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To the reader,

I bet you are wondering what this is all about, or perhaps who I even
am. Let us start with a greeting, shall we?
Hi, Im Celina Gonzales, a college freshman taking up BS Legal
Management. This E-portfolio encapsulates my entire writing journey of sorts
in my ENGLCOM (Basic Communication and Study Skills) course throughout
the second term of my first year in university. In here, you will be able to
read about various ideasfrom the meaning of the word infinite beyond
the concept taught to us in our Math classes, to the causes of the Philippines
lagged progress (no, it is not solely due to corruption), and, well, Korean Pop.
With all these topics mentioned, I hope you appreciate how much I have
grown in terms of flexibility, as I was never comfortable with writing beyond
my interests.
The entire journey was a roller coaster, thanks to the great deal of
papers that came with strict deadlines, high standards, along with numerous
revisions inked in either pink, green, red, or blue. However, I believe that all
those days figuring out how exactly my professors want me to revise parts of
my papers and whatnot are worth itThe innumerable scratch papers that I
was armed with in the beginning of the term are gone. I can now write an
article of great quality without having to frantically jot down my ideas on a
separate sheet of paper.
I believe that this growth of mine is impossible without my professors.
Therefore, I would like to extend my gratitude to them: To Ms. Aileen Bautista
for her meticulousness, as for without her seemingly harsh comments, my
supposed scholarly papers would have been that of the quality of a literary
paper; and of course, to Mrs. Guia Gonzales, who has seen not only me, but
ENGCLOM C39A not only as writers, but also as individuals; for constantly
reminding us that writing is a process when we were pressured by
deadlines; and for constantly believing in us way more than we believe in
ourselves, as I believe that confidence is an essential skill a writer needs for
his or her papers to be of excellent quality.

I am surprised with how I have developed as a writer, and I cannot wait

to share this journey of mine to you through the essays that will be
presented. With this, I present to you my roller coaster. Welcome aboard, and
enjoy the ride.
Regards, Cel G.
By the end of the course, I aim to achieve the following objectives:

Be able to improve my academic writing, coming from thesis writing in

my Senior
Be able to
Be able to
Be able to
Be able to

write in a more articulate and scholarly manner
organize thoughts quicker
write about topics beyond my interests with great quality
gain confidence in my writing

Entry Essay
Korean Pop, often referred to as K-pop, is on out of three
waves of Hallyu, or the Korean wave. It usually consists of groups of around
four to thirteen boys or girls, choreographed dance moves, a distinct
electronic-pop or bubblegum pop based sounds combined with influences
from other musical genres, and lyrics that consist of a combination of
Hangeul, their native language, and words or phrases in English. K-pop
groups are often referred to as idol groups, have fan clubs with names
derived from the group name, and a specific group color assigned to these
K-pop gained national popularity in the 1990s with novelty
music from groups such as H.O.T., Fin.KL, Seo Taiji and the Boys, and the like.
It became well-received in Asia, particularly in Japan, China, and Southeast
Asia in the 2000s with its unique sound through viral songs such as Sorry
Sorry by Super Junior, Gee by Girls Generation, Fire by 2NE1, and Day
by Day by BIGBANG. In this decade, repetition of words was prominent (e.g.
Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry; Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic, fantastic, elastic,
elastic, elastic, elastic).
In 2010, synchronized and polished dances were given
attention to, which led to the seven-member boy group INFINITEs popularity
Hip-hop songs became more popular, which

