of communication are used when?
How can you enhance your own communication skills?
In order to explore these questions, we will cover the following General Outcomes,
from the Alberta Program of Studies:
1: explore thoughts, ideas, feelings and experiences
2: comprehend and respond personally and critically to oral, print and other
media texts
3: manage ideas and information
4: enhance the clarity and artistry of communication
5: respect, support and collaborate with others
And we will do so in the following units of study:
5 Credit

Novel Study (Either Unwind OR The Chrysalids)
Shakespeare (Either A Midsummer Nights Dream, The Merchant of Venice
or Taming of the Shrew)
Speech and Composition

3 Credit

Film study and or Inquiry
Short Story

*Your teacher may assign additional units or areas of study throughout the year.

All assignments will be due on a specified date, unless alternative arrangements
have been made prior to that date. When you are absent it is your responsibility to
contact the teacher about missed work and to determine a mutually agreeable
time for missed assignments to be handed in for marking. Policies for missing/late
assignments will be discussed in class with individual teachers.
One of the best methods of preparing for any ELA test or exam is to complete all
assignments. If you have difficulty with any assignment, get help immediately.
Teachers will be available for help during focus block.
When an exam is announced study well in advance. This will enable you to obtain
help and clear up any problems before the exam. Cramming the night before
usually ends in disaster.
Review notes, concentrating on the questions with which difficulty was originally
experienced. It is important to keep notes well organized for this purpose.
Respect for others and their right to learn is extremely important in this course.
During this course, students will be working with partners and performing in front
of the class. Please remember to extend to others the courtesy you would like to
receive yourself.
A mid-term examination will be held at the end of the first semester. A final
examination, the Provincial Achievement Test, will be held in May and June of the
second semester.
5 Credit Semester worth 55% of your overall grade:
o Written Compositions 17.1875%
o Projects 13.75%
o Reading 17.1875%
o Various 6.875%

3 Credit Semester worth 25% of your overall grade:

o Written Compositions 7.8125%
o Projects 6.25%
o Reading 7.8125%
o Various 3.125%
o Final Exam/PAT 20%


Any mark may be appealed. A student should first discuss the matter with the
teacher before referring it to the principal. The students notebook and/or the item
to be appealed must be presented with the appeal, together with the reason for
the appeal.
PROGRAM STANDARDS for all LA 9 classes
Be on time for class!
It is the responsibility of the student to obtain the material covered, as well
as any assignments given in the event of an absence. Never say, I didnt
know, I wasnt here that day. It is no excuse. Everything you need can be
found on the website. An excusable absence is when you are absent; your
parent/guardian phones the school the day of, or prior to, your absence and
explains why you are absent from the class. If you are missing a test, exam
or quiz, the parent/guardian must indicate that he/she is aware that you are
missing a test, exam or quiz.
Do not miss TEQ (test, exam, quiz) days. If your reason for being absent is
excusable, you will be given the opportunity to write the TEQ provided YOU
see the teacher the day of your return and arrange an appropriate writing
time. If YOU neglect to deal with your concern a zero will be issued.
Plagiarism is a serious offence. Please review the SCHS Plagiarism Policy.
Come prepared to class with the proper materials and attitude.
Also, we will be using laptops during the class to facilitate your language
learning. These are important rules for the use of the laptop in this class:
Try to bring your laptop to all classes most notes will need to be
accessed via the Internet or your hard-drive.
Laptops are to be closed during discussions, or anytime I need your full
You may need headphones for the class.
If you do not have your headphones you will need to keep the volume
Do not multitask give your full attention to what is happening in the
classroom, be present and in the moment. Do not allow the laptop to
become a distraction to your learning.