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Embedded Based Metal Detector Using Micro Controller 24.Building Automation And Security System 6.Lawn Maintenance System.Medical Recorder Using External EEPROM 82. 69.PIC Based Embedded Development System 39. 50. 81.Caution System For Vehicle Pollution.Electrical Appliances Switching Control Through Wireless Remote Control 20.Pc-To-Pc Communication Using IR or Laser Communication 93.Pc Based Servo Motor Controller 96.Automatic Temperature Controller With Cooling System For Car.Traffic Density Analyzer And Controller Using Micro Controller.Vibration Monitor And Control 37.Digital Traffic and Street Light Controller Using Micro Controller. 45.UNISO UNISO system indiA PRIVATE LIMITED MICROCONTROLLER BASED UNITED INFO SOLUTION 1.Digital Vehicle Speedometer With Password Enabled Speed Limit Setting.Advanced Collision Avoidance For Buses / Trains.Fire Sensing And Controlling System Using Micro Controller 25.Solar Based Battery Charger Using Micro Controller.Ups Monitoring System Using Micro Controller 94.Automatic Train Signaling Using Micro Controller 2. 58. 60.Time Based Power Saving System In Corporate Road Ways. 42. 70.Vehicle Pollution Check And Tracking.Bar Code Management System 92. 61. 52.Speed Checker For Hi-Ways.Bank Token Display with Voice Alerting 4. 54.Pre-Scheduling System For Industrial Appliances Control Using RTC. 53.Indication System In The Bus Stop.Dc Motor Speed Control Through Wireless Transmission 13.College/School Bell Timer 9.Automated Street Light On-Off Controller Based On Time And Season Conditions.Shopping Trolley In Supermarkets. 57.Micro Controller Based Frequency Measurement 29. 19.Intuitive Appliance Control System With Id Acquisition.Power Management System For High-Ways.Temperature Based Fan Control 83.Stepper Motor Direction. 79. 21.PIC Micro Based Voting Machine 31. 46.Digital Energy Meter Using Micro Controller.Pic16f877a Wireless Remote Control 32.Rain Alarm Using Micro Controller 84. 17.Implementing Smart Digit Lock System For Device Access.Home Security System 26.Blood Pressure Monitors With High And Low Pressure Alert System Using Mc & Lcd 100.Scrolling Message Display. 18. 56. 80.Dc Motor Controlled By PWM Using Micro Controller 11. 64. 55.Digital Heart Beat Monitor Using Micro Controller. 41. 66.Auto Genset Switching Of Electrical Power Supply During Power Failure 22.Automatic Submersible Pump Controller 90.Temperature Analyzers With Computerized Graphical Image www.Automatic Submersible Pump Controller 91.Automatic Bidirectional Visitor Counter (ATC).Digital Code Lock Using Micro Controller. 9489751514.Anti-Theft Alerting System For Vehicles (Two-Wheeler). 68.Dc Motor Programmable Speed Controller 12.Micro Controller Based Temperature Controller 30.Universal Timer 1 Sec To 99 Hrs 38. 71.Micro Controller Based Environment (Air Temp.Digital Code Lock.Toxic Gas Detector Using Micro Controller 34.Switchless Calling Bell Using Micro Controller.Token Number Display & Alerting System. Humidity) 28. 73.Remote Controlled Printer Using Micro Controller. 33.Priority Based Traffic Clearance Systems In Heavy Roadways. 59.Controlling Home Appliances Through Pc 10.Wireless Remote Control Using IR Sensor 36. 14. 49.Fridge Door Alarm Using Micro Controller 7.Digital Stepper Motor Control Using Micro Controller.Embedded Based Counting Machine 23. 63.Logic Gates Analyzer Using Microcontroller.ECG Analyzer Using Pc 98.Fm Transmission & Receiving System Using Micro Controller 86. 47.Intelligent Public Transport System – Bus Status – Arriving / Leaving / Breakdown 75. 74.Digital Visitor Counter 43.Power Saving Iron Box.Designing The Hap-Tic Interface System For Disabled Persons.Parameters Checking Before Take Off.Ups Battery Management Global Alert And Control System For Corporate Industries.Clap Based Device Control. 76. 15. 62.Automatic Wireless Alarm using microcontroller 3. 16.Timer Based Automatic Power Cutoff For Industrial Sealing / Packaging Machines.Programmable Digital Delay Lines For Electricity Board.Trips Monitoring System 99.Automatic Room Light Controller 89. 51.Surveillance System For Railways. 9443415216.Electronic PLAC 77.House Security System Using Laser/ IR Beam 88. 72. 19 .Digital Control of Bipolar Stepper Motor 5.Industrial Temperature Measurement And Control System Using Micro Controller 27.Time Based Traffic Management System. 78.Patient Monitoring System Using Pc 97.Power Failure Indicator 8.Fastest Finger First Indicator With Priority Management.Wireless Based Automatic Shutter Control System 87.unisosystem.Digital Cook Book.Embedded Based Electronic House. Step Angle & Speed Control 95.Digital Visitor Counter Using Micro Controller. 44. 35. 9994354236.Help Quit Smoke Watch.Battery Level Monitor 48.Modern Public Garden 67.Laser Based Object Counter with Preset Stop Machine 85. 65.Pc Controlled Embedded LCD 40.

