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In order to comply with the procedures set out in the Supply Chain Management Guidelines, as referred to
in the MFMA, Act No: 56 OF 2003 and to ensure that fair, transparent and competitive procurement
processes are in place, Phokwane Local Municipality invites prospective and existing service providers to
register or to update the information on the database as the prospective suppliers for the following goods /
works and services.
1. Information system, electronics and telecommunication technologies

Telephone / PABX Maintenance, Security system services and Equipment repairs

Cellular and other wireless Telecommunications

Automated Performance Management System (OPMS), Maintenance of Radio networks

2. Goods / Material

Protective clothing, Plumbing material, Electrical material, Computers hardwares and computer consumables
and Office furnisher

3. Functional services

Catering services, Conference and venue facilities, Travel agency and Accommodation

4. Renting transport and earth moving machines

5. Construction services

Mechanical Engineering, General building and Infrastructure projects

6. Auctioning
7. Printing of books and newsletters
8. Air conditioning (install and repairs)
9. Vehicle spare parts and specialized mechanical works
10. Tyres and associated service
11. Calibration of the traffic station (Vehicle testing machine)
12. Travel agency
Booking of accommodation and car rentals
13. Legal services

Transfer of deeds, legal representivity and compiling of contracts

14. Professional Services

Town Planners, Town Planners, Land Surveyors, Environmental Consultants, Civil Engineers, Architects, Quantity
Surveyors, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Project Management Specialists

Briefing session about the local and National Treasury Centralized Database will be held on the 20/04/2016
(10:00 am) at, 24 Hertzog Street, Hartswater. Enquiries should be directed to the Head of SCM Mr. BD Segalo
at 053 474 9700. (Closing date to register or update the information on the data base is: 06 May 2016 for
the 16/17 financial year. CSD information ( Phokwane Municipality (
NB: Phokwane municipality will start to implement the CSD (Centralized Supplier Database) from the 01 July 2016, all
service providers not registered with the CSD from the date of implementation will not be considered.
Applications that are incomplete, unsigned, submitted by facsimile or electronically will not be accepted
Zithulele Nikani
Acting-Municipal Manager