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Today, where the world has advanced so much in every field, be that as it may, sciences,

technologies and education, still, the education is failing miserably to provide with excellence in
itself. Students are the real victims in this case. Many of the universities are trying their level
best to deal with the problems at hand. Problems such plagiarism, student flawed learning
capabilities, inability to focus on their respective courses, inability to present their own ideas and
their inability to use their brain to be more precise, to think outside the box and critically think
about something, to come up with their own idea and present it to the world, no matter how silly
it sounds, but the ability to have confidence in oneself and ones research to reach upon a verdict
that this idea will mean something, as long as it is original and not stolen from any of the author
or person. The theme of this essay will be focused on the plagiarism and contract cheating and
how to deal effectively with it. The central argument of this essay is The need of time is for the
teachers to indulge themselves in the students life and become familiar with their potential and
capabilities and to help them or even appreciate them on speaking their peace of mind, instead of
picking others research and study and using them to present their work as their own
Now, what is really happening in the universities, schools and colleges is that, students
are suffering from many of the problems such as, work overload, pressure, inflexibility of the
course, giving them written contents to learn and prepare from (i.e. cramming), nothing
innovative, dry education (i.e. everything is given to them) and much more. Due to these
possible reasons, students are bound to get rid of all the pressure and work load and seek an easy
escape. Therefore, they tend to be attracted to plagiarism. Realistically, its not their fault at all.
Anyone will see a shortcut way to get the job done given that the check and balance measures
doesnt qualify at all to filter the copied work. There are number of ways students bypass
plagiarism even by paraphrasing. By that, I do not mean to criticize the education system as a

whole. Universities are trying their level best to eradicate plagiarism. Many universities have the
software and respective sites, such as to catch the offenders. Many universities also
have strict policies that plagiarism offenders will be expelled from the university. At this point,
student does come to know about the harms and dangers followed by plagiarism, but it doesnt
mean, he will stop seeking an easy out.
In addition to that, there are many freelancing sites, where millions of people are working
as a freelancer. They are willing to do anything until they are paid well. Students are prone to go
to these sites and hire a freelancer to get done with their assignments in the due time at the
expense of some dollars. Freelancer are experts in their respective field and are bound to listen
and fulfill their client (in this case, students) needs in which it is written in bold letters that
plagiarism is not allowed at all or else you wont get paid. These freelancers having told
everything, start working on their assignments, read, interpret, write and complete their
assignments according to clients requirements. Those assignments are well accepted and well
graded by their respective teachers or instructors. This is alarming for different universities as
students graduating using these methods have cheated and their credibility of knowledge is
compromised. Their careers and the jobs theyll apply, of course, truth will be revealed as theyll
be deemed incompetent for the respective designation and hence will be unemployed or will be
working in a local retail store in low wages.
In the light of this situation, it can be said that teachers are failing to prevent students
from betraying their education and to reach their full potential. If a teacher is well aware of the
capabilities, potential and extent of a student, he might be able to pinpoint the validity of his
work as of its own, not that, it is done by another. Now, weve seen the one aspect of students

and their shortcut ways to bypass the jurisdictions set by the universities, colleges and schools,
lets shed some light on the other well know issue.
Many universities are overloading students with assignments, quizzes and exams. Every
week, they have to give a quiz and submit an assignment. Now, that being said, the pressure on
the students is so great that, they tend to seek easy means to escape the situation theyre bound
in. As plagiarism is the only shortcut way to reduce the work load, students tend to have some
academic articles and starts paraphrasing them and present them as their own idea without citing
different resources and authors work. This not only prevents students to polish themselves and
presenting their ideas but also teachers to judge them correctly. The education should be fun and
enlightening not to be seen as a burden. The time of need is to ease the students, have certain
sessions with them, check and keep their records of performance, judge students based on those
records, if some student is declining, teacher must know the causes of that decline and help him
get back to his efficient self. The point is, teachers are not well aware of their students, which
proves to be fatal for both teachers and students at the same time. It would be a great experience
for teachers to help themselves polish their skills and ability to teach better than before and also
will benefit students to learn better and have confidence in themselves so great, that, theyll be
able to present their ideas openly without any fear.
In addition to that, education shouldnt be confined to the quizzes, assignments and
exams, but there is the need of innovation. Some different and new exercises should be
introduced to each and every course, for students to get the grip of the course and be practical
about it, not to confined within walls of written context and among all, education should be
flexible for every student. The true essence of education lies within the ability to learn something
significant. Whats the point in learning something thats already been there for ages? By that, I