Management of mechanical vibration and temperature in small wind turbines using zigbee wireless network 126.Remote-control system of high efficiency and intelligent street lighting using a zigbee network of devices and sensors 129.Solar Operated Emergency Light 153.Call Based Home Appliance Controller 181.SMS Based Electricity Bill 170.Locker Security System With SMS Informer 190.A zigbee SMS alert system with trust mechanism in wireless sensor networks 187.Development of a zigbee-based wireless sensor network system 120.Mc Based Electrical Appliances Controlling System Using Cell Phone 192.SMS Based Patient Monitoring System 162.Embedded Based Customized Message Circular System For College.High sensitive LPG sensor with gas leakage alert buzzer 1115.Motor Multi Parameter Monitoring System For Fault Prevention 105.SMS Based Three Phase Induction Motor Controller 177.Wireless based load control and power monitoring system 141.A smart prepaid energy metering system to control electricity theft 116.GSM Based Mobile Jammer 157.GSM Based Metal Detector Robot 173.Bank security with automatic voice announcement system 146. Etc….Automatic room light controller with visitor counter 108. 9489751514.SMS Based Single Phase Induction Motor Controller 176.Low power wireless sensor network for building monitoring 125. 9443415216.SMS Based Dc Motor Speed Control 167.unisosystem.Zigbee wireless vehicular identification 150.Lab view-base automatic rising and falling speed control of stepper motor 124.Railway security monitoring system using GSM technology 147.Smoke sensing and alerting system with android 198.Development of anti rigging voting system using finger print 145.Railway Security Management System Using GSM 134. Mc ) 159.GSM & GPS Interface For Accident Location System 137.Security Breach Intimation For Unauthorized Entry Based On Mobile Technique 136.Advanced Electronic Stability Control (Esc) With Anti And Crash Location Sensing Using GSM 118.Solar powered water quality monitoring system using wireless sensor network 131.Industrial Security System Using Mobile (GSM )Communication 160.A zigbee-based wireless wearable electronic nose using flexible printed sensor array 117.( RF.SMS Based Voting System 164. Pc.Pc To Pc Communication Using GSM Modem 166.Generating Electricity From Exhaust Fans 103.RF communication based vehicle speed control with password enabled speed limit setting www.SMS Based Universal Motor Speed Controller 174.Zigbee based health monitoring system 107. RFID-based health systems 139.Touch Controlled Light Dimmer 156.SMS Based Dc Motor Speed Controller 175.Data Acquisition System With GSM Modem 186.Electrical power generation using railway track 110.Eye blink sensing an accident preventer 163.Human health monitoring mobile phone application by using the wireless sensor based embedded system 188.Automatic Switching Of Consumer Connection In Distribution Feeder For Efficient Load Distribution 195.Intelligent traffic signal control using wireless sensor networks 122.SMS Based Home Security System 161.Temperature Analyzers With Computerized Graphical Image 151.SMS Based Security System 178.Automatic Taxi Trip Sensing And Indicating System Through GSM 132.Micro Controller Based Automatic Power Cuts In Different Areas For Electricity Board 197.Industrial vehicle counter and automatic gate penning system 196.Traffic Rules Monitor And GPS Based Location Finding Using Micro Controller 158.Energy management with zigbee 144.GPS Based Location Indicating System For Unmanned Automobile 191.Wireless remote based speed control of exhaust fan using IR or RF 199.Design And Fabrication Of Electric Power Generation From Foot Steps 104.Intelligent embedded control warning system for car reversing 149.Attendance management using face recognition system eye controlled security system 1114.SMS Based Industrial Monitor 180.A sub-wavelength RF source tracking system for GPS-denied environments 135.Long Range Fm Transmitter 152.Wireless Based Power Line Breakage Monitoring System 106.Vertical edge based car license plate detection method 183. 19 .Automatic power control system design for industries 200. 9994354236.Examination Question Paper Leakage Protection 193.Remote Control Of Industrial Machines Based On GSM Technique 133.RFID range extension with low-power wireless edge devices 130.Blood pressure blood glucose level monitoring on LCD 111.SMS Based Industrial Controller 179.Analysis Of An Indoor Biomedical Radar-Based System For Health Monitoring 119.SMS Based Banking Security System 169.Mine Detection For Defense Using GSM 168.Design And Fabrication Of Helmet Based Vehicle Safety System 102.Bank Security System With Auto Dialer And Camera Recording System 189.A reliable transmission protocol for zigbee – based wireless patient monitoring 184.SMS Based Industrial Disaster Intimation System 182.A sensor system for unsupervised residential power usage monitoring 185.A zigbee based smart sensing platform for monitoring environmental parameters 142.GSM Based Trapped Living Things Detection (Disaster Management) 171.Energy meter monitoring and control system using SMS technology 1112.Industrial Vehicle Counter And Automatic Gate Penning System 194.Intelligent Monitoring And Control Rendered To Street Lighting 138.Water environment monitoring system based on zigbee technology 140.Remote Monitoring System Of ECG And Body Temperature Signals 128.Single switch controlled motor on/off & clockwise anti clockwise 109.Hardware demonstration of a home energy management system for demand response applications 172.UNISO UNISO system indiA PRIVATE LIMITED MICROCONTROLLER BASED UNITED INFO SOLUTION 101. Industries.Industrial Fire Detection System With SMS Alert 165.Voice Recording & Playback Using Voice Chip 154.Online monitoring of geological CO2 storage and leakage based on wireless sensor networks 127.Introduction of electromagnetic image-based chip less RFID system 123.Automatic winnowing mechanism 1113.Intelligent technologies for self-sustaining.Solar based electromagnetic braking system 143.SMS Robot Control 121.Automatic Electronic Plant Watering System 155.

Finger Print Based Employee Identification System 263.Design of auto-guard system based on RFID and network 313.RFID Based Shopping Trolley 289.RFID Based Ration Card 297. 280. 19 .Wireless petroleum level indicator 203.Anti-theft alerting system for vehicles 268.LDR based power saver for street light control system 242.An embedded system and RFID solution for transport related issues 318.Fingerprint based electrical load control system 286.Car accident identification with auto dialer 208.Design and development of touch screen based ticket vending machine 225.Embedded based secured wireless data communication 232.RFID based industrial gateway system 302.Banking password and authentication process using SMS 222.Power saving system for shopping malls with visitors counting 267.Signal indicator for vehicles in single hair pin bend and vehicle counter 255.Real-time Pantry Information System Using Zigbee FINGER PRINT BASED PROJECTS 202.Command based street light controlling through pc RF-ID BASED PROJECTS 287.A design of bi-verification vehicle access intelligent control system based on RFID 214.Embedded based gas leakage detection system for industries 229.Examination room guide using RFID for the jumbling system based exams 319.Large scale active RFID system utilizing ZIGBEE networks 315.Wireless based railway bridge damage & track fault notification with alarm systems 259.Apartment automation monitoring and management system 219.Microcontroller based coded device switching system for multiple device switching 245.A new method for detecting leaks in underground water pipelines 215.Browsing Center Management Using RFID Card 300.RFID based library maintenance system 309.Ethernet enabled digital i/o control in embedded systems 234.RFID Based Production Security System 291.The intelligent blood collecting apparatus based on internetworking 256.Intelligent traffic system for emergency vehicle using wireless sensor network 240.RFID Based Reservation System 290.RFID based attendance management with door access control 303.RFID Based Library Management System 294.Biometric finger print identification based time recorder with Wigand output system.RFID Based Prepaid Energy Meter 298.Finger Print Based Electronic Voting Machine 262.Electrical Thermal Plant Boiler Temperature And Water Level Monitoring. 277. 9443415216. 