Exit Essay
Catchy tunes, well-orchestrated choreography, flashy music videos,
odd group names, and lyrics in a totally different languageThis is how the
Korean Pop phenomenon became a global hit. In 2012, Korean pop singer
PSY released Gangnam Style, which eventually reached one billion views
on YouTube. In 2015, Korean pop artist CL of the girl group 2NE1 released her
single Hello, B*****s in collaboration with international artist Diplo. Korean
pop acts such as Infinite, Girls Generation, and Super Junior held tours
outside their native South Koreabe it Asian tours or world tours. Fans all
over the world flocked to South Korea with the hopes of meeting their
favorite groups, and artists strive to expand their market outside of Korea in
different ways, such as learning how to speak other languages such as
English, Mandarin, or Japanese. Therefore, with the said genre globally
expanding thanks to its uniqueness, Korean Pop is taking the world by storm.
One thing unique about Korean pop is the memorable tune that almost
each song brings. Korean pop is heavily influenced by electronic pop, hence,
the seemingly homogeneousness of the genre as a whole. When taken a
closer look at, however, Korean pop is a melting pot of musical influences
that harmonize with the electro-pop base. Each agency has a musical

influence that distinguishes them from other agencies. For example, YG

Company is known for their hip-hop elements as seen in groups such as
BIGBANG and 2NE1. On the other hand, Korean pop giant SM Entertainment
is known for their bubblegum pop influences which is especially evident
during the 2000s. Woollim Entertainment us known for their 80s synth-pop
feel, which is evident in in the music of their groups, Lovelyz, and Infinite.
Aside from this, words are constantly repeated in the chorus so that listeners
can easily remember these tunes such as Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry from
Super Juniors 2009 hit Sorry Sorry, I want nobody, nobody, but you from
the Wonder Girls hit single Nobody, and Oppan Gangnam Style in PSYs
phenomenal Gangnam Style. Sometimes, these repeated words or phrases
usually written in English make no grammatical sense. Examples of these
lyrics are I must go mission, make it mission, make it go taken from JYJs
single Mission, and Oh my beautiful target. You zoom zoom my heart like
a rocket from the boy group B1A4s Beautiful Target. The distinctive sound
from other genres, accompanied with unforgettable lyrics serve as a
foundation of the genres unique attributes, therefore making it exceptional
among others.
Another unique thing about Korean Pop is the well-orchestrated
choreography that matches the overall concept that a certain group aims to
achieve. What sets it apart from other genres is that these moves are crisp,
sharp, and synchronized up to the millisecond, like in the groups BTS, Teen
Top, and SHINee, in contrast to the simple, easy-to-follow dance moves if

Western pop groups such as N*SYNC, the Spice Girls, and the Backstreet
Boys. These dance moves are usually difficult to follow. Despite the
complexity of these moves, fans still dedicate their time and effort in
learning such dances. In fact, entertainment agencies upload artists dance
practice videos in order to allow fans to follow along. Fans take it up a notch
by uploading mirrored versions of these videos, so that they can learn
them as if they were looking at a mirror, or make step-by-step tutorials on
how to execute them. Several cover groups have been established on
YouTube that showcase fans around the world dancing to their favorite tracks
as if they were the artists themselves. Complexity does not hinder them from
perfecting their favorite choreographies, which manifests that they serve as
the highlight of the entire package in a groups chosen concept.
Also, Korean pop is known for seemingly bizarre, flashy music videos.
Filming usually happens in a studio with a pre-made set, or maybe even
green screens. Backgrounds with either abstract designs or bright colors are
used. Bright lights flash in different directions. Heavy props that seem to lack
significance in the concept or storyline are present, such as convertibles,
motorbikes, and big couches that seem to show that they are ready for world
domination. These videos have no serious storyline, or maybe even no
concrete story line at all, which contribute to the quirkiness of the videos.

