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Arsenic removal from groundwater

(Patents related to arsenic removal)

1. US 6461535 : Composition for arsenic removal from

Abstract : It provides a process for removing arsenic from
groundwater to be processed and used in remote dwellings.
The process includes (a) contacting a clay, a coagulator, and
an oxidizer with water containing arsenic to form a
coagulated colloidal mixture ,(b) adsorbing the arsenic onto
the coagulated colloidal mixture , (c) and separating the
water from the coagulated colloidal mixture. It provides
composition ready for use in removing arsenic from
groundwater in remote areas.The composition includes an
activated clay, a coagulant and an oxidizer in predetermined
proportion for effective removal of arsenic from groundwater.
Drawback of this process there is no provision for
backwashing.It requires maintainance and is costly.
2. US 7820052 : Method of arsenic removal from water
Abstract : This method is a low cost arsenic removal from

drinking water using chemically prepared bottom ash

pretreated with ferrous sulphate and then sodium hydroxide.
Deposits on the surface of particles of bottom ash form of
activated iron adsorbent with a high affinity for arsenic. In
laboratory tests, a miniscule 5 grams of pre-treated bottom
ash was sufficient to remove arsenic from 2 litres of 2400
ppb arsenic-laden water to level below 50 ppb (parts per
billion). By increasing the amount of pretreated bottom ash ,
even lower level post treatment arsenic are expected.
Drawbacks of this method are there is no provision for
backwashing. It requires maintainance and cleaning from
3. US 7892436 : Composition and methods for

removing arsenic in water

Abstract : The composition comprise of ferric hydroxide and

ferric oxyhydride coated substrates for use in removing the

contaminants from the water. When contaminated water is
in contact with substrate it reduces the contaminant level.
Methods of oxidising the contaminants in water to facilitate
their removal by the ferric hydroxide and ferric oxyhydride
substrates are also provided. The contaminants include
arsenic, selenium, their oxides and soluble salts thereof.
Drawbacks of this method are there is no
backwashing. The method is costly and requires
maintainance and labour.
4. US 5182023 : Process for removing arsenic from

Abstract :
5. US 5358643 : Treatment method for removing

arsenic from arsenic contaminated water

Abstract :
6. US 5378366 : Hot lime precipitation of arsenic from

wastewater or groundwater
Abstract :
7. EP 1968897 : Methods and compositions for

removal of arsenic and heavy metals from water

Abstract :
8. US 7476311 : Arsenic removal from aquous media

using chemically treated zeolite materials

Abstract :
9. US 20110220577 : Process for the removal of

arsenic and chromium from water

Abstract :

Indian Patent( No : 234016) : A process to

produce arsenic free drinking water and an arsenic
removal plant therefor
Abstract : A process to produce arsenic free drinking water
comprising passing arsenic contaminated drinking water
through first an iron filter selected from gravel, sand and


manganese dioxide and subsequently through a container

having granular ferric hydroxide to obtain arsenic free water.
Drawbacks of this method are no provision for
backwashing is provided. It requires maintainance.

US 5368703 : Method for arsenic removal from

Abstract : A process and apparatus for removal of arsenic
from aquous medium using ferrous ion provided by the
electrochemical cell which is added to the aquous media in
the first step followed by mild oxidising condition and
arsenic present in (+3) state is oxidised to (+5) state and
precipitate is formed which consists of ferric arsenate and
the hydroxyl ferric oxide-oxyacid complex.
Drawbacks of this process it cannot be used for
commercial purpose. Secondly no provision for backwashing,


WO 2005073133A1 : Electrochemical method

for the removal of arsenate from drinking water.


Abstract :

US 6368510 : Method and apparatus for the

removal of arsenic from water.


Abstract :

US 7393810 : Solid materials for removing

arsenic and method thereof
Abstract : Solid materials are developed to remove arsenic
compounds from aquous media. The arsenic is removed by
passing the aquous phase through the solid material. The
solid material adsorb the arsenic leaving a purified aquous
solution. The materials are aerogels or xerogels and solid
support structure e.g. granulated activated carbon(GAC)
mixtures. The species specific adsorption occurs through
specific chemical modifications of the solids tailored towards
Drawbacks of the process are it is costly for use in
commercial purpose.It is costly and will require labour for
maintainance of solid material.