278.Implementation of water level controller based microcontroller 237.RFID Based Security System 307.Digital heart beat monitor with LCD display 226.Intelligent home monitoring and intruder detection system using wireless technology 239.Embedded temperature monitoring system with a microcontroller used in the automotive industry 212.Providing group travel guide by RFIDs and wireless networks 317.Fingerprint identification based security system for bank locker.Heart beat monitoring and reporting system 209.Automated Control System For Air Pollution Detection In Vehicles 210.RFID Based Access of Vehicle 304.Heavy vehicles alert and intimating system for traffic police using capacitive sensor and GSM 235.Finger Print Based Attendance System 261.Implementation of wireless messaging via mobile microcontroller 238.Single phase full wave controlled rectifier using SCR 270.Micro controller based temperature meter implementation 243.Three phase power transmission line data monitoring 272.Robust and efficient password .Sensors-based wearable systems for monitoring of human movement and falls 254.Elegant library management system using RFID 311.Implementation of digital thermometer based microcontroller 236.Remote monitoring intelligent system based on fingerprint door lock 252.LDR based automatic lamp illumination controller 269.Microcontroller based alarm clock microcontroller 244.Dc Motor Using RF Communication 306.Bluetooth based temperature management 207.Finger Print Based Medical Information System 264.Prepaid coffee dispenser with biometric recharge using fingerprint module 285.Remote mouse (IR) controlled pc with automations system 257.Biometric finger print identification based access control system.Mobile tracking system using GPS 205.Automatic dam shutter control based on microcontroller 220.Home automation for disable persons using his personal voice tag 284.RFID Based Health Card 299.Radio frequency based real-time child monitoring and alarm system 250.Antenna adjusting control through pc using RF communication 217.Biometric finger print identification based security system.Microcontroller based load cell digital weighting machine 248.IVRS based home automation with immediate voice feedback 282. 276.Pc controlled home automation using RF communication 249.Anti theft alert and auto arresting system for museums and jewelry shop thefts 218.RF based unmanned automated electric power tariff calculation by the remote EB station 253. 274.Automatic Vehicle RC Book &Driving License Verification System Sing RFID 305.Microcontroller based implementation of temperature indicator 247. 9994354236.Implementation of automatic gas monitoring in a domestic energy management system 211. 275.Biometric finger print identification based bank locker security system.Timer based automatic power cutoff for industrial packaging machines 273.Embedded based industrial process control and automation system 230. Fingerprint based driving license management system phase input to dc output – dc motor drive-armature voltage control 271. 279.authenticated key concord 316.Embedded based advanced sensors controlled bank security system 228.Intelligent household led lighting system considering energy efficiency and user satisfaction 213.Authenticated and access control system for device using smart card technology www.RFID Based Attendance System 296.RFID Based Animal Tracking System 292.Monitoring of time and attendance with fingerprint bio-metric solution.High level authentication for power plant using voice recognition 281.Microcontroller based implementation of dc motor controller 246. 9489751514.Real time atomization of agricultural environment for social modernization of Indian agriculture system 251.Digital watt meter with voltage and current display 227.Car monitoring using Bluetooth security system 223.Design of smart nodes for RFID wireless sensor networks 314.RFID based attendance maintenance system 310.LDR based highways road light failed intimation using GSM and GPS 241.UNISO UNISO system indiA PRIVATE LIMITED UNITED INFO SOLUTION 201.Accident alert and auto dialer in modern traffic 204.RFID Based Security System 295.Electronic voting system with automatic image comparing system 283.Finger Print Based Door Opening And Closing System 288.RFID enabled passport verification 308.High sensitive sensors based automatic device control 266.Embedded based password door locking 260.Automatic vehicle starter system based alcohol breath analyzer sensing 221.Dc motor speed control using RF communication 224.Energy meter monitoring and control system using SMS technology 233.unisosystem.Bluetooth based sensor network for industrial monitoring 206.Tracking and breaking system for vehicles 258.RFID Based Banking System 293.A wireless sensor node soc with a profiled power management unit for IR controllable digital consumer devices 216.RF Fingerprinting Physical Objects for Anti-Counterfeiting Applications 301.Finger Print Based Library Management System 265.Pc based door access and attendance logger using RFID 312.

Plant Water Splashing Robot 379.Ai based intelligent-robot for materials handling 331.Solar based high efficient vacuum cleaner capable of capturing even 350.Ai based fire fighting robot for relief operations 330.Microcontroller controlled robot arm for paint spraying 335.GSM Based Path Finding Robot 402. 380. 381.GPS enabled PC based geographic information system (GIS) and routing/scheduling 364. 19 .Four axis robot with artificial intelligence 339. 403.Wireless industrial security robot 341.GSM Based Wheel Chair Automation.Solar Operated Robot 410.GSM Based Fire Fighting Robot 40 microns small dust 351.Ai Based Trapped Living Things Detection Robot(Disaster Management) 382. 9489751514.High Speed Material Transferring Robot Through GSM Remote 409.Robot For Military Application 322.Ai Based Video Monitoring Robot.Ai Based Wheel Chair Automation.GSM Based Metal Detector Robot.Fire fighting robotic vehicle 332.Fleet Management System 405. 9443415216.Rocket Lunching Robot 391.GPS based highway monitoring & control 362.Ai Based Track Follower Robot ( RF .Integrated rule based control of robot using fuzzy system & neural Networks 329.Advanced real time vehicle tracking system using GPS modem 417.Bomb Detecting Robot theft 369. 404.Solar based air compressor pump for car bike tire inflate.Microcontroller based surveillance robot for a military application 343.Autonomous Navigation Of RFID Sensing Robots (Information Ensuring For The Visually Impaired) 393.Object Tracking Robot 387.Ai based mobile robot for multi specialty operations 333.GSM Based Video Monitoring Robot.Mobile Phone Operated Robot 399. neural networks 325.Ai Based Path Finding Robot ( RF .Pc controlled wireless robot using RF module with feedback sensor to detect fire.Automatic Path Finder Robot 413.Gas Detector Robot 388.Navigation System 408.Gas Detection Robot 415.Design and implementation of maximum power tracking system by automatic 348.Alive human detector robot with counter using wireless pc interfacing 342.GSM Based Trapped Living Things Detection Robot(Disaster Management) 357.Pc Based Wireless Robot 389.Color Identification Robot 398. 355.Ai Based RF Remote Controlled Robot 377. Pc ) 376. Pc ) based energy measurement system 352.Ai Based Parameter Analyzing Robot.Pole climbing robot 345. 383. 384.Automatic vehicle accident detection and messaging system using GSM and GPS 367.Wireless AI based mobile robot for multi specialty operations 326.Alcohol Sensing Robot 323. GPS BASED PROJECTS 356.Design and development of SMS based car engine control system to prevent car 368.Wireless AI based fire fighting robot for relief operations 327.Metal Detector Robot.Implementation of Solar inverter for home garden / street light applications 347.Wireless Computer Control Using RF 394.Production monitoring robot 336.Mobile phone signal jammer for GSM.Two axis robot with artificial intelligence 337.GPS Based Geographic Information System 361.Wireless Robot To Robot Communication Using Hospitals Activated Speaking Robot 374.Remote Control Cum Path Finder Robot 385.GPS based vehicle parameter monitoring with intelligent data analysis 365.IR Based Collision Prevention Using Wireless Communication 395.Ai Based Online Inspection Robot SOLAR BASED PROJECTS 346.Ai Based Pc Controlled Robot 378.Wireless Robot system 414.Smoke Detecting Robot 373. fuzzy logic.GPS Based Vehicle Theft Identification System 360.GSM Based Remote Controlled Robot control of solar panel direction according to the sun direction 354.GPS based intelligent guided vehicle with collision mitigation 363.Ai Based Home Security Robot 386.GSM Based Remote Control Cum Path Finder Robot 406.Three axis robot with artificial intelligence 338.Wireless AI based intelligent-robot for materials handling 328.UNISO UNISO system indiA PRIVATE LIMITED UNITED INFO SOLUTION 371.House Cleaning Robot 419.Gas Detection & Path Finder Robot 390.Remote Operated Walking Robot 372.Pc Based Walking Robot 420. 324.Pc Controlled Wireless Robot With Wireless Camera 416. CDMA and 3g networks with user selectable pre scheduled time duration (mobile jammer) 370.GSM Based Track Follower Robot 401. 9994354236.Seed Sprayer Robot 321.Global positioning system with AI 366.Ai Based Trapped Living Things Detection Robot(Disaster Management) 397. 407.High Speed Material Transferring Robot Through Remote 400.Design and implementation of maximum power tracking system by automatic 353.Five axis robot with artificial intelligence 340.GSM Based Parameter Analyzing Robot.Robot With Wireless Camera.Industrial security robot with motion detection system 334.Material Pick And Place Robot 412.GPS Based Train Accident Prevention System 359.Vehicle Tracking System 358.Artificial intelligence.Plant Water Splashing Robot 396. 344.unisosystem.Banking System (ATM Door Lock) 392.Ai Based Mine Detector Robot.GPS based active fleet management – automated vehicle tracking 411.Blind person navigation system using GPS & voice announcement ROBO BASED PROJECTS www. control of solar panel direction according to the sun direction 349.