Reflective Essay
As I entered my first Tuesday ENGLCOM session, I felt anxious over
writing my entry essay because first, I did not have a social issue in mind;
and second, I was not armed with enough information that can somehow
help me in articulating my thoughts in order to come up with a concrete
essay. This prompted me to write about something that did not seem
academic enough: Korean Pop. I was afraid that I will be questioned for the
topic of my choice because given the fact that it was not scholarly. As time
passed, however I learned that academic reading and writing is not limited to
thesis-worthy topics. The fields that I wrote about that consisted of numerous
thingsfrom image manipulation in my first media log, to animated films in
my third media log, to why wearing school uniforms must be encouraged in
one of the exercises given. Encapsulating all these experiences, academic

writing is not only bounded by thesis-worthy topics, but is in fact limitless in

subjects to choose from, as long as the way is written is articulate, and
Articulating my thoughts has always been a waterloo of mine. This was
the main hurdle I had to go through in completing my extended definition
and argumentative essays. I had to encode what was actually in my head.
For example, the words Image manipulation, colloquially referred to as
Photoshop is apparent in advertisements for fashion and beauty among
many others, actually came from Image manipulation, aka Photoshop
(YOU DONT CALL THE PROCESS PHOTOSHOP) is everywhere. As in. Because
of this, it took me a long time to finish my paper because I was reliant on
actually typing what I actually thought of so as not to lose my train of
thought. However, I was able to deal with all of this, since I was able to
develop the skill of thinking articulately without depending on numerous
scratch papers with plain English with hints of side comments written in
I vividly remember cringing as I wrote my exit essay down because I
believe that my entry essay was written so badly because I did not like the
idea of writing about Korean Pop, as I had a better topic in mind. As I wrote
my exit essay, I however, I realized how far I have come from that January 7.
Coming to where I was to am now, I am proud to say that I have improved so
muchway beyond that I expected myself to improve. I can now do away

with my reliance on the internet and the numerous scratch papers, thanks to
the time-pressured exercises and the comments from my major papers.
In essence, I have achieved everything that I hoped to achieve in this
course with excellence. I can now articulate my thoughts better without the
side comments, write about topics that are beyond my comfort zone, such as
corruption and other relevant social issues, do away with the scratch papers
used to articulate my disorganized thoughts, and most importantly, be
confident in my abilities as a writer. The things that I have learned in
ENGLCOM now serves as a solid foundation on how my papers in other
courses are donewith articulation, confidence, and excellence.

Argumentative/Problem Solution Essay

TOPIC: Is corruption the main cause of a countrys slow progress?
TENTATIVE TITLE: There is More to Malversation
THESIS STATEMENT: Corruption is not the primary cause of a countrys
slow progress because there are other root causes that affect the countrys
development in a larger scale.


a. Hook: The 2016 Presidential Election is fast approaching, and
citizens refuse to vote because of the belief that change will not
happen with corrupt officials in the seat of power
b. Link: However, corrupt officials are only the part of the bigger
c. Thesis: Corruption is not the primary cause of a countrys slow
progress because there are other root causes that affect the


countrys development in a larger scale.

(1) DATA: There is a lack of cooperation and discipline among the
countrys citizens
(2)WARRANT: The citizens break the simplest of rules for their own
convenience, such as jaywalking, littering, and counterflowing
(1)DATA: Citizens are too reliant on government officials in finding
solutions to the countrys current problems
(2)WARRANT: Citizens vote for officials who promise radical
change in a short amount of time without realizing that radical
change does not happen in an instant
(1)DATA: There is a lack of creative, long-term solutions
(2)WARRANT: The countrys problem is not corruptionits lack of


imagination. (De Castro, 2016)

a. GIST: Corruption is one of the causes, but it is not the root cause
of a countrys slow progress

b. IMPLICATION: With citizens realizing that corruption is not the

enemy, they will be more enlightened to think of more creative
c. RECOMMENDATION: It must be taken into consideration that
corruption is not the real enemy to the hindrance of a countrys
development, and corrupt officials must not be wholly blamed on
the countrys existing problems. Take action.

