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Scarborough Fair Folksing Arr: Eva Toller 2002 ¢ TI Em Em D 4Em EmG G A, *Em sage, rose-|_ma- ry and khyme. Re - 12 BI ‘Are you |eo- ing to |Sear- borough Fair ee ee ae Are you 0+ ing, B2 e e Cc G F Em?D Em DC ’&DCD Em ~mem = cone who lives | there, _ was a |truc love of | mine. - member to she one who lives | there, for was a true love of | mine. - she once Em Em 2D Em G Em G 4G A Em moke_ a Parsley, fsage, rose 4 ma- ry and Have her [make me a |cam- — brie | shirt Parsley, sage, rose | ma- ry and Have her make a | shirt. BL B2 a DC D Em true love of true love of = ma- ry and mine thyme, Where 2G F Em D fine fine Have Have Scarborough Fair Em needle- | work, _ needle - | work, Em G M0Em G Parsley, sage, rose J her [wash it in | yon- der dry | well Parsley, sage, rose her wash it 4G G F Em D 48Em a |drop of |wa- ter she'll and then shell Scarborough Fair true love of mine. 12 BL true love of |mine. B2 EnG G A Em 6C sage,rose-| ma- ry and thyme, |S" Let sage, rose-|ma- ry and |thyme. — | Know _ E DC DC D ®&Em true love of | mine, true love of | mine. Em D tells me she she tells G G that Teast she will me }know that at can't, Tl re- | ply, F Em D least she will try Em Em ‘Are you Are you _ g0- ing 10 Sear - borough go- ty 72Em Fair? ing, Bl B2 Scarborough Fair EmG GA 76Em Cc ~ mem - ber sage, rose-[ma- ry and fhyme. Re- member | me sage,rose-|ma- ry and fihyme. Re-| - mem - Em DC #¥DCD_ Em was a [tue love of | mine she was a tue love of | mine she once F Em ®D who lives | there, _ who lives | there, _ who lives | there, _