Pc Based Vibration Detection System 472.PC to PC client based Wireless Zigbee Bridge for control and appliance automation 459. 9994354236.PC Based stepper motor control for robotic applications 486.Development of pollution monitoring system for detecting waste gas using gas sensor and Zigbee 449.Zigbee felicitated Wireless Data Acquisition and Measurement System 507.Communicating to 89S52 MCU through windows hyper terminal using RS-232 485.Compact Zigbee wireless communication based hand held unit for controlling the robot within 1km 447.Pc To Pc Communication Through RF 435.Pc Controlled Solar Car 517. 491.BASED PROJECTS 471.A secure wireless Multiple User and Admin Login access system using Zigbee 456.RF Based Wireless Industrial Monitoring And Control System 429.Solar power .Robotic Arm manipulator using PS2 protocol.Electricity Billing Through RF Communication 434.Pc Based Temperature Monitoring System 514.Pc Based Multi-Motor Control System 480.Pc Based Auto Dialing Home Security System 479. Remote-controllable and energy-saving room architecture based on Zigbee communication 466.RF Based Digital Rpm Indicator And Control System With LCD Interface With Model 428.Real Time wireless data measurement and PC interface using Zigbee 455.4 GHz File Transfer between systems for efficient Throughput 458.PC Based DC Motor speed and direction control using PWM and H-Bridge 487.Electrical Apparatus Control In A Plant RF 442.Zigbee based water pump control for farmers with security 461.Pc Based Temperature And Humidity Monitoring System based on a low power embedded board & Zigbee communication Development of automated tolling system for vehicle www. 9443415216.RF based wireless whether station 502. 493. 492.Pc Based Wireless Voting Machine 516. Kroto finder Using Zigbee 465.Microcontroller based fire monitoring system in petro and chemical industries using RF communication 501.Pc To Pc Wireless Communication System Using RF 509.RF based wireless remote for advanced steward calling system in airlines/flights 448.Remote power on/off control & current measuring for home electric outlets 470.Pc Controlled RF Car 424.Wireless stepper motor control using RF communicationd high speed data transmission.RF Based Digital Rpm Indicator And Control System With Pc Interface With Model 427.PS2 keyboard based text message transmission using GSM.Digital control for home lighting system with Zigbee communication 454.Zigbee device access control & reliable data transmission in Zigbee based 467.Wireless electronic notice board with multipoint receivers using RF 503.Wireless Home Energy Meter Monitoring System 495.PC to Microcontroller Secured Data Communication using Fiber Optic cable 489.Pc Based Frequency Meter 483.Pc Based Dc Motor Speed Controller Using Pwm Techniques health monitoring system 468.Pc Based Industrial Monitoring System 457.Pc Based Object Counting System For Bottling Industry 469.RF based wireless Encryption & Decryption method 496.Zigbee based vehicle access control system 452. Zigbee based wireless sensor network for sewerage monitoring 451.Pc Based Stepper Motor Controller 513.PS2 keyboard based wireless data transmission between two microcontrollers.Remote monitoring of car engine using can and Zigbee protocols 460.Pc Based Notice Board 475.PS2 Controlled mouse for controlling Robot using RF transmitter and receiver.Pc Based Voting Machine 515.PC to PC communication by high speed secure data transmission using zigbee technology 446.Zigbee applied 2.PC Based Hi-Tech industrial automation with auto / manual modes of operation 488.Pc Based Moving Message Display 481.Wireless multipurpose 4 channel RF remote for controlling the devices using AVR microcontroller 500. 19 .UNISO UNISO system indiA PRIVATE LIMITED UNITED INFO SOLUTION RF.Apparatus Control In Office IR ZIGBEE BASED PROJECTS 443.Apparatus Control In Office RF 494.Electrical Apparatus Control In A Plant IR 441. controlling the robotic arm and the vehicle through Zigbee 464.Parallel Port Based Stepper Motor Controller 474.RSA encryption by using Zigbee PC BASED PROJECTS 506.RF Based Automatic Gate Opening System 431.Pc Based Microcontroller Trainer Kit 473.Zigbee based intelligent RF security system for cars with LCD 462.RF Based Dish Antenna Positioning System With Model based power meter reading system for locked house 497.RF Based File Transferring System 422.Wireless DC motor speed and direction control using RF communication 504.Mobile embedded system for home care applications using Zigbee and RF communication 444.Wireless Bell 423.Pc Based Electrical Parameter Monitoring 438.PC based Appliances control in a plant using PCs parallel port (C-Language) 484.RF communication based remote wireless remote control of devices in home/ offices using AVR microcontroller 498.PS2 + Zigbee base 421.IVRS Based Reservation System 510.Controlling Pc Through Remote Control 508.The high speed secure data transmission and reception from hackers using Zigbee 499.Zigbee based wireless remote whether monitoring system 453.Pc Based Temperature.Point To Point Wireless Data Communication System 430. Zigbee based intelligent helmet for coal miners 450.Stepper Motor Speed Control Using Pc + RF 440. 490.Mc To Mc Communication Through RF 437.Fan Speed Control Using RF 439.Stepper Motor Speed Control Using Pc 477.unisosystem. 9489751514.Voice Based Motor Control System 432.Robotic arm based vehicle with four wheel drive for specific operation 463.Pc Based IC Tester 482. Voltage And Speed Measuring System 478.Pc Based Visitor Counter 518. 505.Pc Based Home Appliances Control System 512.Wireless Home Appliances Control System 426.Serial Remote Printer with variable speed control.Wireless Irrigation Control System 433.Energy Meter Recording Through Pc 476.An automation system for energy saving and accident detector (fire and gas) using integrated zigbee and sensors 445.IR Based Blind Guidance 436.IVRS For Gas Booking 511.

