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Kim Chua Ebora

B1 L23 Quezon Street,

San Isidro Village, Batangas City, Philippines
Mobile: +971543274845 / +966550482989 / +639989165551
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Seeking a challenging position in an organization of repute to apply acquired skill and expertise to achieve the highest of
abilities and gain further experience for the mutual benefit.

Snapshot: Dedicated, talented & enterprising Construc on & Project Management Professional holding Electronics Degree
from Don Bosco Technical College, Philippines with 15+ years of rich experience in the eld of design, implementa on and
execu on of mul -million projects; Well versed in eciently managing projects through inspira onal leadership and
excellent organizing skills; Possess a long track record of successfully and protability managing numerous concurrent
projects through all project phases from concep on through comple on within the targeted cost, schedule and compliance
parameters; Reputed for the professional commitment of sustaining a high safety performance, quality standards and
minimizing corporate costs and liability; Able to provide safe opera ng environment by planning, installa on, maintenance
and repair of machines, tools, equipments and u lity systems; Wan ng to be ac vely associated in all aspects of the project
cycle and condent to deliver high end projects.

Core Competencies include

Project Management
Evalua ng Site Plans
Construc on Management
Technical Review
Scope Of Work

Risk Analysis
Base Line program
Cri cal Path
Coordina on With Client
Monthly Progress Claim

Maintenance Management
Site Management
Process Control Instrumenta on
Field Fault Analysis
Team Building & Leadership


Demonstrated exper se in organizing & devising strategies to deliver high end projects for large corporate and
commercial establishments.
High-performing professional with extensive skills in analyzing and evalua ng site plans, performing technical review for
project plans and applica ons and making recommenda ons
Well versed in all stages of project development and implementa on, with a track record of successful comple on and
commissioning of various projects for safe opera on and sustained opera onal eec veness.
Excep onal ability to supervises professional, technical and support sta, including determining workloads and
schedules, developing and interpre ng policies and procedures.
Proven ability to plan and execute maintenance, repairs and servicing to ensure ecient func oning of all machinery and
equipments in the plant.
Highly skilled at handling labor force, dealing with contractors, oa ng enquiries, procurement coordina on, inspec on
follow-up, expedi ng deliveries and site administra on.
Outstanding skills in interac ng with clients, understanding their requirements and accordingly providing customized
solu ons/services, thereby maintaining complete client sa sfac on and crea ng repeat business opportuni es.
Uncanny ability to handle mul ple projects from planning through execu on stages and ability to liaise with Senior
Ocers and Customers

Allied Arabian Maintenance & Trade Company, Jubail, KSA
Project Manager :

Jan. 2011 - Present

Key Responsibili es:

Understand client priori es and respond appropriately, through proac ve communica on with client representa ve on
day to day progress and issues.
Reports to the Project Consultant regarding the project ma ers on a regular basis to appraise on the progress of the
project ac vi es and issues if any.
Es mate the resources, dura on and human resource needed to achieve project goals and deliverables.
Oversee all aspects of day to day management of the construc on project, monitor and coordinate work performed by
engineering and construc on team.
Conduct site visits, site mee ngs and periodical review mee ngs to understand and ensure work progress as per
schedule and resolve any issues which may hamper the progress of the project.
Ensure that the daily, weekly records of the progress of the works are maintained by concerned sta and evaluate the
progress on monthly basis against the planned program and budget.
Monitoring the project progress through bar charts and plan the ac vi es to complete the project as per the me frame.
Conduct review mee ngs, team mee ngs, conferences and events with project team and project stakeholders.
Track and report material delivery to be on site as per approved schedule, so as to avoid any hold ups.
Ensure strict compliance of QA policy & safety regula ons at the site.
Coordinate with commercial department to oat tender enquiries, assist in short lis ng of tenders a er
techno-commercial mee ngs and nal selec on of sub-contractors.
Monitor and review sub-contractors ac vi es and scope creep to iden fy poten al issues and proac vely iden fy
solu ons to redress them.
Closely monitor the cost and me schedules with an eye on cost op miza on and savings on budgeted cost and
expedi ng the project ahead of schedule.
Scru ny of claim documents put up by the contractors and issue of provisional acceptance cer cate (PAC) or nal
acceptance cer cate (FAC), depending on the merit.
Determining the workforce, recrui ng and hiring new sta; supervising induc on, execu on of performance reviews and
training of sta.
Jal International, Jubail, KSA
Planning Superintendent / Construction Manager :

Nov. 2008 Nov. 2010

Key Responsibili es:

