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La Puerta Del Sol Hi-Land Subdivision, Tarlac City

School Year 2014-2015
Name: _______________________________
Grade 3 St. ___________________________


January_____, 2015

I. Knowledge Assessment
A. Directions: Identify whether the following actions are pushing or pulling action or
____________1. picking apples off the tree
____________2. writing
____________3. stapling some papers together
____________4. throwing a ball
____________5. combing hair
____________6. typing on a computer keyboard
____________7. using the brakes on a bicycle
____________8. opening a book
____________9. scoring a goal in football
____________10. diving in the pool
B.Directions: Multiple Choices: Choose the letter of the correct answer.
_____11. What are you exerting when you push or pull an object?
A. force
B. energy
C. matter
D. motion
_____12. A book rests on the table. What two forces are acting on the book?
A. air pushing the book down; table pushing the book up
B. gravity pulling the book down; table pushing the book up
C. magnetism pulling the book up; gravity pulling the book down
D. air pushing the book up; gravity pushing the book down
_____13. A ripe guava on a tree fell to the ground. What force acted on a guava?
A. wind
B. running water C. gravity
D. magnetism
_____14. When you push an object, the object pushes you back. What does this show?
A. Forces are all around us.
B. Forces may be balanced or unbalanced
C. Forces make objects move
D. Forces act in pairs
_____15. If you are riding a car and you are using the seat belt, you will not fall forward
when the car suddenly stops. Why?
A. The seat belt provides the force that will stop you from moving.
B. The seat belt will move with you.
C. The seat belt will allow backward movement.
D. The seat belt is a safety device.
_____16. What force causes an object to move?
A. mass
B. balanced force
C. gravity D. unbalanced force

_____17. Which of the following objects will need the least force to be moved?
A. motorcycle
B. bicycle
C. jeep
D. car
_____18. If you are riding a bike and you want to stop it, what will you do?
A. pedal faster B. use the brake C. push harder
D. step down
_____19. Your mass is about is about 35 Kg. When you sit on a chair, how much force
does the chair exert on you?
A. the same as my mass
B. greater than my mass
C. lesser than my mass
D. cannot be determined
_____20. A ball is rolling away from you. If you give it a stronger push, which of the
following will happen?
A. The ball will stop.
B. The ball will roll faster.
C. The ball will change direction.
D. The ball will slow down.
II. Process Assessment
A. Directions: Identify which materials conduct electricity.
Does the bulb light up?
Conductor or Insulator
21. aluminum wire
22. charcoal
23. cotton
24. leather
25. paper
26. plastic
27. rubber
28. steel
29. glass
30. wood
III. Understanding Assessment
A. Directions: Study the illustration below. In
Circuit Will it Why or why not?
which circuits shown below will the bulb light?
Record your answers on the chart below.

39-40. Differentiate conductors and insulators?