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Aum consultants New Hotels & Resorts Set Up

1. 1. Aum Consultants, Mumbai Hotel & Resort Project & Management Consultants
Presentation on Profile & Greenfield (New) Hospitality Projects 1
2. 2. A dynamic business leader with a proven track record in the hospitality industry. He
has put his vast experience to good use by replicating success in domestic and
international markets along with major full service operations in Resort, Convention,
Business Transient and Boutique Settings. He is adept at delivering profits and good
returns investment by executing strategies for robust bottom line and quality delivery. He
puts his strong leadership, communication skills and knack of recruiting right candidate
to good use. At the same time, he has been promoting good camaraderie among the
candidates that has provided a stepping stone for earning promotions. He is armed with a
Diploma in Hotel Management Catering Technology & applied Nutrition from
IHMCTAN, Dadar, Mumbai, in 1982. Mr Gupte has extensive exposure in hospitality for
the last 30 years to name a few Ramada Inn Palm Groves (Mumbai), Taj Blue Diamond
(Pune), Dukes Retreat/Upper Deck Resort (Lonavala), 250 rooms Five Star Hotel at
Baroda by Kamat Hotels, 125 rooms Five Star Hotel -Daspalla Hotels, Hyderabad &
setting up of operations of four Hotels of Blanket Hospitality Ventures in Kerala He was
instrumental in setting up Greenarth Leisure Pvt Ltd, a Chain of Theme Resorts all near
Mumbai 2 Profile Of Mr Subodh V. Gupte Aum Consultants is a full service Hotel &
Resort Project & Management Consultants Company. We consult Business Hotels,
Boutique Hotels, Budget Hotels, Theme Resorts, Camping Resorts, Clubs, Theme
Restaurants, Conference & Banquet Halls & so on and deliver clients with the result
driven Hospitality Management Services in all areas of Hotels. We provide a detailed
Consultancy in Hotel Project Technical Planning and ensures the delivery of optimum
returns on the investment. Our focused attitude ensures leverage of hotel assets, greater
occupancy, and enhanced levels of service quality and operational performance. Mr
Subodh Gupte, Principal Consultant started this Hospitality Consultancy Services in April
3. 3. Vision To offer Advisory & Consulting Services for Hospitality Projects &
Operations with the focused attitude of Reducing Costs & Increasing Revenues Mission
To focus on clients agenda and deliver optimum returns on the investment. To ensure
leverage of hotel assets, greater occupancy, and enhanced levels of service quality and
operational performance. 3
4. 4. Suggested Business Models 4
5. 5. 5 SN Type of Service PROJECT STAGE A Initial Start-Up Services Conceptualization
of a Project B Construction and Design Services Physical Infrastructure & Facilities
{Pre-Planning Stage C Planning of Technical Areas & Implementation {Drawing Board
Stage} Phase I {Pre-Approval Stage for Town Planning}, Phase II {Post Approval
Stage from Town Planning Dept.} , Phase III {Post Construction Stage} D F&B
Designs & Plans Phase I {Interior Designing}, Phase II {Operations} PRE- OPENING