dont intend to criticize the learning of previous knowledge, but what I mean is to exercise that
knowledge, shifting from theoretical knowledge to practical one, giving student a friendly and
competitive environment to learn better and polish their skills, gain additional knowledge
according to every task they are given, inducing entertainment in education through different
exercises and practices just like open debates in classes, freedom of expression of their thoughts
and making them participate in the class activities, even use force, if necessary and it only
requires teachers to indulge themselves in students and their lives in campus or in the premises of
the university, giving them counsel, lending them an ear to listen and be friendly with them as
much as possible. Only then, theyll be able to express their mind and only in this way, teachers
can encourage or motivate students to go beyond their potentials and capabilities.
First, weve gone through the problem and flaws of education system, in which, students
are hiring freelancers to get their job done and how to technically deal with that. Second, weve
discussed about the problems of students which they face in the context of pressure and work
load and their respective solutions. What is the third important factor which forces student to
seek others work and tamper with it to make their own?
The third most important factor/s is that the students are not well aware of the definition
of plagiarism and only know a part of the definition, through which they deem it right to copy
the work of other authors and present them as their own. Now, that being said, it is important for
teachers to educate students of the harms of the plagiarism and the respective harms followed by
the plagiarism. By this, I dont intend to say that to never use the resources or material or
research done by others, but Id recommend to do so, to gain additional knowledge about the
respective common fields, the latest advancements and researches, and what ways, the
innovations are heading towards, but if the use of those sources and research is deemed

necessary for a student, then he must be taught in such a way that he should be able to give
proper credit to the work of different authors. This is what we call the Referencing System. There
are many referencing systems introduced to pursue research and quote different quotation of
authors in the way, that, proper credits are given to those authors, by stating their name whether
in-text citation or in bibliography, giving the authors scripture title and date of publication etc.
Addition to that, it should be deemed important to teach the morale and ethics of
education to the students. Teaching them the importance of giving proper credits and teaching
them, how to avoid plagiarism in that context. Whether a student is paraphrasing or copy pasting
a line from a written content, teacher should teach them the way to cite those references or
sources in his paper. That should be done by teaching them all about plagiarism, giving them
options to explore different articles of their own choice, using them in their assignment with
proper references and citation in different formats i.e. MLA and APA etc. and provide those
articles attached with their assignment submission. This will prove to be mutual beneficial for
both the instructors and the students in gaining additional knowledge about the new researches or
previous ones. These sorts of exercises should be introduced and must be implemented and
deemed compulsory, so that, the students will be forced to use his brain for creative purposes, to
think critically about the course and the respective topic he has to choose and write accordingly
presenting a new idea. Then again, teachers must have to improvise ways to encourage students
to indulge more into their education or respective courses so that theyll be able to flourish in
their respective fields
All things stated above when considered, it is very important that the education system
should go through some reforms and produce excellent students, in which, their minds are not at
all confined to the walls of written context but discover ways to and even go beyond their

limitations and provides new and innovative ideas to make advancements in their fields and for
that purpose, teachers or instructors also need to change themselves a bit. After all, the true
essence of education lies within a teacher or an instructor, so, teachers should be concerned with
their students and try to indulge in their lives a bit. Give them criticism when needed, not
destructive but constructive for that purpose, encourage them to become better, write better, think
better and critically analyze everything they are given. Only then, the true reform can be
implemented and education system and education itself can break this dead lock and rise above
all the problems that are in hand.