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FEDERAL BUREAU of {INVESTIGATION ‘ans. ~pecoge ~ ce Obs Office Memorandum * UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT “ ~ to: Direotor | FB Dare: March 16, 1949 FROM, SAC, 4 4 C SUBJECT: PAUL SOROA SECURITY UAYTER = There is transmitted a clipping from the "Hill News", St. Lawrence University campus publication, reflecting the presence of PAUL SOROS, a Hungarian, at St. Lawrence University. There is no record of this individual in this office, and there is no information reflecting on his activities. It is noted howover the article reports his visa expires in April, apparently 1949, and that he left Hungary Jn 1948 at which time St is believed it was under the control of the USSR, apparently with a passport since a visa was issued. In the event the Burean has any information relative to this indi- vidual which would indicate an investigation should be conducted, it is assumed that this office will be advised. Mo action is being taken in the absence of instructions. AG:BIF 100-0 Snelosure B LAPRT 1949 P. By Andy Dot} | A touch of central Buropean flavor ax well us new hope for future ski meets was injected into the St. Lavw- Fence University slat squad this win- upon the arrival Here of Paul Soroe) able Hungarian Olympic ski team’ member, and engineering stu- dent ‘The twenty-two. year old Hunger jan youth, who has bad ich and vatied past, comes to SLU trom Co- Jumbia University, where he enrolled last fall for graduate work, While at Columbia, Pati wes. seating aki magazine one day iwhon he ran across Srartcle on aking at St. Lawsence, Pictures and the word that Otto Ecinicbs was to coach the Lavey team this year. Without urther hesitation, he wrote Otto, asked him of, skiing heres and consequently found himself furolled nthe upstate ‘school this February, ‘Paul took up skiing very young, and| quite naturally. He skied in high School at an engineering higa school, find it his hometown of ‘Budapest were he attended an enginesnng Uni. erst. Soover and. tennis also. @p- Desled to him sie there. fn 014 Paul was in the Hungavian arity, and the Russians were ham Ieingon the eastern front while the ‘Americans and British were escablish- d'im France, At shat time he heard © BRC broadcast. and realized. that the war would soon be over, 80. he parted company with the Hungarian Trmed services and went: bach” 10 Budapest, where he lived for wine Inonths under different. papers. ‘After a four month aeige of Buda-| pest, the Russians killed all_available| Germans and sounded up Hungarisn youths on the streets, sending thous Bnds of them back to the Ukraine for Saferkeeping. While in a depot ready for shipment, he and four others tried scape, Three of the men Were TB "freedom. Paul ahd in x ruined) ‘filing for seme time, then returned p — ey 7 lf Paul Soros, Hungarian ” . Avoided Reds, Attracted to Slu Hills) Olympians to Budapest, where he kept under cover until the Russianswithdzew from Hungary in 194 His pre-war skilng had won tim a reputation in Hungary, and when an Olympic squad was formed in 1945, he won s berth on the team. At that| time he was the Hungarian incereol- Tegiate champion in the Alpine eom- bined as well as national champion in that field. Axa member of the Hun- sgarian group, he went to Austria in fecrly 1048, and from there decided) to go on t other countries, refusing | to return to the Soviet-controlled Hun- cary. Bhiht months Teter, after much bickering, Peul sevived in the United| States and enrolled at Columbia. Tiny, ski-minded St. Lawrence then aétract-| fed him, and he found a place on the team soon after our own winter ear rival Praise For Siatmen Ho ttieven the Larry squad is ool one, hampered by Task of snow Eerpmctice and by many streaks of bea Taek caring the senvon, Paul had Jhis share of bad breaks. during. the esipaign to. At his fret U.S, meet | Sr'MeGlll two. weeks ago, he. was eaded for a record rune the dow ‘Milken be was forced to trove over atch of tee to avoid histing & crowd apectators near the finish ine. As rosie he loot 12 fal seconds and finished 38th, ‘Commenting on Ray Melntyre, Paul rated him as “top-noteh”, stating that bo would Go well in any level, Coach [Schniebe sleo Grew bis praise: = never hada cosch tke im befor fe relates admisingy. ‘As forthe future, farther graduate cngingoring work his aim but the fst Ghat is visa expires in Apr enuses hin sone tance re fours to Seture to: Hungary. fe cays, beeauee “they wilt put me-on tll pepe of 2h Calas, You te. Fi vothor ta ‘And you 4 He Tht Sotos and a companion wen! from the 5/2/49 issue of 1 3602 8 tx / 8 ‘SUR THH HILL NEWS (St. Lawrence J, campus publical SERVICE UNIT F198 SEARCH SLIP supervieor_Sults Room, subj:__2au sons <_Bxact spelling Searchere ALL References Initial“ _subversive Ref date__ 7p “Main File Restricted to Locality of FILB NUMBER SERIALS ll =: Initialed