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Assalamualaikum wr.

Alhamdulillahilladzi anama alaina bi nimatil iman, wal islam. Asyahadualla ilaha illaloh,wasyhadu anna Muhammadarrosullulah. Allohuma
sholi ala Muhammad waala ali syaidina Muhammad amma badu
Hadirin Ikhwatul iman rohimakumuloh !
Over time, the days turned into weeks, months turned into years. Human development also undergone many changes that are supported by
advances in science and technology is very advanced. Humans can easily meet the needs and realize their dreams by utilizing kemajun
science. It used to transmit and deliver the news takes a long time, but now only a few seconds, we can give and receive news quickly and
easily, even from great distances. That's all thanks to the progress of science.
Allah blessed the audience.
In Islam, as we know, that the science is very useful and determine, are like the Al-Quran Al-Mujadalah verse 11:
Bismillahirrahmanir rahiim. Yarfaillaahul ladziina aamanuu mingkum walladziina uutul ilma darojaat. Wallohu bimaa tamaluuna khobiir
"Allah will raise those of you who believe and those who were given some degree of knowledge. and Allah Almighty Be alert to anything you
do ".
It means: Allah's elevating the learned, along with faith in Allah.
Therefore Allah made it obligatory to seek knowledge whenever and wherever, as in the hadith narrated by Ibn Majah:
Tholabul ilmi fariidotun alaa kulli muslimin
"Looking for Science was mandatory for every Muslim"
Well, that was the Islamic obligation to seek knowledge wherever and whenever. Why mandatory?
Walaa taqfu maa laisa laka bihi ilmu
"And do not do Anything that does not know the science".
It can be imagined by friends, suppose we do not know the science of electronics continue to dismantle our computer. Mean heart to fix, but
what happened? In fact, an ... cur.
Ladies and friends, knowledge seekers!
Whatever goals or desires, insha Allah, we can achieve by having knowledge. As the Apostle says "man aroda dunya fa'alaiha ilmi bil, bil
fa'alaiha waman arodal akhiro ilmi, waman aroda field for dry rice cultivation fa'alaihim bil ilmi" Who wants the world's life can be achieved by
science, Who desires the Hereafter is also achieved by science, and who desire the life of the world and the hereafter they can accomplish
with science. so whatever the ideals and desires we can achieve when we have knowledge of course accompanied by hard work in the
learning process. specific to their peers, while we were little cute yet still God forbid let's search for knowledge by studying and learning to
grow up to be a useful person for the nation, religion and parents.
And in our age a lot of advantages, as the song lyric of friends who would also memorize
"Learning in a small time like carved in stone after the adult learning (te re ro ro ret) is like carving on the water. Aqulu Qouli hada.
Thank you very much for your attention, primarily I speak until the end of session on speech without any politeness so many mistake of
rudeness I make, I really ask apologize.
Waalaikumussalam wr wb