There is More to Malversation
The 2016 Philippine Presidential Election is fast approaching. However, several Filipinos
choose to abstain from voting because of the belief that the country will not progress with a
corrupt official in the seat of power. McArdle (2014) states that In a national election, the odds
of your vote making a difference are very close to zero, (para. 4) meaning that the chances of
an individual experiencing the radical change he or she wants to deserve is extremely little.
Numerous headlines such as Is the Philippines the Most Corrupt Country in Asia? (Philippine
Daily Inquirer, 2014) and Duterte slams Roxas: Where are billions of Yolanda funds?
(Philippine Daily Inquirer, 2016) makes the people believe that corrupt officials are the root
cause of the countrys lagging progress. Dishonest officials, however, are only one part of the
bigger problem. insert connection. There are several other causes to the countrys slow
progress, such as apathy, lack of discipline, lawlessness, and the like. Although corruption is
one of the sources of a countrys lagged progress, it is not the root cause because there are
other main causes that affect the countrys development.

First, the countrys lagged progress is not due to corruption, but the lack of discipline
among the Filipino citizens. It is evident that they break even the simplest of rules for their own
conveniences. Such discipline is manifested on the highways of the Metro. On July 12, 2012,
the Metro Manila Development Authority formalized the implementation of the yellow lanes
along EDSA, which was supposedly used by city buses, as well as jitneys and cabs without
passengers (Masinag, 2012, para. 11). As the years went by, however, these lanes were utilized
by cabs with passengers, private vehicles, and motorbikes because of the prevailing traffic in
the other lane. This shows that despite how simple the implemented rules, people continuously
disobey them because they want to beat the traffic without considering the law. This prompted
the MMDA to have a stricter implementation on the usage of the yellow lanes on January 18,
2016 wherein a fine of 500 pesos is to be collected when the said vehicles use these lanes
(Philippine News Agency, 2016, para.11). Being stern on comprehensible rules shows that
indeed, Filipinos immensely lack the discipline that is needed for the country to progress.
However, having dishonest officials do not motivate the Filipino people in obeying the
rules, hence leading to the lack of discipline that they have today. Villanueva (2011) states,
When leaders and enforcers of the law violate our laws, we can only emulate them, becoming
lawless ourselves (para. 28). What the Filipinos need is leadership by example with leaders
that serve as role models to the people. Nevertheless, the people serve as the building blocks in
establishing a prospering state. With citizens that lack discipline, however, it is nearly impossible
for the Philippines to develop holistically.
Moreover, corruption is not to blame for the countrys slow progress, but it is the
overreliance of the citizens on government officials in finding solutions to the problems the
country is challenged with. They make it a point to vote for candidate who promise radical
change, such as presidential candidate Grace Poes vows to lower tax rates (para. 28). Poe
(2015) says that I guarantee: Every peso you pay will be returned to you in fast and quality

service. (para. 29)

Vows such as these sway voters easily, and prompt them to vote for

candidates in the likes of Poe. Because of such persuasion, people fail to realize that these
promises that aim for radical change that they expect to happen in a short amount of time.
When radical change does not happen in an instant, they will complain that the government no
longer cares about them. However, they continue to indolently wait for the government to do
something about the problems being faced.
Corrupt officials promise radical change to the people, but once elected into position,
they end up misusing these funds that they will use for the projects that will gear towards the
promised radical change. In August 2015, Engineer Mario Hechanova claimed that then-Mayor
Jejomar Binay received P1.26 billion from janitoral and security contracts (Estanislao, 2015,
para. 10), while Senator Antonio Trillanes affirmed that the Makati City hall had 600 security
guards during Binays administration (Estanislao, 2015, para. 12). These figures show that there
is misuse in Makatis funds that hinder in making more worthwhile projects that will gear towards
progress. However, it must be kept into mind that the Filipino people serves as the
governments other halfit is impossible for radical change to happen when the government will
not execute significant laws and projects for the people, and it will never happen when the
people indolently wait for the government to take action. It is not only the government who
needs to take proper action, but also the people need to do their part for such change to

Finally, corruption is not the root cause of the countrys slow progress, but it is the
lack of creative and long-term solutions present in the country. De Castro (2016) states
The countrys problem is not corruptionits lack of imagination. Officials do not delve
into creating long-term solutions to the countrys problems, but think of mere schemes
to temporarily alleviate the problem. In January 2016, the Metro Manila Development