STAGE {TWO MONTHS PRIOR TO OPENING) A Hotel Operations and Management

Services B Marketing Services (Only Advisory) C Final Touch Up POST-OPENING
STAGE {Ltd for 30 Days} A Increasing Profit and Sales - Financial Services B Value
Additions {Performance Enhancement & Audits} Index of Hospitality Services Offered
Detailed analysis of market/ industry location wise & suggesting probable locations for
an economically viable hotel/resort 2. Advising multiple options for possibilities of
entering into the hospitality industry. 3. Assistance in market feasibility study (through
reputed agency) 4. Advising various options of hospitality search - lease / buy-out. 5.
Creation of well- structured organization & assistance in formation of hospitality
company 6. A brief on destination promotion, government initiatives to take up the
project 7. We will prepare an investor presentation of your Hotel/Resort 8. This
presentation will be prepared based on the project details provided by promoter 9. This
presentation will include following: Details about promoters Resort Layout Details of
Rooms with dimensions, design images Resort positioning in terms of targeted customers
Resort fact file Resort business plan Resort facilities and amenities Revenue projections
for 3 years Benefits to the investor & ROI Conceptualization of A Project - Keeping the
very strong vision in mind, we can assist you from the beginning of a project - such as the
overall conceptualization and development of the project, as well as the implementation
and execution of the project, to the final stages of marketing and sales of its retail real
estate components. In nutshell from Concept to Conceptualization. Conceptualization of
a hotel project Advising on various concepts commercial hotels & resorts, theme
resorts agri tourism, adventure tourism, sports tourism, club houses, theme restaurants
etc. Re-concept of existing food and beverage facilities & advising how to make it a
profitable Advising correct concepts and space allocations for projects 6 PROJECT
investigation 2. Preparing preliminary concept & design 3. Meeting various architects &
assistance in final selection of architect, structural consultant, PMC (Project Management
Consultant) & MEP Consultants (Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing) 4. Site analysis of
available space, utilities, traffic, parking, etc. 5. Preparing basic cost & estimate (BOQ)
for the project in consultation with PMC/Architect 6. Preparing Basic project report with
financials 7. Preparing Business Plan with a road map based on concept 7
detailed note for architect as per detailed FSI & area allocation 2. Area allocation and
planning of all B.O.H. areas (Back of House) All service deptts in consultation with
Architect 3. Area allocation and planning of all F.O.H. areas (Front of House)Restaurants, Banquets, Reception etc in consultation with Architect 4. Assistance in
application for tourism approval & Star Category Classification (One Star to Five Star) in
project stage 5. Advising & obtaining any incentive schemes from Govt Central & State
applicable at that point of time if any 6. Assistance in planning major infrastructure
water, electricity, EPABX, RO plant, DG set with area allocation 7. Assistance in

planning HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air-Conditioning) 8. Assistance in finalizing

areas and components of server room along with computer systems design 9. Interior
design, design specification formation & freezing overall projects concepts 10. Architect
will submit Project plan to Town Planning dept. for approval & after due approval,
construction begins on site PROJECT STAGE 8
PLANNING DEPT.} 1. Detailed functional planning of basic facilities & services
Rooms and all Public Areas in consultation with Architect 2. Detailed Functional
planning of all BOH (Back of House) areas in consultation with Architect 3. Detailed
Functional Planning of all FOH (Front of House) & Service Departments in consultation
with Architect 4. Project construction will begin after this stage PHASE III {POST
CONSTRUCTION STAGE} 1. Preparation of furniture, fixtures, and equipment
specifications plan 2. Selection of capital equipment assistance in managing the
procurement, installation and start-up 3. Cuisine & menu planning, Kitchen planning in
totality, inviting equipment quotations and their evaluation & approval. (Before Kitchen
designing menu planning is mandatory) 4. Invitation of quotations for F&B and HouseKeeping & laundry services 5. Property management software evaluation and invitation
of quotations 6. Assistance in application for operating licenses 7. Selection of graphics
& ad-design & formation of hotel website 8. Printing agency selection & coordination 9
with the interior designer on concepts 2. Development of all F&B areas and designing of
infrastructure in correlation with concept 3. Advise and realignment of layouts and
technical details on ambience lighting, music, service, seating 4. Equipment, details of
counter designs (buffet, bar, hostess desk etc.) 5. Designing of LPG gas range &
appointment of a reputed licensed agency 6. Table top designs for all table layouts in
synergy with the concept 7. Development of color combinations and perspectives &
concept designs 8. At this stage, hotel construction is complete in totality PHASE II
(OPERATIONS) 1. Preparation of menu & design coordination with graphic advt. agency
2. Placement of purchased equipment for kitchen, stores, purchase of branded food stuffs
etc 3. Re-alignment of kitchen equipment & smooth trials of equipment 4. Preparing
purchase list of kitchen utensils, cutlery, crockery, glassware, etc & assistance in
procurement through reputed vendors 5. Role plays for F&B staff 6. Operational planning
of food and beverage Departments. In totality restaurants, coffee-shops, in room dining,
conference & banquet lawns, business centre etc 7. Designing of F&B controls &
systems 8. Menu trials & food tasting 10
11. 11. Pre-Opening Stage {Two Months prior to opening} A. Hotel Operations &
Management services 1. Designing & implementation of brand standards 2. Planning of
hotel operations in & Service Departments in synergy with hotel design 3. Planning of
organization chart and hierarchy, Manpower projections and planning, planning of HR
staffing & recruitment either internally or through reputed agency, Selection &