Jogging.Automatic Star Delta Starter With Under Over Voltage. 568.Apparatus Control In Industries Using Telephone 547.Smart Card Based Ticketing For Bus And Railways 533.Telephone Based Result Announcement System 542.Inductions over Current Relay. E Card Based Bus Fare Automaton. 572. 590.Smart Card Based Banking System 531. 567.Industrial vehicle counter and automatic gate opening system 613.Embedded System Based ICU Security System BIO MEDICAL PROJECTS 549.Automatic Power Factor Controller (APFC).Pc Based Star Delta Converter For Induction Motor. 2ph To 3ph Conversion.Smart Card Based Access Control And Security System 532.Power Factor Indicator Using Mc.Embedded System Based ICU Security System 561. Over Current.Stepper Motor Controller Through Telephone Line 545.Over Load Protector Using Micro Controller.Patient Monitoring System Through Vb.Automatic Rotor Resistance Controller Using Mc.Blood Pressure Monitor 565.Single phase residual current breaker 610. 587.Smart Card Based Patient Health Card 534.Automatic Star Delta Starter Using Microcontroller.Timer based electrical oven temperature monitoring and control system 615.Prepaid Card For Electricity Billing 529. 571. Drip sensor ) 552.SCR Based Induction Motor Speed Controller.Automatic power control system design for industries 609. Employee Authentication System 522. Electrical thermal plant boiler temperature and water level monitoring. 574. 599.Digital Energy Meter. 602. Breaking System Using Pc.Prepaid Card System For Electricity Meter. 576.Smart Card Based Petro Card 527.Telephone Based Reservation System 543. 608. 589.Arc Furnace Controller Using Microcontroller.Home Health Care Device 555.Dynamic Breaking Using Scr.System for Detecting Human Change Homo Stage Patient. 600. 551. POWER ELECTRONICS BASED PROJECTS 621.Motor speed control system using infrared sensor 619.Industrial high voltage transformer protection against overheating of transformer 617.Automatic Defibrillator 564. 586.Smart multi functional power meter with LCD display 625. 546.Digital energy meter & voice annunciation with proximity card – contact less 626.Mc Based Patient Monitoring And Information System ELECTRICAL PROJECTS 566.Finger Movement Operated Wheel Chair 558.Electronic Plug Stop.Automatic power failure indication system for domestic and commercial use 618. 592. 582.Intelligent power factor correction with multiple capacitors banks 622. Forwards.Wire Less Remote Control For Electrical Machines. 575.Motor Speed Control.Power Controller System Using Telephone Line. low voltage protection 629.Prepaid electricity billing automation & cost indicator 630.Embedded System Based Smart Card Design TELEPHONE BASED PROJECTS 538. 591.Automatic Water Tank Pump Controller-Using Scr.Telephone Operated Temperature Controller 540.Embedded Based Automatic Power Cuts In Different Areas For Electricity Department 620.Postpaid Card For Electricity Billing Prepaid EB Card.ECG-Analysis 556. 605.Solar Energy Based Power Generator. Emergency Switch. 9489751514.Three phase power transmission line data monitoring.Power Flicker Analyzer Using Mc.Smart Card Based Debit Card For Departmental Store 528. 521.Digital Frequency Meter.Dry Run Preventer.Automatic switching of consumer connection in distribution feeder for efficient load distribution 612.Digital Panel Meters.Smart Card Based E-Certificate 526.Electrical Machine Controls Via Internet.unisosystem. 577.Prepaid Card For Railways 524.Prepaid SIM Card Based Cable TV Network Using Embedded System 536.Microcontroller controlled power supply for testing application www. 19 . 593.PID Controller. 603.Patient Monitoring System. 573.Blood Pressure Monitors With High And Low Pressure Alert System Using Mc & LCD 562. 569.Telephone Based Home Appliances Control System With Security 539. 606. 598.Agriculture Pumps Controller System Using Telephone. 570.Automatic Star Delta Starter Using Scr. Reversal In 3 Phase Induction Motor. 520.Industrial Device Status Announcing System Through Telephone Line 544.Semi Automatic Star Delta Starter Using Scr. 607. 628.Automatic phase changer cum change over & load breaker 634.(Heart Beat.Dol Starter Using SCR With Under Over Voltage Protector.Digital Energy Analyzer Using Mc With LCD.Sequence Failure Relay Using Mc.Automatic Star To Delta Switching Using Current Sense. 588. 596.UNISO UNISO system indiA PRIVATE LIMITED UNITED INFO SOLUTION SMART CARD BASED PROJECTS 519.Field Failure Relay. 597. 579. 580.Smart Card For Internet Browsing 537.Patient Monitoring System(Breathing Sensor) 553.Distribution & substation automation with SCADA 633.Electronic Remote Starter.Telephone Based Dish Antenna Positioning System 541.(Blood Pressure.Prepaid Card For Taxi 523.Soft Touch System Using Scr.Smart Card Based Electronic Voting Machine 525.Development of a power transmission online monitoring system 611. 9994354236.Timer based automatic power cutoff for industrial packaging machines 614.System For Detecting Human Change Homo Stage Patient 560. 578.Intelligent power sharing of transformers with auto protection 627.Rotor Balance Finder Using Artificial Intelligence. 595. Dry Run Prevent System.Timer based electrical oven temperature monitoring and control system 616.Prepaid digital energy meter billing & cost indicator with voice announcement.Multiple starter with overload & high.Hospital Security System 554. Temp.Programmable Logic Controller (Plc). RF) 550. 584.Single Phasing Preventer.Hand held intelligent multi parameter monitoring system – das with LCD display 624. 594. 581. 583. 585.Industrial power management system 631Smart power monitoring for efficient energy management 632.Mc Based Auto-Dialer Home Security System.Intellectual power analyzer & phase changer 623.Apparatus Control In Office Using Telephone 548. 9443415216.Two Speed Changes Using SCR (Or) TRIAC.Microcontroller based SCADA for substation by WAP 635.Automatic Submersible Pump Controller.Wheel Chair Automation 559. Reverse.Drips Rate Monitor & Alarm 563. 535.Embedded Based Sign Language For Handicap Patients 557.Boiler Management System. 601. 604.Computerized Energy Analyzer.