Authority started to impose stricter rules on the usage of the yellow lane along EDSA.
Santiago (2016) states "The traffic will be constrained especially when these cars are
coming out from side streets going into EDSA, they can't immediately merge into the
private lane." The MMDA did not take into consideration that the traffic congestion will
worsen on the private vehicles lane. Santiago (2016) likewise states that traffic along
EDSA will only improve if more people leave their private vehicles at home and take the
bus instead. (para. 6) With the present bus system in the country, motorists cannot be
convinced to commute and choose to bear the traffic jams in the comfort of their own
cars. Public transportation must be utilized, rather than having numerous lanes that
rarely serve their purpose. Santiago (2016) likewise said that traffic along EDSA will
only improve if more people leave their private vehicles at home and take the bus
instead (para. 10). Long-term problems, such as the traffic situation in Metro Manila call
for original, well-executed ideas that people can use in the long run, such as revamping
public transportation systems. On the other hand, the mini-footbridge was built in
Malate, Manila as part of the Childrens Road Safety Park established by the MMDA in
September 2014. This establishment aims to teach children the basic rules on the road
(Diola, 2014, para. 3). Instead of receiving praise for a creative solution that embeds
discipline among children at an early age, the project received backlash for its
unorthodox nature with remarks such as It made us look dumb to the Engineering
Community, thus being dubbed as the weirdest project in the world (Canlas, 2014).
Such remarks come to show that creative solutions are not welcome in contributing to
the countrys development.

However, creative and long-term solutions are not possible without financial
support by the government. There is a budget allocated for each cause. In 2014,
President Benigno Aquino allocated P202.6 trillion pesos in the 2015 National Budget
(GOV, 2014, para. 1). This budget served as an avenue to implement solutions that will
be able to benefit the countrys development. The prevailing situation shows that is
impossible to implement projects when government officials pocket the funds that are
supposedly for the projects and program for the people. In August 2015, the National
Bureau of Investigation filed the third batch of pork barrel cases. Included in the list
were Senator Gregorio Honasan, Cagayan de Oro Representative Rufus Rodriguez,
and Technical Educational Skills and Development Authority (TESDA) Secretary Joel
Villanueva. (Cayabyab, Torres-Tupas, 2015). These cases show that it is evident that
these officials are of high ranks. According to an SWS National Survey conducted in
2001, 49% of the government resources were wasted due to corruption (Balboa, 2006).
It is evident that having such officials being involved in corruption hinders the correct
usage of funds for projects. Nevertheless, with the implementation of the suitable laws
to boost creativity, national development is still possible with creative, long-term
solutions. In 2013, the Republic Act No. 10557, also known as the Philippine
Competitive Design Act of 2013 was passed. Article 9 of the said law mandates that
The National Design Policy shall serve as the States strategy in promoting design as a
driving force towards a sustainable economic growth and development and a catalyst
for increasing the competitiveness of the country in the global market. (GOV, 2013,
para 23) which aims to meet the following goals: Global competitiveness,
Institutionalization and Promotion of Design Culture nationwide, Creation of an

Environment to Cultivate a Constant Demand, Design Protection, Design Education and

Professional Development, and Institutionalization of Design as an Effective ProblemSolving Tool (para 26). Through this law, it is evident that design serves as a foundation
of ingenious solutions. A strong and solid design foundation encourages innovation,
which lead to quality, and even revolutionary solutions that Filipinos can not only be
proud of, but can also utilize in the long run.
Corruption is one of the numerous causes of the countrys slow progress, but it is not the
main cause of such ratethere is a lack of discipline, overreliance, and lack of creative
solutions that can benefit the nation in the long run. When citizens realize that these causes
presented are the true enemies of progress in the Philippines, they must realize that they must
obey the laws implemented despite its short-term inconveniences, be empowered to take
action, and be enlightened to think of ingenious ideas that will benefit the country in the long
run. It must be taken into consideration that corruption is not the root cause of the hindrance of
the countrys development. Corrupt officials are not the sole perpetrators in the countrys stunted
development. The Filipino citizens must be empowered to take action and think of original ideas
that are worth sharing. When this happens, radical change is bound to happen.
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Extended Definition Essay

