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Created on September 23, 2016

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Table of content

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Table of content
1 Reports
1.1 Reports

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1.1 Reports
1.1 Reports
Technical Data
Web Dynpro Application


Web Dynpro Application Package


Application Configuration


Web Dynpro Components


Component Configurations

not relevant

Application Component Controller

not relevant

Data Origin

not relevant

Software Component for Web Dynpro Application




Required Business Function


Managers can use this service to launch reports that are relevant for them.

This application is part of the Manager Self-Service Reporting section.

This view displays all of the Launchpad entries that are customized in Launchpad customizing for a Role and Instance.
The default Role and Instance that are delivered are:
Role: MSS
Instance: REP
The Launchpad MSS/REP is configured with reports under the following categories:
Employee Data
Time Management
Education and Training
Accounting Reports
BI Reports
Internal Order Reporting (CO-OM-OPA)
Cost Center Reporting (CO-OM-CCA)
Miscellaneous Reports

You have set up the launchpad in Customizing in the back-end system.

The launchpad settings are made by the administrator in Customizing for Reports under

Personnel Management

Manager SelfService (WD ABAP)

You can further restrict the list using the Change Launchpad option.
The entries from Manager Desktop can be directly transferred to the Launchpad using the report RP_MSS_CONVERT_MDT_TO_LPD_CUST. Refer report
documentation for further details.
You can select from the following options:
Hide the applications from the display or add those that have been assigned in Customizing to the folder Inactive Applications.
If you have set the indicator User Cannot Deactivate Application in Customizing for an application, the user cannot remove this from the display.
Create new folders.
Copy reports or transactions, to call these up with other, user-specified parameters.
Delete the applications.
Change details.
Change link text (User Description).
Change the order of Entries.

2014 SAP SE or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved.

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