Managed consultant contacts including determining scope of work and budgets and tracking budgets
Developed and introduced in-house project management procedure for construc on supervision and management
review of all projects submi als.
Monitored the progress of project at regular intervals through site visits, carried out risk analysis and ensured that the
project is running as per schedule. Monitored cri cal path, Planned the ac vi es and Iden ed resource requirement
jointly with planning sta.
Prepared daily site report and weekly progress report for the appraisal of higher management and provided mely
advise to the management of any foreseen slippage of progress and proposed correc ve ac ons.
A ended execu ve, weekly, monthly, quality & safety mee ngs and facilitated all audits carried out by internal
agencies and third par es.
Monitored and reviewed sub-contractors ac vi es for the progress and quality of work and scope creep to iden fy
poten al issues and proac vely iden ed solu ons to redress them.
Liaised with the managers of other disciplines and ensured proper coordina on among all trades.
Ensured Compliance to ISO procedures on Quality, environmental, and Safety Standards and con nuously improved work
prac ces and eciency.
Proac ve communica on with client representa ve on day to day progress and issues and Understand client priori es and
respondd appropriately
Conducted formal and regular HSE audits to assess the compliance with HSE procedures & plans and ini ate necessary
ac on for the introduc on of correc ve ac ons
Monitored the u liza on of resources and reduced cost by ensuring proper alloca on of manpower, materials and
Scru nized the claims including the monthly progressive claims put up by the contractors and issued provisional
acceptance cer cate (PAC) or Final acceptance cer cate (FAC) and performed the project closure ac vi es.

Al-Yusr Townsend & Bottum Company (AYTB), Jubail Industrial City, KSA.
Electrical & Instrument Engineer / Planning Engineer :

Nov. 2003 Sep. 2008

Key Responsibili es:

Responsible for planning maintenance work orders, the repairs, servicing to provide ecient func oning of all
machinery and equipment in a plant
Encouraged to do things in a team spirit to promote employee involvement and mo va on.
Provided safe opera ng environment by planning, installa on, maintenance and repair of machines, tools, equipment
and u lity systems.
Worked with the Maintenance Head in developing the scheduled maintenance programs and processes for the
produc on facility to minimize impact on produc on
Pre-evaluated the need for replacement parts and placed orders for the parts.
Planned for interrup ons in work and developed backup plans to minimize the holdup & delays for the produc on
Ensured that all accoun ng and supply chain procedures and policies are followed.
Determined the technical documenta on to support the cra sman. Technical documenta on will include drawings (PID,
Flow charts etc.).
Analyzed recurring defects and introduced correc ve procedures to overcome the problems and to avoid recurrence.
Introduced and maintained a systema c inventory control and spare parts controlling system, exclusively for the
maintenance department.

I & E Industrial System Services Inc., Libjo Batangas City, Philippines

Instrument Supervisor :

Mar. 2001 Oct. 2003

Key Responsibili es:

Performed rou ne maintenance, installa on and integra on of various types of process control instrumenta on
equipments, such as transmi ers, controllers, integrators, recorders, square root extractors and nal drive elements.
Carried out repairs of electrical equipments, motors and motor control circuits etc.
Performed fault analysis of eld snags to iden fy whether the instrument has failed or if it is a process problem.
Carried out eld Calibra on of instrumenta on, u lizing proper test equipment & set up.
Completed overhaul in shop environment to include component replacements, alignments and calibra on to
specica ons
Repaired signal transmission facility such as tubing, wiring, etc.
Included pneuma c, electronic and digital equipment under the instrumenta on and maintenance schedule.
Performed Fault analysis of hardwire relay logic, motor control circuits, motor power circuits (120V to 480V 3phase) and
common u lity / ligh ng circuits and PLC based systems with control logic modica on
Accomplished the Installa on of new control circuits, modica on of exis ng instrument/electrical systems as required,
to include design, load and Implementa on of new control logic.
Made precau onary measures to overcome the eects of inclement weather by taking necessary precau ons such as,
checking the condi on of heat tape, boarding of windows, securing loose equipment etc.

Voca onal - I & E Industrial System Services Inc. - Libjo, Batangas City, Philippines - 2007
Electronics Degree - Don Bosco Technical College - Gen. Kalentong, Mandaluyong City Philippines 2001
High School Graduate - Don Bosco Technical College Gen. Kalentong, Mandaluyong City Philippines - 1996

MS Oce / Primavera

/MS Project /SAP


Primavera training 2004 Jubail KSA

SAP training 2007 Jubail KSA


ISO Awarenes 2007 Jubail KSA

Project Management 2008 Jubail KSA
Date of Birth: 24th August 1979 | Languages Known: English | Na onality: Filipino
Passport: EC4473950 Valid ll 22nd June 2020 l Visa: Working Visa I Marital Status: Married