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Good morning!

Hello everyone!
Please get out your notebook and a pencil.
Once you have your materials, please sit listener style.

Objectives :


Discuss events of 9/11

Look on a Map.
Learn about the Maasai.
Read 14 Cows For America
Recap what we learned.
Create a Poem

SWBAT Explain the relationships or interactions

between two or more individuals, events, ideas,
or concepts in a historical, scientific, or
technical text based on specific information in
the text.
SWBAT Explain the positive and negative effects of
human activity on the physical environment of the
United States, past and present.

What does it mean to explain?

How and why it occurs, or what is meant by the use of this term in a particular context.


Lets look at the map

Where is Kenya?

Where is New York?


Some Background on the Maasai

Where do the Maasai live?

The Maasai live in Africa in the countries
of Kenya and Tanzania.

What does the Maasai wear?

Most Maasai wear the color red because it
symbolizes their culture.
Women wear clothes that are colorful and
decorated with beads. Women and
children keep their hair shaved or very
Warriors wear their hair in braids that are
dyed red.

Why are the cattle important to the Massia?

It is their primary source of food, for milk
and cheese.
A man's wealth is measured in terms of
cattle he owns.

Lets Reflect while reading.

What was Kimelis emotion to 9/11?

What traits would you give Kimeli?

What evidence do we get from the book?

How do you think the Maasai felt when they heard the story of 9/11?

Why do you think Kimeli gave his only cow to the United States?

Why did the others join in to add 13 more?

What did the gift of 14 cows do for the United States?

Can you think of a time when you did something nice for someone who was

Worksheet Time!: Lets see what you know .

Complete questions 2-5

Set time (I don't know what the timer should be, but I feel like it would limit
talking if they, the students knew they had a time line.)


Noun: A word used to name a person, place, animal. thing, or abstract idea
(like cat, happiness, toaster, or George Bush)

Adjective: A word used to describe a noun (like fuzzy, silly, or wet)

Action verb: A word that names an action (like walking, falling, or crying)

Complete sentence: A sentence with both a subject and a verb (like: Mary
goes to the store. or The mouse eats the cookie.)

Synonym: A word with the same or almost the same definition as another
(like student and pupil or house and home)

Activity Time: Cinquain Poetry

A cinquain is a five-line poem that follows a specific pattern:
Line One

One word: noun

Line Two

Two words: adjectives describing Line One

Line Three Three words: action verbs relating to Line One

Line Four

Four words: a complete sentence about Line One

Line Five

One word: a synonym of Line One or word that sums it up

Now try writing your own cinquain inspired by the story of 14 Cows for America. Choose
one of the words below to be your noun or subject for Line One, or make up your own!





New York


2 Adjectives

3 action verbs
One sentence

Synonym or Sum up

Cinquain Poetry Example

Important, Great
Eat, Walk, Run
Cows are useful

Discuss and Share

What did we learn today?

Complete the last part of your worksheet.