A New PWM Strategy to Reduce the Inverter Input Current Ripples 677.AI base Design of a Fuzzy Logic Scheme for Speed Control of Induction Motors using SVPWM Technique 684.Substation monitoring system – electrical transmission and distribution Process 645.Wireless Chatting.unisosystem.Centralized Monitoring Systems For Hospitals www.Fed Full-Bridge PWM Converter 666.Bank Locker Security System With Mobile Alert 719.A Modified SEPIC Converter for High Power Factor Rectifier and Universal-Input Voltage Applications 696.An Interleaved Boost Converter with Zero-Voltage Transition 660.Improved Z-Source Inverter With Reduced Z-Source Capacitor Voltage Stress and Soft-Start Capability 673.Intelligent System For Aiding Public In Transportation 713.Design and Control for a Charge-Regulated Fly Back Switch.Capacitor Ripple Current in an Interleaved PFC Converter 681.A Fuzzy Logic Controlled Sliding Mode Control (SMC) of Inverter in Shunt Active Power Filter for Power Quality Improvement 688.Eye Ball Movement Based Remote Pc 708.Eye Ball Movement Based On Off Control 707.A Novel Hybrid Operational Mode Wide Range Input ZVS Frontend DC-Dc Converter Aiming at Optimized Overall Performance EYE BALL BASED PROJECTS 703.Power line monitoring system 637.Boost Converters 671.Current Self-Balance Mechanism in Multiphase Buck Converter 670. 721.UNISO UNISO system indiA PRIVATE LIMITED UNITED INFO SOLUTION 636.Eye Ball Movement Based Device Control 704.EB theft monitoring and control system 650.Car Speed Monitor And Data Logger System 715.DC–AC Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Boost Inverter With No Inductors for Electric/Hybrid Electric Vehicle Applications 656.A Novel Low-Loss Modulation Strategy For High-Power Bidirectional Buck .Lossless Inductor Current Sensing Method with Improved Frequency Response 676.A new approach to improve power factor and reduce Harmonics in a three phase Diode Rectifiers that Apply Optimal current Injection 699.Battery-Utility Interface using Soft Switched AC Link Buck Boost Converter 655.Tilt Measurement Using Microcontroller 724.Remote on/off controller for ac motors with parameter monitoring 642.An Efficient Active LC Snubber for Forward Converters 683.A Modular Single-Phase Power-Factor-Correction Scheme With a Harmonic Filtering Function 698.A Compensation Technique for Smooth Transitions in Non inverting Buck-Boost Converter 693.Eye Ball Based Secured Camera OTHER PROJECTS 711.A Novel Zero Voltage Transition Synchronous Buck Converter for Portable Application 689.Direct Torque Neuro Fuzzy Speed Control of an Induction Machine Drive based on a New Variable Gain PI Controller 692.Remote data monitoring & data analysis for power station 647.Fuzzy Multi-State Allocation of the Diesel Engine Fuel Supply System 686.A Bridgeless PFC Boost Rectifier With Optimized Magnetic Utilization 691.Petrol level indicator 652.A Low-Cost Digital Control Scheme for Brushless DC Motor Drives in Domestic Applications 653.Design and Control for a Charge-Regulated Fly back switch-Mode Rectifier 674.Quasi-Z-Source Inverter for Photovoltaic Power Generation Systems 657.Eye Ball Movement Based Robot Control 706.Dynamics of Multilevel Inverter based Series Compensator for Transmission Lines 680.Single-Stage Soft-Switching Converter with Boost Type of Active Clamp for Wide Input Voltage Ranges 659.ZVS Resonant DC-link Inverter using Soft Switching Boost Converter 658.Electrical network automation & communication systems 646.A Three-Level Full-Bridge Zero-Voltage Zero-Current Switching Converter with a Simplified Switching Scheme 654.A novel DC-AC Single Phase Resonant Inverter using soft switching boost converter 702.Wireless Security System For Apartments less speed control of dc motor using PWM converter 638.Zero-Voltage Transition Current.Single-Loop Current Sensor Less Control for Single-Phase Boost-Type SMR 663.Optimum Design Consideration and Implementation of a Novel Synchronous Rectified Soft-Switched Phase-Shift Full-Bridge Converter for Low-Output-Voltage High-Output-Current Applications 665.CAN-based Synchronized Motion Control for Induction Motors 685.A Novel Approach to Reduce Line Harmonic Current for a Three phase Diode Rectifier-fed Electrolytic Capacitor-less Inverter 701.Yarn Thickness Measurement System Using Textiles 722.Resonant Contact Less Energy Transfer with Improved Efficiency 682.A Fuzzy Logic based Supervisory Hierarchical Control Scheme for Real Time Pressure Control 687.Dual-Current Pump Module for Transient Improvement of Step Down Dc–Dc Converters 669. 712.A Hybrid PWM Resonant Converter Suitable for Wide Input Variation 695.Microcontroller Based Over Temperature Alarm 717.Family Of Soft-Switching PWM Converters with Current Sharing In Switches 675. 711.Light-Load Efficiency Improvement for Buck Voltage Regulators 668. Train.A Modified SEPIC Converter with Soft-Switching Feature for Power Factor Correction 697.Eye Blink Sensor Using Driver Alert 709.Multi Level Tank Monitoring And Control 718.Mode Rectifier 662.Intelligent System for Vehicle Parking Guidance System.Artificial intelligent solar tracking system with true graph & pc interface 651.A Practical Switching Loss Model for Buck Voltage Regulators 667.A Compensation Technique for Smooth Transitions in a Non Inverting Buck–Boost Converter 672.A Non-isolated Bidirectional ZVS-PWM Active Clamped DC–DC Converter 700.Multi Channel Temperature Measurement System 716.Power sharing of transformer with overload protection 649. 9994354236. 9489751514.A Design Methodology for a Self-Oscillating Electronic Ballast 694.Remote on / off of an ac / dc motor 640.Dual control of electrical devices through computer keyboard and Hardware 644.) 714. 720.Single-Phase Multilevel PWM Inverter Topologies Using Coupled Inductors 679.Z-Source Inverter for Power Conditioning and Utility Interface of Renewable Energy Sources 678.Post paid electricity billing automation 648.Design of an Intelligent Bi-Directional Dc-Dc Converter with Half Bridge Topology 690.Remote switching system for home appliances 643.Vehicle Management System.Remote control of ac / dc motor with parameter monitoring 639.Electronic Gardener 725.Sensor Fault Monitoring & Announcement System Using Textile Industries. 9443415216.Eye Ball Movement Based Wheel Chair Automation 705.Remote speed control of ac / dc motor 641.Automatic Washbasin Water Controller 723.Stage Announcement System (Bus.Automatic Door Opening And Closing System With RTC 718.Eye Ball Based Door Opening And Closing 710.Very-High-Frequency Resonant Boost Converters 661. 19 .A Bridgeless PFC Boost Rectifier with Optimized Magnetic Utilization 664.

