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Study Abroad Advising Center

Pre-Application Form
Please complete this application and according to your option Study Abroad Advising
Center will complete the final application form.

Title (Miss/Mrs/Mr) Miss
First name(s)
Roxana Daniela
Surname/family name Ajder
Are you living in the UK? No
Home address (as in you Str. Siderurgistilor, Nr. 35, Bl. SD3B, Sc. 2, Ap. 52, Galati,
ID card)
Home telephone number +40336805883
Mobile number
Email address
Date of birth
16 October 1991
Country of birth
Do you have criminal
Do you have any
disabilities/special needs?

Please type your options in the order you prefer them.
Programme of study

Coventry University
Fashion Design

Programme of study

Coventry University
Fine Art

Programme of study

Southampton Solent University




Programme of study

Contemporary Arts

Programme of study

High school name and
Liceul de Arta Dimitrie Cuclin, Galati
Month and year of high
July 2010
school graduation
High school leaving
Romania, Diploma de Bacalaureat
Exam date:
June / July 2010
Subjects to be
Romanian (Written) , History (Written), Geography (Written)
Is English your first
If not, do you have any
certificate/do you intend I intend to obtain a certificate.
to obtain a certificate?
Which one?
Date of the exam:
March 2010
Grade (where applicable) Pending
Did you apply to any
other universities in the No
UK this academic year?

How did you find out
about Study Abroad
Advising Center?
What are the main
reasons why you want to
study abroad?
Do you have any
friend/relative studying
in the UK?

I found about SAAC from a friend of mine.

My strongest personal interests have always been focused on art
and my practised ability is going from strength to strength

Please write between 450 and 500 words explaining why you want to study the
course/courses you want to study. Please include any talents and skills you may posses
for this course, any previous experience where applicable and what hopes and dreams
you have for the future, after graduating from this course.

Art is not a thing; it is a way. (Elbert Hubbard) A way to see the beauty in
everything that sorrounds us. The decision to follow my childhood dream is entirely
mine and there was no need for confirmation from anybody esle. Although I have many
other hobbies I decided that I could not be completely fulfilled in another field. My
natural abilities and enthusiasm have always been remarkable and I have an
unquestionable commitment to do an art course. During my spare time over the last few
years I have experimented with all aspects of art and design. From abstract painting to
detailed pencil portraits, comics and fashion design.
I have always known that my aim is to create. The first prize I took was at a contest of
drawings on asphalt in the 4th grade and in the following year I was accepted at the art
school. I intend to organize my first personal exhibition next year, although I already
have displayed two works during a national contest that took place last year in the Art
Museum in Galati. During high school I have taken part in numerous competitions and
olympiads, including the National Olympiad of Art History in 2009, but also olympiads
and contests of Romanian Language and Literature. In the 11th grade I wrote two
articles, one for a local newspaper (Viata libera for the section Generatia in blugi) and the
other, about Easter, for a religious magazine. Two years ago I took part in an national
ecological project Verde 003.
My main interests and hobbies are painting, fashion design, film and photography. As
regards arts I like many painters, among them William Turner, Gustave Courbet, John
Constable, Salvador Dali. Courbet realised a self-portrait, intitled The Desperate Man
which is my favourite painting because I find it very expressive and it sends me strong
feelings. My favourite clothes designers are Sandra Backlund and John Galliano
because they are the most resourcesful and original of all, always managing to impress
me in a manner in which others fail. Over the past year I have developed an acute
interest in photography. I take my camera with me aywhere I go, mainly taking
photographs for artistic purposes as well as casually capturing moments of fun. My
photography skills have improved very quickly and I have a collection of my
photographs on my personal DeviantArt page:
Although I am not fluent in Spanish I can speak it to a useful communicative level
and I would love to improve my knowlegde the language and join clubs at university or
college centred around the language or Spanish culture. I am also fascinated with the
mayan art and culture and I hope that one day I will have the opportunity to visit Copan
in Guatemala.
I would love to explore combined experimental studies and experience new areas of
creative study, such as Fashion Design and Fine Art or Photography and Contemporary
Art, strengthening the artistic skills I already have. The opportunity to study art would
give me the pleasure of increasing my knowledge of the psychological character of art
while practically pursuing my strongest passion.

Teacher name:

Prof. Georgescu Gabriela

Institution name:
Institution address:
phone no.:

Monumental Art Teacher

Liceul de Arta Dimitrie Cuclin, Galati
Str. Domneasca, Nr. 97-99, Galati, Romania

Please write between 400 and 450 words

To whom it may concern
I know Ajder Roxana since sche was in

For a full list of partner institutions please visit:

Conform reglementarilor guvernului Marii Britanii, costul aplicarii la un

singur domeniu este de 10 lire (50 lei), iar costul aplicarii la 2-5 domenii este
de 20 lire (100 lei). Sumele includ si comisionul bancar.
Plata pentru trimiterea aplicatiei se poate realiza astfel:
1. Pentru cei din Bucuresti: direct la sediul societatii intre orele 12:30-19:30
2. Pentru cei din provincie: prin mandat postal electronic (NU on-line) pe adresa:

Andreea Vatea
Str. Aleea Zorelelor Nr. 2A, Bl. M14, Sc. 2, Ap. 117,
Sector 6, Mun. Bucuresti
Cod Postal: 061185