appointing select HODs & staff for trial runs. 4. Planning of front office Departments,
lobby, back office, admin office etc 5. Preparing exhaustive list of operational material to
be purchased 6. Coordination of purchase of operational supplies for various areas 7.
Setting up operational systems for the functioning of: F&B service, kitchen, purchases &
stores and sales & marketing along with trial runs or play roles 8. Preparing of SOPs for
all Departments and conducting their role plays 9. Setting up of rooms with all necessary
furniture, mattresses, amenities, linen, toiletries, House-Keeping Departments, linen
rooms, laundry room etc 10. Preparation of operational policies for all Departments, press
release, launching plan/trial runs B. Marketing Services (Only Advisory) 1. (This will be
executed through employed staff members so that the organization learns how to
implement this. We will not be directly involved in the marketing activity. Aum
Consultants are not your Business Managers & will not be held responsible for business
generation. Promotors can take their own business decisions) 2. Preparing detailed
marketing & sales action plan along with well- defined strategies 3. Market positioning of
resort and define customer base 4. Recruitment of sales team 5. Formulating systems &
procedures for sales team & Sales & Marketing Deptt. 6. Preparation of letter of
introduction, finalization of tariff, resort fact file and basic presentations 7. Appointing
agencies for tele-calling, e-mails, SMS Campaign, newspapers teasers, hoardings etc. 8.
PR parties and inviting corporate bookers and whos & who of city 9. Suggesting Travel
Agents FAM tour 10. Enlisting hotel on leading OTPs (on line travel portals) 11.
Appointing a reputed marketing agency from Mumbai C. Final Touch Up 1. Trial runs for
hotel management software systems 2. Pre-opening installation of efficient operational
systems 3. Implementation of marketing, publicity and advertising campaigns through
mkt. Staff 4. Control systems for all service Departments 5. Grand opening and handing
over with 1 month of operations monitoring
12. 12. 1. Overall performance review 2. Brand audit for all service departments 3. Human
resource audit 4. Review of manpower cost 5. Analysis of services rendered 6. Holistic
review of existing customer relationship management 7. Front of the house & back of the
house audits 8. To check if guest is happy with the services with professional feedback
systems Post Opening Stage {Ltd to One Month} A. Increasing Profit & Sales (Financial
1. Overall performance review 2. Brand audit for all service Departments & HR audit 3.
Review of manpower cost 4. Analysis of services rendered 5. Holistic review of existing
customer relationship management 6. Front of the house and back of the house audits 7.
To check if guest is happy with the services with professional feedback systems 12
13. 13. Projects/ Assignments completed & Ongoing: 2010-16 Completed Projects: 2010-15
1. Project Planning & Operations Set Up of 10 Rooms High-end Resort at Manor on
Mumbai Ahmedabad Highway 2. Project Planning & Execution of 25 Keys Boutique
Resort at Shirol On Mumbai-Nasik Highway 3. Project Planning &Execution of 30 Keys
Boutique Resort at Wada, Near Thane 4. Project Planning &Execution of 30 Keys
Boutique Resort at Pali Near Khopoli 5. Conceptualization & Project Planning of 50
Keys Resort at Tapola Near Mahabaleshwar 6. Conceptualization & Project Planning of
50 Keys Boutique Resort at Roha on Mumbai-Goa Highway 7. Conceptualization &
Project Planning of 25 Keys Boutique Resort at Murbad Near Kalyan Mumbai 8. Leasing

