Ohio – 1st District

Democrat Candidate Funds On Hand Recent Poll John Cranley $778,000 49% Republican Steve Chabot $1,382,000 40%

Rep. Steve Chabot was a Cincinnati politician who won this seat thanks in part to the Republican wave of 1994. Now, Cincinnati City Councilman John Cranley is hoping to repeat this feat, in the other direction. Since their first match-up in 2000, Cranley has acquired valuable political experience, winning in three Council elections. During the same period, Ohio Republicans redrew the district to eliminate urban areas and incorporate the fast-growing suburban and rural areas northwest of the city. Ohio’s 1st district is shaping up to be a key battleground – the Cook Political Report ranks this race “Leaning Republican.” The District The 1st District includes most of Hamilton and Butler counties, including a large portion of Cincinnati. In 2004, Chabot and Bush both won overwhelmingly in Butler County, but by much narrower margins in Hamilton County. The district is mostly middle and working class, with a 27% African-American population. While the 1st is not the friendliest territory for Democrats, Ohio is turning rapidly against the Republican Party, with a governor and major fundraiser both convicted of crimes and a representative implicated in the Abramoff investigation. About John Cranley In Cranley’s first run for office, he came within 8 points of unseating Chabot. Since then, he has become a popular member of City Council, coming in first in citywide voting in his most recent election. As chair of the city’s Finance Committee, he turned a $35 million deficit into a balanced budget while reducing property taxes. He has also been a leader in improving policing and reducing pollution. In Congress, Cranley hopes to raise the minimum wage, introduce importation and negotiation to reduce prescription drug costs, address the issue of high gas prices, and implement the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission to improve security. He accuses Chabot of “going Washington” by obeying the dictates of the GOP leadership and breaking his own campaign finance pledges. www.johncranley.com About Steve Chabot Steve Chabot is a member of the conservative “Class of ’94,” and he is most prominent as a member of the House team that managed the impeachment proceedings against President Clinton. He was a key advocate for the controversial “Medicare Part D” program, despite touting himself as a budget hawk. www.stevechabot.com Fundraising and Polling Chabot has brought in well over $1 million this cycle, more than half of which is from PACs and party committees. He retains nearly $1.4 million on hand. Cranley has proven a strong fundraiser as well; he has raised just over $1 million for this race, more than half from individual contributions. He retains $778,000 on hand. Cranley’s internal polling shows a close race with momentum on his side. In March, Cranley’s polling indicated a 49-40 Chabot lead; by July the poll showed a 45-45 tie; an August poll had Cranley ahead by 9 points. Chabot has not released any internal polls. Sources: www.washingtonpost.com, www.centerforpolitics.org, www.acuratings.com, www.sos.state.oh.us/sos/ElectionsVoter/electionResults.aspx, www.fec.gov
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