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John Michael Ranoco BSEd.

- English 3
Item 1: Visit your ETC and find out (may be through the use of interview or document analysis) if
the services you identified during class discussion are currently being served.
Output format for item 1:
Identified ETC services
(with description)

Services Currently Provided by the ETC

(with description)

1. Conference,
1. Reservations and Booking of Equipment
Academic activities in AVR
and Facilities
A place where students and teachers The ETC is a place wherein the teachers and
students can request and book some facilities
recreational activities related to the
such as the Audio-visual Rooms 1 & 2. They
subject or institutional events.\
can also reserve the Recording Room for
some audio presentations and sound
2. Editing, Dubbing and Recording
The ETC provides equipment and
2. Dubbing, Digital Editing and Recording
materials that can help the students
with the overall presentation and It caters different services related to subjects
preparation of a particular activity and
that involve sound and vocal productions
events such as editing of music and
within the Recording Room. Dubbing may
dubbing of audio-visual PowerPoint
involve audio output for specific purposes
such as audio book.
3. Provision of instructional technologies
2. Media Literacy Training and Use of
and media that are used in the
Materials and Equipment
classroom or other wide range The ETC facilitates the total development and
learning of the students and the effectiveness
and efficiency in teaching of teachers. The
materials used in the classroom are the
materials provided by the ETC helps in the
laptops and projectors. Through ETC,
process of learning through conducive
the students have the chance to request
facilities, materials and equipment.
and borrow materials if needed. Some
of the materials requested are the
4. Assistance in Instructional Materials
speakers, CDs, films and microphones. Preparation
The teachers and students can ask for
4. Assistance
assistance in preparing an equipment or
technicalities and uncertainties of the
material. They can manipulate specific
problem to fix and avoid technical
They do not just provide materials but
malfunctions within the class or an event. The
also help in the preparation before,
staffs are highly trained and well-informed
during and after the utilization of the
with the tiniest details to the immense
equipment. The students and teachers
can ask for immediate assistance when
technicalities or problems occur.

Item 2: Make at least three (3) recommendations to improve the ETC services based on your
needs as a teacher and on the available educational technologies. Give clear description
of each recommendation.
Output format for item 2:
Recommendations for improvement:
1. Recommendation no. 1
To keep a continuous update and innovations with the equipment and materials.
As I have noticed, the enhancement of the technology is quite tedious and outdated. Some of
the films are not highly upgraded. The quality of some audio-visual materials are old and
obscure. Some are not good for reference and source of information due to its old copyright. It
must connect with the centers objective which is to provide a wide variety of state-of-the-art
instructional materials, equipment and services.
2. Recommendation no. 2
To upgrade the tools and materials used in Video Documentation
During the documentation in some of the schools events such as Intramurals and University
Week, the quality of the video production and motion of the cinematography is not so
competent. It should jive into the standards of the film production industry to promote effective
and high-end digital presentation of visual materials and substance.
3. Recommendation no. 3
To improve and renovate the AVR 2
Recently, the AVR 2 was improved and renovated; however, for me as a keen observer, the
two AVRs should parallel in terms of the materials, atmosphere and facilities. The AVR 2
should look like the AVR 1. The name itself explicitly suggests it. There must be a change
specifically the chairs, the mini-stage, sloped surface and the lights. Honestly, the AVR 2
looks like a typical room with ventilation and an interactive projector. For, it would be
beneficial if the two AVRs are alike with instructional materials and facilities to accommodate
well the services and needs of the students and teachers.
Will you allow your teacher to make these recommendations known to the AV Librarian for possible
program development?