& Successful Managing 10 Keys Boutique Resort at North Goa 9. Operational &
Marketing Set up of Luxury 100 Keys Resort at Igatpuri, near Mumbai 10.
Conceptualization with Primary Feasibility of Agri Tourism and Luxury Resorts at
Dahanu, near Mumbai 11. Project Planning, Coordination, Executing Interior Designing
of Commercial Office in Andheri, Mumbai 12. Conceptualization & Project Planning of
Luxury Jungle Lodge at Tanzania 13. Conceptualization, Planning & Operations Set up
of 50 Keys Resort at Karjat 14. Operational & Marketing Set up of Luxury 50 Keys
Resort at Igatpuri, near Mumbai Current Ongoing Projects 1. Operations Set Up,
Manpower Recruitment, Deptt. SOPs, Manuals for 100 Keys Resort at in MP
Completed 2. Project Planning & Operations Set up of 25 Keys Boutique Resort with
Adventure Tourism Facilities at Murbad, near Mumbai - Completed 3. Conceptualization
& Project Planning of 60 Keys Agri Tourism Resort at Satara, near Pune - Ongoing 4.
Conceptualization & Project Planning of 50 Keys Boutique Resort at Satara, near Pune
Ongoing 5. Conceptualization & Project Planning of 50 Keys Resort & Beach touch
Restaurant & Camping site at Shrivardhan, Konkan Coast 165 Kms from Mumbai
Ongoing 6. Conceptualization & Project Planning of Club House at Karjat, near Mumbai
14. 14. Disclaimer - Statement of Assumptions & Limiting Conditions Mr Subodh Gupte
does not undertake any responsibility of cash handling, shortages in the inventories of
material purchased/stored, thefts if occurs in the premises of Resort or any short of cash
shortages, cash thefts, staff conflicts. Mr Gupte will not be held responsible for any
financial feasibility or operational losses if occurred. Mr Gupte would suggest suitable
vendor for purchase of hotel related material but the material purchase will be at the sole
discretion of management No responsibility is assumed for matters of a legal nature,
nor do we render any opinion as to title, which is assumed to be marketable and free of
any deed restrictions and easements. It is assumed that that proposed sites will be in
full compliance with all applicable city, local and private codes, laws, consents, licenses
and regulations (including an alcohol license where appropriate) and that all licenses,
permits, certificates, franchises and so forth can be freely attained, renewed and /or
transferred The quality of a hotel facilitys on-site management has a direct effect on a
propertys economic viability and market value. The financial forecasts presented in this
study assume both responsible ownership & competent management. Any variance from
this assumption may have a significant impact on the forecast operating results and value
estimate. The estimated operating results if presented in this report are not based on an
evaluation of the current overall economy of the area and neither take into account nor
make provision for the effect of any sharp rise or decline in local or economic conditions.
To the extent that wages and other operating expenses may advance during the economic
life of the property, it is expected that the prices of rooms, food, beverages and services
will be adjusted to the least of offset these advances. We do not warrant that the estimates
will be attained, but they have prepared on the basis of information obtained during the
course of this study and are intended to reflect the expectation of typical investors.
Many of the figures if presented in this report were generated using sophisticated
computer models that make calculations based upon numbers carried out to three or more
decimal places. In the interest of simplicity most numbers presented in this report have
been rounded. Thus, these figures may be subject to small rounding errors in some cases.

While the information contained herein is believed to be correct it is subject to change.

Nothing contained herein is to be constructed as a representation or warranty of any kind.
Mr Subodh Gupte would not be directly involved in execution at project or operations
level. This would be done by the promoter. Mr Subodh Gupte does not take any
responsibility or guarantee for the result at project or operations level 14
15. 15. Thank You Subodh Gupte - Principal Consultant HMCT,IHM, Mumbai 1982 Batch
Aum Consultants Hotel & Resort Project & Management Consultants Cosmos County,
CASA A/4D, Ovala, Ghodbundar Road, Thane (W) - 400615. MS. India +91 810 820
5025 | +91 98205 92735 SubodhGupte@AumConsultants.In 15

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