Power Saving System Using Embedded System 775.Traffic Density Analyzer And Controller 786.Automatic Defibrillator 826.Multi Channel Temperature Measurement System 785.Electronic Jacky For Light Vehicles 762.Industrial Process Control www. Fire Monitoring System 741.Watchman Watcher 761.Coin Based Bus Conductor 778.Avoiding Accidents With Auto Braking System 780.12 V Motor Speed Control Using PWM Technique Driverless Car 814. 9489751514.Bank Security System Using Vibrating Sensor With Auto Dialer 838.Automatic Railway Gate Controller 836.Microcontroller Based Remote Motor Speed Controlling System 800.Embedded Based Automatic Auditorium Controller 816.Solar Based Cell Phone Charger With Pay System 753.Tank Level Indicator And Controller 783.Automatic Railway Gate Controller 828.House Industry Power Failure Remote Auto Announcement To EB Station 776.Mc Based Automatic Vehicle Over Speed Indication And Controlling System.Home Security System 757.Embedded Based DTMF Code Generation And Detection 738. Embedded Intelligent Bank Security System 740.Automatic Train Stop Voice Announcement System 832.Humidity Monitoring And Control System 755.Automatic Lab Controller 824.Home Automation And Security System 788. 796.Automatic Solar Tracking System 822.Room Attendance System 807.Yarn Thickness Measurement And Breakage Detection System For Textiles 768.Automatic Gear Display 833.EB Billing Through Power Line Communication 748.Automatic Railway Gate Controlling System With Signal 763.Power Factor Monitoring And Control System 777.IR Based Object Counting System For Packing Industries 758.Closed Loop Telephone Operated Motor Control 730.Solar Based Lantern 752.Automatic Wash Basin 769.Automatic Speed Reducer For School Zones 831. Digital Energy Meter Monitor 733.Automatic Steering Control 829. 9994354236.Automatic Door Opening And Closing System With RTC 787.Driverless Car 735.Solar Based Ups 751.Embedded Based Industrial Security System 794.Automatic Track Guided Vehicle (AGV) 837.Automatic Steering and Light Intelligent Control 830.Car Security System 728.Clap Switch 770.unisosystem.Auto Control Of Three Phase Induction Motor 823.Automatic College Bell 821.UNISO UNISO system indiA PRIVATE LIMITED UNITED INFO SOLUTION 727.Automatic Water Supply System 839.Gas Leakage Detection And Home Automation 743.Automatic Street Light Controller With RTC 811.Mc Based Automatic College Bell With Announcement System 790.Train Stop Announcement System 746.Ultrasonic Parking Guidance System 793.Power House Automation 747.Fuel Level Monitor And Control 801.Microcontroller Based Automatic Temperature Controller With Cooling System 792.Automatic Over Speed Controller For Vehicles 835.Fire Detection And Alarming System 756.Metal Detector 805.Vehicle Obstacle Indicator And Auto Braking 781.Automatic Lubricant Supply System With Temperature Detector 834.Bus Information System In Bus Stop 729.Embedded System Based Digital Entry Lock For Automobiles 782.Microcontroller Based Automatic Change Over For 3phase Ac Line.Electronic Transformer Testing And Monitoring Using Embedded System 737.Centralized Industrial Monitoring System 745.Automatic Laminating Machine 827. Earth Fault Detector 732.Mc Based Automatic Car Over Taking System 791.LPG Gas Leakage Detection And Fire Prevention System 812.Energy Meter With Prepaid Card 734.Automatic Vehicle Over Speed Controlling System For School/College Zone. 742.Digital Counter Using Proximity Sensor 760. Digital Dashboard For Automobiles 731.Building Security System 806.Student Mark Announcement System 820. Black Box For Vehicles 766. Blindness Guidance 774.Remote Control Using Forward Reverse On/Off Jacking 772.Microcontroller Based Multi-Channel Fire Alarm System 799.Voltage And Current Monitoring System For Industrial Applications 759.Multi Channel Remote Control 771.PIR Motion Detector 749.Code Locking System 784.Microcontroller Based Multi-Channel Temperature Monitor For Hospital 797.300w MOSFET Inverter 744.Electricity Theft Identification System 736.An Intelligent Real Time Microcontroller For Ac Drives Applications 818.Solar Car 750. 19 .Laser Fence 764.Embedded Based Power Saver For Lighting 739.Transformer Monitoring System 773. 9443415216.Grinder Automation 808.Depth Of Anesthesia Monitor 819.Car Theft Preventer With Mobile Interface 840.Automatic Bell With Voice Announcement 765.Microcontroller Based Car Security System.Microcontroller Based Automatic Traffic And Street Light Controlling System 798.Gas Analyzer 804.Multi Channel Temperature Measurement And Control System 754. 789.Highway Electric Power Generator 803.Bank Token Number Display With Voice Announcement 767.Home Security System Using Laser 779.Automatic Coil Winding Machine 825.Prepaid Cable TV 813.Object Identification System 802.A Microcontroller-Based Data Logger For Vehicle 817.Human Detection By Live Body Sensor 810.Automatic Dam Shutter Controller Using RTC 809.Microcontroller Based Water Level Indicator 795.

