HIM n HER: Episode #13

The rules of love must never be broken... Rule # 1: It’s not about you HIM: Did you tell her? HANDSOME SAVAGE: Tell her what? HIM: Why you were leaving her? HANDSOME SAVAGE: Yeah, I did. HIM: So let me guess, you went like “Look, I don’t think things are working out between us, and uhhhhh… Well I think I need some space or something… HANDSOME SAVAGE: Dude? HIM: Yeah, am pretty sure you did. Then she must have gone like, “Are you dumping me?” And then, you probably went on to say, “No, no look. It’s not you, it’s me. I just need some time off, you know- time to be alone and stuff. I think we need a break… “ HANDSOME SAVAGE: Oh my gosh…I can’t believe this…. (His eyes popping out in utter surprise and shock) HIM: What dude, what? HANDSOME SAVAGE: That is exactly what I said bro... HIM: What? HANDSOME SAVAGE: What? HIM: Dude, as in for real that’s what you did? HANDSOME SAVAGE: Um… Yeah. And why do you look surprised? HIM: Oh trust me man this is I not me being surprised (pointing around his face). This is me totally disgusted! HIM stood up from the stair case, put his hands in his pocket and stepped down onto the grass lawn and started to pace around, looking into the sky as if trying to study the pattern of the stars, with occasional sigs followed by a shaking of his head. HANDSOME SAVAGE remained seated on the staircase, leaning forward, with his hands together, and elbows resting over his thighs. *************************************************************** Meanwhile, the girls are in HER’s bedroom having a chat…

SERENITY: Yeah, that’s all he said. HER: ‘We need some time off’? Just like that? BREAK-UP GIRL: And you let him walk away? Alive? Girl, you are so tolerant. SERENITY: And what do you suppose I should have done BREAK-UP GIRL? BREAK-UP GIRL: Bite his head off, what else? HER: If a guy ever did that to me, I’d be in jail for murder the next day, seriously. BREAK-UP GIRL: More like in hell for suicide if you ask me… HER: What..? SERENITY: I totally agree with BREAK-UP GIRL. You’re so nice you would have killed yourself instead. BREAK-UP GIRL: Hey, come on HER. We all know you’re the softest girl in the world. You’re incapable of hurting anyone, no matter what they did to you. You’re so big hearted and stuff, even mother Teresa would have been looking up to you if she were alive. HER: Okay, you what? I think the hardest thing for me right now would be trying to figure out if that was a compliment or a merciless diss. BREAK-UP GIRL: It’s neither. Just think of it as a sentiment of truth from your very close friends, who obviously know you better. SERENITY: Oh, guys. Guess what words HANDSOME SAVAGE said next? HER: Umm…. Wait, I think I know what it was…’ It’s not me, it’s you’ (in a fake guy-ish, accent)... Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! (Laughs out loud) BREAK-UP GIRL: Oh, that’s cold. Is that what he said to you love? You know you can tell us, we won’t laugh at you… SERENITY: Yes, but obviously the other way round. Will you stop making fun of me…? This is serious. HER: I hate it when a guy says that….’it’s not you, it’s me’… So lame! SERENITY: Unbelievably so… BREAK-UP GIRL: He was such a coward! ************************************************************ HIM: Yes, that’s exactly what you are! A coward! HANDSOME SAVAGE: What do you mean I’m a coward? HIM: You didn’t have the guts to face up to the situation and go tell the girl you were dating that you were just not that into her anymore! That’s what I mean you’re a coward!

HANDSOME SAVAGE stands up from the staircase and takes a few steps over to where HIM was standing HANDSOME SAVAGE: Dude, what else was I supposed to do? I did tell her we needed a break. HIM: Look man, when you’re in a relationship with someone, you are responsible and accountable to them for whatever decision you make concerning the relationship. What SERENITY needed was the whole truth. A clear and straight forward explanation of why you were leaving her- the whole truth. HANDSOME SAVAGE: I couldn’t tell her the whole truth! It was gonna hurt her real bad. I was never ever gonna forgive myself for that. HIM: No, that’s not true. You didn’t make things clear because you were afraid of being honest about things, not brave enough to look her in the eyes and just say it like it is. You just thought you could just throw this under the carpet, and walk away from all of it, and move on with your life, huh? HANDSOME SAVAGE: Dude, what’s with the being so judgmental over a brother? HIM: Judgmental? That was selfish of you. You were only thinking of yourself. That’s the problem bro. That’s the problem. You need to understand, it’s not about you. It wasn’t about you. A relationship should never be about you. It’s about love and the other person as well. HANDSOME SAVAGE: So you think I was just thinking about myself? HIM: Yes you were. I f you really cared about how she was going to take all this, you would have told her the truth about how you were really feeling inside. I t would have hurt her yes, but it would have freed her mind, and made her sleep at night, instead of leaving her restless for 2 years wondering what she did wrong, or what she didn’t do right. HANDSOME SAVAGE: What are you saying man? HIM: What I’m saying is, if we do not deal with things head on and be completely explicit about our true feelings when it comes to matters of the heart, we always stand at the risk of doing more damage and harm to the people we were involved with, than if we told them the truth, no matter how seemingly unbearable it may be. Rule #2: B e the right person HANDSOME SAVAGE: Maybe I just wasn’t sure of myself, you know… Maybe I just wasn’t ready… HIM: What do you mean? You guys were perfect together. You were so happy. HANDSOME SAVAGE: I don’t know man, I had a lot of issues with myself then... Somehow I just kept thinking I wasn’t good enough for her. HIM: Oh, so now all of a sudden you finally think you’re enough for her? I s that it SAVAGE? Now that you want her back? HANDSOME SAVAGE: Like I said bro, I had a lot of issues inside of me at that time, things I had to deal with. I know it sounds ridiculous when I say I felt I wasn’t good enough for her now, but that’s what I felt. Stupid as it was for me to feel that way, the thing is that is what

