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A Proposed Online Reservation System for Queen

Auroras Garden Resort

A System Design Presented to the Faculty of The

Asia Technological School of Science and Arts

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements

In System Analysis and Design
For the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Capate, Realyn M. (Project Manager)
Dimas, April Joy A. (System Analyst)
Donton, Mary Grace A. (Programmer)
Martinez, John Michael (Programmer)
October 2016

Chapter I
Background of the Study
Technology in business is important to provide security to the
confidentiality of the business organizations. The security of the minute details of
the customer is a part of the service provided to them and those confidential
detailing is essentially managed by technological procedures. From automatic
security codes to the invention of software everything has contributed so much
for the security purpose. Technology is absolutely necessary when it comes to
computing and accounting for business transactions and other documents.
The accuracy of a computer is practically impossible to achieve by
human means. Technology has transformed many aspects of life, including the
way many of us make reservations. Whether booking tickets for a show, a seat
on an airplane or a room to spend the night, online booking systems, online
reservations for resorts, make the process fast and easy customers for their own
A resort is a place used for relaxation or recreation, attracting visitors for
holidays or vacations.

These are place, towns or sometimes commercial

establishment operated by a single company. It is a living spa in the old

fashioned sense of the world and a beautiful destination that caters to your needs
and desires, in a peacefully placed environment. One cant help wonder about
the history and heritage behind a resort on a visit. Many resorts have been

restored and refurbished to portray rural life, which is temporarily interrupted by

modern services that blend very well together.
Queen Auroras Garden Resort is certainly a nice place for relaxation and
a perfect place to bond with the family, friend, relatives and classmates. They
definitely earn a lot of customer especially during peak seasons. As the number
of customers increases, the high quality of service is also expected to take part.
Presently, Queen Auroras Garden Resort is using a manual system meaning
they are keeping records in a log book for transactions and taking phone calls for
reservations. The most encountered by the resort for improvement and better
Through the proposed system, a new and better website with functions
made by the proponents, that is The Online Reservation System for Queen
Auroras Garden Resort. With the proponents online reservation system,
customers have the freedom of choosing the service or merchandise among
what is available and knowing precisely what they are getting. Since the
reservation is made online, the customer receives immediate assurance that
what he wants is or is not available. Also, because customers conduct their own
transactions and receive confirmations, they are free to make changes during or
even after the process with less complicating factors.
Queen Auroras Garden Resort is a public/private resort owned by Banoy,
Hain. Located in Purok 3 Barangay. Marinig, Cabuyao City, Laguna. It is one of
the very few resorts in the city of Cabuyao, one town away from the famous Hot

Spring Capital of the Philippines. Established March 2015. Queen Auroras is a

resort for laidback wanderers, especially those who do not want to follow the
hype for other famous resort spots in Laguna. Fashioned by the owners love for
gardening, the resort is adorned by floral walls and beautiful landscaping. Upon
entering, guests are welcomed by an array of floral plants, most taken care of by
Aurora herself. A white picket-fence receiving area is surrounded by picnic tables.
It reminds one of life in the countryside, almost like little Tuscany, quiet, peaceful
and full of history
They offer a table, chair, cottages so that customers can take their pick. A
function hall with full air-conditioned for big events that can accommodate a
maximum of one hundred fifty guests with sound system maximum of six hours.
Offers a family room good for fifteen persons and guest room good for four to six
persons, fully air-conditioned with bathroom. A videoke rooms with a very large
swimming pool for adults, a kiddie pool for children below 4 feet and another pool
for old aged persons.
Queen Auroras Garden Resort offers resort reservation for all occasions
such as weddings, birthdays, baptismal, debut, and so on. Their reservation
system is manual. First, the guest will inquire for the services they offered. Then
the receptionist will show the list of their services and the availability of their
resort. After the guest had selected, the receptionist will check if that services
and date is available. And if that date and services is available, the receptionist
will then show to the guest the reservation fee details. And the guest will pay for

the required reservation fee and issued them a receipt with balance details. And
the receptionist will add it to their list of reservation.

Statement of the Problem

General Problem:
The current manual reservation system of the resort needs a lot of work to
do, which results to unorganized and time-consuming work for the receptionist
and hassle for the customer.
Specific problem:

Low in security
Time monitoring
Difficulty in searching and retrieving files
Possible loss of records and retrieving files
Difficulty in finding the availability of rooms

Conceptual Framework




PHP and MySQL serve as database function.

HTML and CSS for the
Implementati-on of website
System for
Queen Auroras
Garden Resort

The proposed system has to undergo several procedures before it can be

built successfully. The process starts by doing observation, research and asking
questions to find out the problem. The proponents also determined the different
contents of the system that will satisfy the needs of the company and meet the
expectation of customers.
The proponents then need to write the codes following the correct
program syntax for an effective program development. This must be able to
create the expected features and abilities that the system can do, so the
proponents came up with the current output for the web-based online reservation

Objectives of the Study

General Objective:
This project aims to improve the existing reservation system in real time of
Queen Auroras Garden Resort. It provides an online reservation system. And it
provides the company and the staff s well with any help they may need in their
resort reservation, from getting off to a quick start to ongoing assistance.
To develop an online resort reservation system for Queen Auroras Garden

Specific Objective:

To increase the security between the management and staff

To lessen time consume
To spend less time in searching and retrieving of files
To create a back-up of files in every successful transaction.
To become make easier to find the availability rooms.