OBJECTIVE: To let readers realize that infinite is not limited to how
fathomable a concept is; that it can also be linked to feelings/possibilities



a. Denotative meaning
b. Other Interpretations
i. What infinite is
ii. What infinite is not
c. How Infinite will be defined
i. No limitations/infinite possibilities
ii. feeling infinite
a. No limitation/infinite possibilities
i. Opportunities to grow/progress/improvement
ii. Taking risks
b. Feeling infinite
i. Self-actualization
ii. Pursuing passions
iii. Small moments in life
a. How this definition is different
i. Not limited to the Mathematical/Scientific concept usually
ii. Can also be
b. Message to the readers
c. Importance of infinite, Math and Science aside


Feeling Limitless
In Stephen Chboskys Perks of Being a Wallflower, Charlie Kelmeckis said, This one
moment when you know youre not a sad story. You are alive. And you stand up and see the
lights on the buildings and everything that makes you wonder. And youre listening to that
song, and that drive with the people who you love most in this world. And in that moment, I
swear, we were infinite. (Chbosky, p.39) The word infinite comes from the Latin infinitus,
derived from the Latin words means in which means not, and finitus meaning finished
(Oxford Dictionary, n.d.) The Merriam-Webster Dictionary (n.d.) defines infinite as
immeasurably or inconceivably great or extensive. Consequently, Rouse (2005) states that
infinity is the quality or state of endlessness or having no limits in terms of time, space, or
other quantity. On the other hand, Chbosky (2012), states that infinite is synonymous to
being able to go anywhere despite the obstacles that one faces in his or her life. With this
said, Infinite is not entirely bounded by the lemincaste (), or by the countless positive and
negative numbers that exist. Rather, it is broadened to the innumerous possibilities that the
world has to offer, as well as the feeling of joy in having a sense of purpose in life. For this
reason, infinite is a term that is limitless in definition and must not be restricted to merely
fathomable concepts.
First, Infinite is a persons state that is having limitless opportunities, such as
opportunities to grow and as individuals. 2014 Olympic and World Figure Skating Champion
Yuzuru Hanyu changed the game of the sport by adding the level of difficulty in his programs
with additional quadruple jumps and difficult transitions, as well as smashing world records
competition after competition in the 2015-2016 figure skating season. (Hersh, 2016, para.
4). Rather than seeing his progress as a degrading threat, his competitors see this as an
opportunity to improve their abilities by upping their technical content as well as their artistic
elements in their programs, including American figure skater and rival Jason Brown. When

one person jumps ahead, everyone is working harder, everyone is trying to take more risks.
Its just another way to continue to bring our sport to new heights. I think its awesome. I
definitely dont look at it as discouraging or upsetting. I think its only positive." (Hersh, 2016,
para. 11). As such, Brown sees Hanyus progress as a driving force to do better, rather than
as a threat. The seven-member Korean Pop boy band Infinite sees their name as a drive to
continue growing not only musically, but also as individuals. The groups leader, Kim
Sungkyu states, Our name, Infinite, means limitless. We never put a restriction on our
possibilities, and we will always improve (Kim, 2012). The seven-member Korean pop boy
group Infinite sees their name as an avenue to continue improve as artists, and as a unit. In
essence, Infinite continues to strive to living up to their name by ensuring that they explore
and experiment in different musical styles that will continue to let their musical sound evolve.
Such experiences show that the state of being infinite happens when one believes that he or
she will improve in his or her respective fields despite challenges that are present.
Second, infinite is also a state linked to accomplishing huge feats. Such feats include
facing ones fears in order to take a leap of faith, such as learning how to skydive. In 2014,
skydiver Mallory Wisong earned her skydiving license. She was able to overcome the fear,
doubt, and perfectionism (para. 3) that she experienced throughout the process. Wisong
(2014) felt infinite when she jumped because she realized that in skydiving, one must live in
the moment while flying, hence saying I had one of those jumps where time seems to slow
down and you finally understand what it means to be fully present in the moment. (para.4)
Another example is competing in a major international competition for the first time, as the
opportunity of representing ones country is a once-in-a-lifetime experience given to only a
fortunate few. Then sixteen-year-old figure skater Mirai Nagasu is one of these fortunate
few. She competed in her first Olympic Games in Vancouver in 2010, where she jumped
from sixth to fourth place after a stellar free skate. She was able to conquer the pressure

