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From The Desk of Mrs.

Week of September 26th

Religion: Chapter 3: We celebrate Gods Love Keywords include: Catholics, parish,

faith, worship, and sacrament. Mass on Wednesday with 1st and 4th grade leading it.
Adoration on Thursday with Song practice on Friday.
Math: We will continue to work on story problems all week long. Be sure to study flash
Reading: Our story this week will be Rosina. A cute little story about a deaf girl. Book
will come home on Monday. Be sure to sign the pink slip and return. Thanks! Also,
thanks for taking time to listen to your child read the browsing box books. There are a
lot of children who omit words, change the words and add words to enhance their story.
Vowac: This week we will work on ways to spell the long /a/ and long /e/ words. There
are several ways and we need to make sure we remember the ways.
Spelling: Lesson 153-skill long /e/ and /o/ words. Pretest on Monday, Posttest on
Thursday and paragraph test on Friday.
English: We will start our unit on nouns.
Science: Chapter 3: Lesson 1 Looking at Habitats, Lesson 2 Where does Our Food Come
Social Studies: Chapter 1: Lesson 3: Using the Land and Unit 4: Where does our food
come from?
Handwriting: Review, m and N.
Johnny Appleseed Day is on Monday. Be sure to bring your apple to school on
or before that day. We will be cooking all day long and it will smell sooooo
Happy Birthday to Reagen on October 2nd.