Fully Automatic Railway Gate Control Systems Using RF 908.Mobile Based Dish Antenna Positioning System 925.SMS And Call Service Implementation For Mobile Phones.Vehicle Gas Detection With Automatic Safety Warning System Using GSM 874.Temperature Based Fan Control System Using GSM 890.Cell phone Call Based Audio Muting Using Pc and GSM based automatic irrigation control 880.Patient Monitoring System.SMS Based LPG Leakage Detection And Alert System 928.Intelligent Home Security And Management System Through GSM 873.Automatic Coil Winding Machine 842.Data Acquisition System With GSM Modem 902.Wireless Digital Millimeter 843.SMS Based Street Light Controlling System 863.Wireless Networking Of Smoke Detector With Voice Alert 891.(Heart Beat.SMS Based Security System For Computers 926.SMS Based Result Viewer 867.Smart Card Based Electronic Voting Machine 914.Home appliances monitoring and controlling system using GSM with fencing auto alerts 881.SMS Based Vehicle Theft Control System 929.RF Tag Based Employee Identification And Attendance System 922.GSM based highway road traffic monitoring system 872.SMS.GSM stepper motor speed & direction controller 888.Dc motor speed and direction control over GSM mobile / modem 889.Microcontroller Based Voice Operated Vehicle 853.Industrial Fire Detection System With SMS Alert 927.Microcontroller based embedded closed loop feedback control system using GSM technology 885.Design And Development Of GSM Based Vehicle Theft Control System 932.SMS Based Gas Booking System 894. Voice Announcement) 847.GSM based Vehicle Location Identifier 875.Wireless Gate Open / Close From The Vehicle For Apartments / Industry 852.Pc Controlled Solar Car 923.SMS Based Electricity Bill 901.Patient Monitoring System (Breathing Sensor) 910.SMS Based Patient Treatment Monitoring System 879.Finger Print Based Library Management System 918.Telephone line Based Audio Muting Using Pc 856.Industrial Fire Detection System With SMS Alert 895.UNISO UNISO system indiA PRIVATE LIMITED UNITED INFO SOLUTION 841.SMS Based Device Control System Using Microcontroller 892.Adaptive Cruise Control System 846.GSM Based Track Follower Robot 862.Automatic College Bell 915. 19 .SMS.GSM based health care system with heart beat.Home security and automation using GSM 878.SMS Based Street Light Controlling System 893.GSM Based Motor Control In Irrigation Fields 936.SMS Based Stepper Motor Control System 868.Finger Print Based Attendance System 916.Television Billing System Using GSM 905.Wireless heart attack detector using GSM 877. 9994354236. 9489751514. 859.SMS Based Reservation System 869. glucose.Home Appliance Control Using Pc 912.SMS Based Industrial Automation System.Coin Based Mobile Phone Charger 844.Transmission Line Fault Identification With SMS 906.Finger Print Based Voting Machine 917.Temperature based fan speed controller and SMS alerts using GSM modem GSM BASED PROJECT TITLES 931.Remote Control Based Helicopter Model 850.(Blood Pressure.GSM based industrial fault diagnose 884.Telephone line Based Audio Muting And Light On/Off Control 854. Drip sensor 861.Cell phone Call Based Audio Muting And Light On/Off Control 857.SMS Based Industrial Monitoring And Control System 866.SMS Based Three Phase Induction Motor Controller 898.GSM based Railway Gate crossing control 876. temperature monitoring 886.GPS Based Train Accident Prevention System VB.SMS Based Security System 899.SMS Based Home Appliances Control System With Security 865.Fuse Fault Identification System 848.Electrical Apparatus Control In A Plant 903.Traffic Density Analyzer And Controller 845.unisosystem.Industrial Furnace Monitor Using Mobile System 900.GSM based vehicle safety system with alcohol detector 883.SMS based device control using GSM modem (light.GSM Based Fire Sensing System 860. Temp) 909. fan.RFID Based Attendance System 920.GSM & GPS Based Bus Tracking System 933.SMS Based Stepper Motor Control Using GSM 935.Industrial Safety (Temp.Home Appliance Control Using Mobile Phones 913. 934.Telephone line Based Audio Muting System 855.RFID Based Ration Card 921.SMS Based Banking Security System 896.Patient Monitoring System Through Vb. motor…) 887.Finger Print Based Banking System 870.SMS Based Industrial Security System www.Net.Pc Controlled RF Car 924.RFID Based Voting Machine 919.SMS Based Gas Booking System 864. 9443415216.NET WITH HARDWARE 907.SMS Based Single Phase Induction Motor Controller 897.Pc Control Helicopter Model 851.GPS Based Location Indicating System For Unmanned Automobile 903.Electrical Apparatus Control In Home 904.Control Of Heavy Electrical Loads Using GSM Mobiles 871.Pc To Pc Communication Through RF 911.IR Sensor Based Stepper Motor Controller 849.Barcode Based Security System 930.Gas leakage detection system using GSM 882.

Wireless heart beat rate monitoring & a cardiac pacemaker simulation – mobile messenger 997. 939.Automatic vehicle starter system based alcohol breath analyzer sensing.microcontroller based intelligent traffic controller system 974.Smart networked home – connected devices with auto design 984. 946.Smart / Proximity Based Punctuality Monitoring System For Public Transport System 965.Wireless heart beat rate monitoring & A Cardiac Pacemaker Simulation – Mobile Messenger 955. 940.Smart / proximity based college campus card & access control system 988.Implementation of water level controller based microcontroller.Intelligent home security and management system through print based voting machine 972. 938.Industrial stepper motor control system.wireless stepper motor control using RF communication 978. 937.Wireless AI (Artificial intelligent ) Based Intelligent.microcontroller communication system with LCD display 980.Methodology for modeling a microcontroller with the TELE-load switch application 985.Dc motor speed control using RF communication.Smart / Proximity Based Employee Id Cards & Access Control System 961.power sharing of transformer with overload protection 979.Blue Tooth Based File Transferring System 950.Microcontroller Communication System with LCD Display 966.Wireless code modulation for secure Communication using encryption & Decryption 953. 944.SMS based patient monitoring system 973.GSM based door opening using password.Code modulation based encryption & decryption for secured WIRELES Communication 986.Smart / Proximity Based College Campus Card & Access Control System 960. 943.Smart networked home – connected devices with auto dialer 994. 970.Intelligent industrial security surveillance system with auto dialer 983.RF based power meter reading system for locked house 976.Smart card / proximity based vehicle identification & access control system 998.Microcontroller based implement of temperature indicator.wireless dc motor speed and direction control using RF communication 977. 947.Smart Card / Proximity Based Human Resources Management System 963.Wireless Motor Speed Controller Using RF Module 968. 9994354236. 9443415216.Robot for Materials Handling 956.LDR based power saver for street light control system.Finger print based secure ATM process.Monitoring Through PC Using Wireless Data Transfer.Electrical Parameters In Industries 969. 945.microcontroller based mini inverter 975. 982. SECURITY AND ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM 952.Blue Tooth Enabled Home Appliances Control System 949.Wireless Industrial Security Robot With Motion Detection System 958.Wireless AI (Artificial intelligent) Based Mobile Robot For Multi Specialty Operations 959.Automatic railway gate signaling simulator & controller 987.Smart Card / Proximity Based Membership Management System 964.Wireless Temperature Monitor & Controller Based On Vhf Transmission 967. 948.Wireless AI (Artificial intelligent) Based Fire Fighting Robot for Relief Operation 957.Smart / proximity based punctuality monitoring system for public Transport system 991.Bluetooth enabled wireless network synchronization 954. www. 19 .Smart card technology based employee id cards & access control 992.Smart Card / Proximity Based Bio Medical Health Card Design 962.Blue Tooth Based Wireless Chat.Wireless Bluetooth enabled network synchronizer 995.LDR based highways road light failed intimation using GSM.Blue Tooth Based Industrial Environmental Monitoring And Control System 999.Energy meter monitoring and control system using SMS technology.Smart card / proximity based human resources management system 993.Fuel level monitoring system.unisosystem.UNISO UNISO system indiA PRIVATE LIMITED UNITED INFO SOLUTION 981.Blue Tooth Based Industrial Control System 951.Smart card / proximity based membership management system 990.Microcontroller based solar charger. 942. 941.Blue Tooth Based Advertisement Services BLUETOOTH BASED PROJECTS 1000. 9489751514.Solar Based Electromagnetic Braking System 971.Wireless code modulation for secure communication using encryption & decryption 996.Microcontroller based wireless home automation.