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On June 4, 2010 Region IX, Blacks in Government will host it's annual youth competition.

This event will consist of an oratorical and web page design component. The oratorical theme is:
"Social Networks and Cyber Communication, Progress or Problem'? The Orators will discuss
whether they feel the development of cyber communication (internet, email, text messaging) and
the proliferation of social networking sites such as Facebook, My space, Twitter, etc... Has
produced positive and/or negative consequences in the world today. The oratorical competition
gives students a chance to showcase their oral and written” The competition addresses an
increasing need to assist our students with developing and enhancing their oral and written
communication skills in order to be competitive in the global workplace.

The Information Superhighway (webpage) Student Competition Theme is:

"Technology...Dissolving Boundaries Between Countries". The theme is ALL about WHAT'S
possible using technology; and empowering students to apply their creativity, knowledge and
technical abilities toward making the world a better place through the use of technology.
Students will take on an issue they see in the world related to the theme and implement real
working solutions. The competition is designed to generate interest among young people using
their computer skills to develop websites and navigate through the World Wide Web .

The competition will be held at the Hilton Gardens Inn, 1755 S. Waterman Avenue, San
Bernardino, California, on Friday beginning promptly at 6:00pm. You are invited to come out
and support our youth. For more information, call Rhonda Early, Region IX President, at (909)
709-7209 or Lamonte Jennings, Competition’s Chair, at (909) 496-9252

The competition is open to High School students in grades nine through twelve. Students will
compete for scholarships and prizes awarded at the regional level; and at BIG’s 32nd Annual
National Training Conference in Kansas City, Missouri in August 2010 (this trip sponsored by

We welcome your effort to help support this event.

The National Organization of Blacks in Government Inc. (BIG) is a 501(c)3 non-profit

organization, whose members are civil servants throughout all levels of government and private
industry . BIG was incorporated in 1976 as an employee advocacy and professional development
association. Blacks in Government is a national response to the need for African Americans in
public service to organize around issues of mutual concern and to use their collective strength to
address workplace and community concerns. BIG’S Goals are to promote equity in all aspect of
life, excellence in all we do, and opportunity for all Americans.

BIG objectives:
• To be an advocate of equal opportunity
• To eliminate practices of racism and racial discrimination
• To develop and promote programs which will enhance ethnic pride and educational
• To establish a mechanism for the gathering and Dissemination of information.
• To Provide a non partisan platform on major issues of local, Regional and National
significance that affect Blacks in Government.
• To promote Professionalism