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JLA Charter

The Justice League of America is sponsored in part by the US Government and the JLA corporate
sponsors - Stark Industries, Wayne Enterprises, Queen Industries, and Meriwether Technologies. The
JLA is an organization dedicated to Peace and Justice. As such, the members of the JLA have been
granted provisional law enforcement privileges when dealing with meta-humans and other situations
where they have been granted direct responsibility by an official law enforcement entity or legitimate
government sanction.
The JLA proposes to be dedicated to Green and non-lethal technologies. They are to operate with nonviolence wherever possible, similar to other law enforcement entities. Violence should only be used as
a last resort. The JLA will adhere to the same standards of other law enforcement agencies with regards
to the rights of the individuals they may apprehend. The JLA agrees to hand over any detainees to the
appropriate law enforcement agency or government office.
As the JLA is a government subcontractor, their contracted missions will have limited government
oversight along with input from the corporate sponsors previously mentioned. The JLA's contract will
come up for review every year by the Senate oversight committee. Regardless of this contract, the JLA
will take the forefront in dealing with meta-human crises wherever they may arise, especially if they
threaten civilians.
The JLA also remains dedicated to helping meta-humans fit into society by treating and training them
to deal with their abilities in a constructive manor as to be a benefit to society.
During its initial trial period, the JLA will be under the Meriwether Technologies, specifically, Dr
Alfonso Meriwether, one of the chief orchestrators of the creation of this charter, as he is also one of
the nation's top researchers in the science of meta-humans.