she needed to face, since she represented the United States in the Olympics. Nagasu
recounts, It was as stressful as they say, but I was able to beat the pressure. (para. 24).
Nagasu felt infinite, as she was able to perform her best because she was able to conquer
the pressure she was under. The state of being infinite happens when one feels a sense of
accomplishment in conquering ones inhibitions in order to achieve such triumphs.
Third, infinite is also a feeling that is connected to self-actualization. In order to fully
understand the essence of such meaning, self-actualization is the realization or fulfillment
of ones talents potentialities, especially considered as a drive or need present in everyone.
(Dorfner, 2014, p. 114) Having said that, such feeling is evident in self-actualization through
the sense of fulfillment in realizing that one has achieved his or her main purpose in his or
her career. For example, figure skater Yuna Kim broke the Olympic and World record in the
womens figure skating event in the 2010 Winter Olympics on February 25, 2010. In the said
event, she garnered a total of 228.56 points, which led her to not only breaking records, but
also capturing South Koreas first Olympic gold medal in the figure skating event. (Hersh,
2010) On the other hand, basketball legend and four-time NBA Champion Shaquille ONeal
earned his doctorate degree from Barry University in 2012 after his stint in the NBA (De Nies
and Katrandjian, 2012). Despite having an option to have a grand vacation after retirement,
ONeal opted to pursue his passion for zeal for education as well as to challenge himself in a
different field. After the tribulations that he faced, which included making a thesis on the
importance of humor in leadership, he received is doctorate degree, together with the title
Dr. Shaquille ONeal. With this said, feeling infinite is accomplishing the biggest and most
important goals in ones life. (Kim, 2010).
Finally, the state of feeling infinite happens in the small but beautiful moments in life.
These moments are the daily happenings at home, such as having dinner together as a
family. Filipino instant noodle brand Lucky Me launched Kainang Pamilya Mahalaga (the

value of eating together as a family) campaign in 2007, wherein families are devoted to
having at least one meal together on a specific date. On January 26, 2012, President
Benigno Aquino III signed Presidential Proclamation 326 wherein he declared the fourth
Monday of September as Kainang Pamilya Mahalaga Day (the value of eating together as a
family). One of the meaningful traditions of Filipinos is the common family meal where all
members of the family are present to signify their unity and thanksgiving for Gods abundant
blessings. (Online, Kainang Pamilya Mahalaga Day. Retrieved from Proclamation No.
326, March 7, 2016). Through eating meals together as a family, members continue to
nurture their relationship in todays unit in a world of fast-paced living that has endless
demands. In this case, feeling infinite is evident when the family appreciates and cherishes
the time they spend together through a good meal, together with happiness brought about
by laughter through countless anecdotes. Hence, infinite happens when the simplest joys in
life are truly cherished.
Infinite is beyond the ideas brought about by the fields of Mathematics and Science.
Essentially, it is a state that is unbounded in meaning be it of fulfillment, joy, and
empowerment. The state of being infinite is feeling fulfillment in what one does after all the
tribulations he or she went through, bliss in the simplest yet most beautiful moments in life,
as well as a motivating drive in order to pursue excellence. In substance, these ideas are
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