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FlashcardExchange, Quizlet, Studystack

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Major Flashcards websites (FlashcardExchange, Quizlet,

Studystack) to Supermemo Q&A Format Converter
this is an unverified suggestion from SuperMemo 15 beta site:
A friend made a python script that can convert any flashcard set from the three major flashcards
websites, FlashcardExchange, Quizlet and StudyStack to Q&A Supermemo format.
Download at:
See the readme below:
This program reads questions/answers from some websites and generates a file suitable for use with
the Supermemo application.
python 2.x:
lxml library:

How to run this script under a Windows installation:

1) Download Python 2.7x at "", it's recommended to choose the Python
2.7.2 Windows Installer. 2) Install in "C:/Python", so it will be easier to handle. 3) Download the
lxml library at "". Choose the appropriate file for your
Windows (32 or 64 bits) and Python Version. 4) Install at the same folder of Python installation. 5)
Download the supymemo script at "". If you chose
the compressed .tar.gz version uncompress to a folder named "scripts" in your python main directory,
e.g "C:/Python/scripts". 6) Open the command prompt. Click on All Programs, Accessories, and on
Command Prompt. OR Open the Start Menu. In the Start Menu search box area type cmd and press
Enter. 7) Enter on your Python installation directory, type C: and then cd Python. 8) Now run the
script, type "python scripts/ -q 1068559" 9) If a new it is created at the python main
folder, named 1068559.txt, the script is working properly. 10) Now check the command help below
and happy conversion. 11) You can also reverse questions and answers with the option e.g ""python
scripts/ -rq 1068559""
Running the script

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FlashcardExchange, Quizlet, Studystack - SuperMemopedia,_Quizle...

1) Visit you favorite flashcard website (, or 2) For flashexchange, search for the cards id,
"", e.g "
/flashcards/view/806535". 3) Use the command " -f 806535" 5) A .txt file with the
conversion result should be in your python main folder.

Options (e.g -h")

-h, --help
-r, --reverse

show this help message and exit

reverse questions and answers

You have to choose one of those options to fetch the cards from:

-s, --studystack cards
-q, --quizlet cards
-f, --flashcardexchange cards

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