I felt at the time; that is what I was. HIM: You know whatever you felt at that time was just all in your head. It was all just your own insecurities blinding you from the reality, do you know that? HANDSOME SAVAGE: I understand that now... Maybe I just wasn’t ready for it. Maybe I just wasn’t the right person then. Sometimes I think we should have waited. I should have waited. I should have waited until I was ready...

Rule #3: Love recklessly. Give all, risk all

SERENITY: I gave him my whole heart; I put in my everything and went all in. I guess that cost me; and it cost me big time. I regret and hate myself for loving him too much. BREAK-UP GIRL: Hey, don’t say that... SERENITY sat up from the bed, pulling away from the pillow she had laid on and folding her legs together while she hung her head. SERENITY: I wish I had held back a little. I wish I had not let him get to me that deep. Maybe it wouldn’t have hurt that much. I am never loving like this again. A tear rolled down her left cheek. And another one followed coming down her other cheek. BREAK-UP GIRL moved away from the dressing mirror and joined her friends on the bed, perching right beside SERENITY

BREAK-UP GIRL: Listen sweetheart, don’t say things like that. You did nothing wrong in loving HANDSOME SAVAGE that much. Actually, you did something beautiful. HER: BREAK-UP Girl’s right. You should never ever allow yourself to get to the point of thinking you should never have loved with all your heart. Loving someone is a good thing; an amazing thing- and you should never think otherwise even if they hurt you and your heart is broken in the process. SERENITY: But, look at me. Just take a look at me. I have been struggling through this pain for two years now. Two years my heart stood torn apart, by someone who probably never even tough about me for a single day wherever they were. Now tell me what’s so good about that? What’s amazing or beautiful about that, huh? HER: You know, I totally understand why you’re still hurt over him. But I don’t understand why you’re angry at him. You are so angry at that guy it shows in your eyes whenever his name is mentioned. SERENITY: He left me, and walked away without an explanation, after telling me I was his word and promising to be there forever, and you’re asking me why I’m angry at him?! Are you kidding me??!!(Raising her voice a little)

HER: Listen SERENITY We’re all imperfect human beings. That’s the kind of world we live . in. As long as we are this side of eternity, we will always be prone to making wrong choices and decisions. Unfortunately when it comes to love, that means hearts will inevitably be broken whenever that happens. Don’t hold a grudge on someone for dumping you, or for leaving you when they had said they never would. People are allowed to change their minds, and when they do, we should always try to find it in our hearts to understand them, and forgive the pain the caused. SERENITY: Then what’s the point of trusting? What’s the point of giving out your whole heart to love, when you might just wind up disappointed and broken? HER: Look, you need to understand that love is about giving out your heart and allowing yourself to be vulnerable to someone who may break it, but you trust that they won’t. That means there are risks. So, when you choose to love, you should know that you’re exposing yourself to the risk of heartbreak. BREAK-UP GIRL: Yup, that’s so true. SERENITY: Then why love at all? HER: SERENITY, tell me what is love without risk? Where’s the beauty, and the courage, and the sacrifice that makes it the noble thing it is if there’s no risk? Don’t you get it? What’s there to live for, in a world that is safe and free from any kind of risk? To get hurt because you loved unreservedly is a dignified thing! Now I’m not saying getting hurt is a good thing. Taking the risk for love is. SERENITY: So you mean one should never get to regret the good thing that they did of loving, even when they get hurt? BREAK-UP GIRL: Yes. That’s what brave people do. You’ve got to be fearless and brave to love. That’s just what it is. I took so long to finally learn that lesson. But when I did, it changed the way I looked at things. SERENITY: What do you know about being hurt BREAK-UP GIRL? You’ve never been in a serious relationship before? BREAK-UP GIRL: SERENITY, I have had eight boyfriends just this past year. Six of those dumped me. So I may not have ever been in a serious relationship, but I sure do know what it feels like to be hurt and dumped- probably more than you do. Actually, maybe more than you ever will, if we were to judge by number of occurrences. SERENITY: So what happened to the other two? BREAK-UP GIRL: What do you mean ‘what happened’? I dumped ‘em.

To be continued……… ******************************************************************************************* **************
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