Connecticut – U.S.

Party Candidate Recent Poll Democrat Ned Lamont 44% Lieberman Joe Lieberman 48% Republican Alan Schlesinger 5%

After a dramatic primary that he lost, Joseph Lieberman is in the fight of his life being challenged by Democrat Ned Lamont. Lieberman left the Democratic Party in August to run on his own party’s ticket—the Connecticut for Lieberman Party. He is now using Republican consultants and getting fundraising help from long-time Republican donors. It is rumored that if he wins he may caucus with the Republicans. Lieberman has been pulling a significant amount of Republican support—which is not reliable. It isn’t clear what will happen on Election Day and this will all come down to get out the vote efforts—the specialty of the Lamont campaign Connecticut This New England state has a moderate to progressive voting base. There is little chance the voters would choose the Republican candidate in this race—he has big ethical problems. John Kerry won Connecticut without difficulty. Ned Lamont beat Joe Lieberman in the Democratic primary this year. It was a big surprise—Lamont was virtually unknown 11 months ago. But Lieberman left the Democratic Party when he lost. MoveOn members have endorsed Ned Lamont.

About Democrat Ned Lamont
Ned Lamont is a Greenwich businessman who is running for his first term. He has staked out progressive positions that suit Connecticut. He wants a real plan that would bring our troops home from Iraq. He wants health care for every American, a renewed focus on education and real energy policy for the future. About Republican Alan Schlesinger
Alan Schlesinger is the Republican candidate for Senate. He is a traditional anti-tax, anti-big government conservative. He has also been plagued by scandals.

About Indepdendent Joe Lieberman
Joseph Lieberman is a third-term senator. He used to be a Democrat. He has been a vocal supporter of the Bush policy in Iraq. He also is the only senator from New England to vote for the Bush Energy bill. Fundraising and Polling Ned Lamont is a self-funder with his own financial resources however he also has the backing of the netroots. Lieberman has been the fundraising leader—raising over $15 million. Lamont has matched him as needed. Lamont’s come from behind victory wasn’t predicted and shocked the political word. However since Lieberman announced as a third-party candidate polling has been all over the place. Recent polling shows Lamont closing the gap and within a few points of victory.
Polling since the primary has shown this race to be very competitive.

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