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DATE OF SUBMISSION: 14th April 2016

Electronic Cigarettes
Over the years, cigarettes have seen a tremendous incline in popularity. The tobacco filled
paper, has gone through many controversies throughout the century, whereby most reviews
were negative but some even put forward the positive effects of cigarettes. The latest trend
which seems to have brought smoking to a whole new level is electronic cigarettes also known
as e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes are battery powered vaporizers, which have a heating element
which vaporize particular liquids. The most current trend spreading among the public today
and is also not too far from the context of e-cigarettes is vaping. A recent discussion among a
group of students bearing the topic electronic cigarettes shall be highlighted in this paper. In
the following lines, I will dig into accentuations of the response to the topic, given by the
discussion, followed by the controversy whether e-cigarettes should be banned or not. Besides
that, I will also discuss on the ways to educate and create awareness about the effects of ecigarettes among the public.
World Health Organization (WHO) has advised the public to prevent the use of e-cigarettes
until they are certified safe and effective. The discussion group conveyed that, WHO being an
international ambassador of health, is a trustable source which always channels concerns of
health through proper research and concrete evidence. In line with that, such statements by
WHO should be taken seriously by the public. They also mentioned from their resources that
one round of vape is equal to 6 pieces of common filtered cigarettes. Common rumours are that
e-cigarettes contain high doses of nicotine compared to filtered cigarettes. Nicotine is a
stimulant drug contained in cigarettes that causes addiction. The discussion stressed that
consumption of nicotine can damage the brain nerves. This statement is true as it is
scientifically proven that nicotine stimulates the production of hormones called dopamine
which produces feelings such as pleasure and reward, which influences addiction. This action
should be naturally produced by the brain, stimulating the release of hormones through means
of chemical can prove fatal to the function of the brain. From another perspective, I have a
contrasting view on that stereotype. E-cigarettes give smokers a variety of choice for
vaporizing liquids. Some vaporizing liquids in the market are nicotine-free where else some
have labels showing the percentage of the addictive. Therefore, it is completely in the hands of
the consumers which type of vaporizing liquid they choose.
When the issue is viewed from a smokers point of view, a whole new perspective is born. Ecigarettes with nicotine-free vaporizing liquids are seen as a better alternative to filtered
cigarettes for chain smokers. The absence of addictive in e-cigarettes may help smokers to quit
smoking. The simple terminology would be that, e-cigarettes help fulfil smokers desire to
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Electronic Cigarettes
smoke, but in the absence of addictive, sooner or later they are able to overcome the urge and
put a stop to their lethal habit.
Apart from that, the discussion group asserted that from a heart patients perspective, ecigarettes can prove hazardous. Scientific evidence state that smoking increases blood pressure
and increases its tendency to clot. Through my understanding, I would say that, many research
has been done in order to identify the products formed when a cigarette is lit up. Dangerous
chemicals in gaseous forms and build-up of tar have also been identified. A mature individual
should be able to analyse the risks of smoking and stay away from it. I would also like to add
that the amount of pollutant in the air we breathe coming from the industrial revolution and
vehicles are already causing enough suffering, why should we add fuel to the fire.
From the young generations perspective, e-cigarettes are seen as a new trend and attraction.
The different flavours and type of e-cigarettes offered, make them an appealing craze for
teenagers. Psychologically most teenagers yearn to stand out among their group of peers. This
forces them to attract attention of their peers by adapting to new habits that are really up-tothe-minute. Sometimes, those who feel left out among their peers, yearn to feel a sense of
belonging. In order to mingle they adapt to habits and trends set by their peers, such a vaping
as they now call it.
E-cigarettes seem to have their own pros and cons. Among the pros is e-cigarettes can be an
alternative to tobacco filled cigarettes and can also lead to quitting smoking. E-cigarettes also
have pros compared to common filtered cigarettes. Second hand smoke, which is a mixture of
smoke from the burning end of a cigarette, and the smoke exhaled from the lungs of smokers,
can affect everyone in the vicinity. Considerable exposure to this smoke can cause cancer and
other diseases in others, whereby e-cigarettes have no such effects. Apart from that, among the
cons is e-cigarettes still have their own questionable amount of nicotine.
The question whether e-cigarettes should be banned or not, still exists and to date no definite
solution has been put forward. The discussion ended in an unclear decision whether e-cigarettes
should be banned or not. It was argued that although there are negative impacts given by ecigarettes, there is still a significant benefit which might come as a breakthrough in curbing
smoking. I disagree with the statement. In my opinion, e-cigarettes should be banned along
with their original counterparts, the filter cigarettes. Smoking does not only affect the smokers
health but also of those around them. Is it fair to those innocent people who are passing by to
breathe polluted air and suffer from diseases, all because of being around smokers at the wrong
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Electronic Cigarettes
place and at the wrong time? The question that has been lingering in my mind for years now is
Although it has been proven through research that smoking does indeed cause diseases, then
why do governments around the world still allow the manufacturing and sales of cigarettes?
Does the profitability from these sales override the oncoming suffering from diseases, making
it insignificant?
There are many ways to educate and create awareness about the effects of e-cigarettes among
the public. The highest priority would be to give concrete evidence to the public regarding the
issue. In line with that, the discussion suggested that research should be carried out and clear
explanations should be provided on the advantages and disadvantages of e-cigarettes. I totally
agree to the statement, but I would like to add that the results of the research should be
channelled to the public through reliable and trusted platforms and a simple statement whether
it is a go or no go should be given. If it is specifically found that e-cigarettes are beneficial to
the smoking community, promotion of e-cigarettes as a safer alternative to cigarettes should be
implemented and a strong advice against it for the non-smoking community should also be
included. The discussion group expressed that in order for a chain smoker to stop smoking, he
or she should have the desire to do so to begin with. I partially agree with their point. I believe
that although the smokers do not have the desire, steps can be taken to instil that desire within
them. There remains a possibility that the desire might not have arisen within them due to
limited knowledge of their habit. Apart from that, the discussion group also warned that nonsmokers should not try vaping. I would like to support this statement. Ignorance among nonsmokers and perception among them that vape is non-lethal and is just flavoured vapour needs
to be inhibited before the stereotype spreads like wild fire and we end up having an increase in
vaping. Thus, steps need to be taken in order to curb this venture at its roots. From my personal
point of views, I think organizing campaigns in events or places that are constantly visited by
the public, can help spread awareness more efficiently. Exhibitions and distribution of
pamphlets containing facts about e-cigarettes will help create a more knowledgeable
community. Apart from that, television channels and radio stations as major advertising
platforms can be utilized to spread awareness about the effects of e-cigarettes to the public. In
addition, the government through the appropriate ministry which holds the related portfolio can
set up websites with all the information related to the effects of e-cigarettes, so that internet
users can easily access them and stay informed about the issue. As an alternative to that, they
can go a step further and turn to social medias such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which

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Electronic Cigarettes
stand as the current information hubs to channel all information regarding the effects of ecigarettes to the public.

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