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Upper-Lower case Apple Match

Lavinia Pop

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ILLUSTRATIONS Just So Scrappy 2, Pink Cat Studio, TeacherScrapbook, Little Red, Jessica Weible
Illustrations, Dancing Crayon Designs, Whimsy Clips, Ramona Majdis, Kari Bolt, Apples N Acorns

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About this book:
This book contains an upper-lower case matching center and recording pages.

Directions for use:

The aim of this center activity is for children to match the upper and lowercase
letters on the apples and then record their answers on pages provided by writing the
missing lower case letter.
To prepare the activity for use:
1. Print the apple cards and laminate them for durability.
2. Cut out the apples and then along the dashed lines to separate the upper and
lower case letters.
3. Store the cut-apart apples in a zip-lock bag, or storage device of your choice,
together with the recording pages.
Happy Teaching :)

B b
C c

D d
E e
F f

G g
H h
I i

J j
K k
L l

N n

P p
R r

S s
T t
U u


X x

Y y
Z z


I can match lower and upper case letters!

By Lavinia Pop 2012


I can match lower and upper case letters!

By Lavinia Pop 2012


I can match lower and upper case letters!

By Lavinia Pop 2012