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Making Noise European Tour 2016

The Corporation, Sheffield - Saturday 17th September 2016
My wife, Carol, made the last minute,
minute unexpected, decision to accompany me to this evening’s
show. We arrived at 8.00pm expecting to have missed the opening act and just in time to catch Kaato;
however, as we entered the venue Sordid Lies were just taking to the stage. It transpired that Kaato would
not be playing this evening (reason unknown) and the East
ast Yorkshire rockers were handed an extended
set. They grasped the nettle with both hands and put in a brilliant performance. The early reception was
lukewarm but that did not detract the band from 2017’s city of the uncultured, Hull! These guys play their
brand of sleazy, melodic metal that was the staple diet of the Sunset Strip thirty years ago. The enigmatic
frontman Valen Vain, who looks and sings like the love child of Axl Rose and Scott Weiland, (with
Librace as his Godfather!) engaged the crowd who warmed to the band throughout their set of mostly
original numbers including ‘Devil’ Daughter’, ‘Dirty Girl’, ‘Turn It Up!’
Bass guitarist Captain Cliché (you’ve just got to laugh) made a striking figure with his black &
white chef-style trousers and tricorn hat;
hat guitarist
uitarist Dr. Lixx (real doctor) certainly knows how to shred;
and the band is completed by the youngest member Dani Stix (who came up with these names?).
A rousing version of Billy Idol’s ‘Rebel Yell’ cemented a triumphant performance. Sordid Lies
provided an object lesson to any young band:
band work hard but do so with a smile on your face and the
majority of the time the crowd will follow. Rock ‘n’ roll is supposed to be fun and Sordid Lies certainly
know who to entertain in a fun way.

Mitch Malloy hit the stage with ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’ and genuinely seemed happy to be playing to
approximately one hundred fans, half of which I recognised from Firefest.
Firefest. Twenty years ago Malloy
auditioned for the then vacant
cant singer position of a little old band called Van Halen. During his meeting
with the legendary guitarist they wrote the song ‘It’s The Right Time’ that, in my humble opinion, is
infinitely better than anything that came out on VH III a few years later. ‘Mission of Love’ from the
sensational debut album, now twenty four years old, is where Malloy hit top gear and the crowd went into
overdrive. ‘Over the Water’ (believe that this is one of Malloy’s personal favourites) continued with
another song taken from
m the eponymous debut. It is hard to believe that ‘Stranded In The Middle of
Nowhere’ is not a staple part of Malloy’s live set as it is obviously a fans’ favourite judging by tonight’s
reaction. The sensational ballads, ‘Love Song’ and ‘Our Love Will Never Die’,
Die’, sandwiched the Country
tinged ‘Cowboy and the Ballerina’. The cathartic ‘My Therapy’, the best track from the new album
‘Making Noise’ and the too short a set was already drawing to a conclusion with ‘Forever’.
The band returned for a two song encore starting with a stonking cover version of Van Halen’s
‘I’m The One’ giving us a small insight into what might have been. That just left time for the crowd to
sing themselves hoarse with ‘Anything At All’.
Five minutes
es after finishing Mitch was back out to meet and greet the fans and those in attendance
this evening sure hope he keeps to his promise to return to these shores again next year.

Mitch Malloy
Making Noise European Tour 2016
Sheffield, The Corporation
Saturday 17 September 2016


Rock n Roll
It's the Right Time
Mission of Love
Over the Water
Stranded In the Middle of Nowhere
Love Song
Cowboy and the Ballerina
Our Love Will Never Die
My Therapy
11 - I'm the One
12 - Anything At All

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