Significance of the Study

The propose system online reservation system will help produce accurate results
for the computation of the bills. It aims to eliminate the problems faced by the
company due to the manual system.
Also, the study intends to provide less complicating factors for the customers.
The precise generation of reports is also expected for the system to do. The
benefits of the proposed system to will surely help the following:
Resort Owner. This would help the resort administrator to adjust or modify
promotional advertisement for more financial gain including the world-wide web.
This study also, helps easy monitoring and retrieving data necessary for
The Staffs. This would help the staffs to plan adjustment as to the current
offerings, reservation schemes and ways of dealing and entertaining clients and
visitors. This study may lessen the staffs work in assisting a guest because
information already available in the website.
The Customer. Who would not worry anymore for the privacy of their profiles.
They can easily make reservations anytime. Since the website have pictures of
the options they can choose from, they dont need to complete with busy phone
calls just to get a precise description of what they are reserving for. They no
longer need to travel, spend time, and take the effort of leaving their home to
check out the facilities. This is easier than having discussions with staffs.

The Receptionist. Who will have no more difficulty in reserving facilities and
amenities as requested by the customers. There is no need to physically check
the available rooms or amenities and make the customers wait.
The Proponents. Who will be much more trained in handling the programming
language used in developing the system. This will serve as a jump start for them
for their future career. It will enable them to have a strong background in
analyzing problems and designing a system.
Future Researchers. This study helps the future researchers to conduct
accurate and related information needed. This would also be used as a reference
in their future endeavor where they would have to develop or enhance a system
such as this.

Scope and Delimitation

This study will focuses on the development of online reservation system
for Queen Auroras Resort. The systems data managing can only be accessed
and modified by a personnel of the resort who was involved in the process of the
reservation. The process of reservation in Queen Auroras Garden Resort that
covers the booking or registration of the guest, viewing of the resorts availability,
changing and cancelling reservation to ensure the integrity of the resort
implemented by using this system.
This system will provides strong security for the assurance of costumers
for Queen Auroras Garden Resort. The system provides the following features
and service offered.

Packages and Venues for weddings, receptions, anniversaries and

other special occasions.

Function Hall
Room accommodation
Pool Reservation


The system is design only for the enhancement of manual reservation to

an online reservation. If the guest had changed their mind and canceled their
reservation or any services they had selected reservation fee is required for the
reservation of the resort for at least 50% of the down payment. In terms of
cancellation, 50% of reservation fee will be refund if cancellation is made two
week before the date reserved or either depends on date the guest made the
reservation. Payments will not take place online, it must be in person.

Definition of Terms

Operational Terms
Login - Refers to entering of identifier information, registered user way of
gaining access to the additional content of the website not available to unregistered
User overview - This is the list of registered members wherein it displays
the information about the members and members who has an upcoming
Technical Terms
Database- is a collection of information categorized by specific fields.
Guest Inquiry - Guest inquiry for resorts services and availability.
Package - Resorts package deal.
Reports - Display all past, present and upcoming reservations/ events held in the
resort which can be viewed in a month or a week display.
Reservation system - is an important part in a venture especially those who
have difficulty in coping up with reservation requests that are piling up and
sometimes failing to give proper reservations.
Resort - a place used for relaxation or recreation, attracting visitors for holidays.

Chapter II


This chapter contains related literature and studies about online
information and resort reservation system. All information had data published
research books and online journals.
Foreign Literature
Glincher (2013), Setting up an online reservation system like this brings
with it a whole set of unique legal and management issues. For example, how do
you manage security on the site? Do you have a privacy policy posted on your
website? What guarantees does it offer to concerned users? There is no legal
requirement for what a privacy policy says, but whatever it says, you have to live
up to it. If you say that no information about customers is ever given to third
parties, you have to abide by that without exception. If you say that you will do
everything possible to train employees and employ security measures to prevent
hacking, you have to abide by that as well. A number of companies have faced
legal sanctions recently because of a failure to live up to the promises made in
policies they post on their websites. (Develop them carefully and review them
frequently to ensure ongoing compliance is essential). This article discusses
about the security of the system. This can help the proponents in constructing an
effective and efficient privacy policy that can protect the costumers rights.
Louw, Door Janne, (2011, May 10,2011).Description with UML Hotel
Reservation System, Developed a hotel management system that can be used
online. This system allows the guests to do their booking online by them self.

Some of task that the system can do are providing a query for arriving date and
the length of staying, providing the number of On rooms, view all available rooms
and provides user the ability to choose one or more of them, recording kind of
guest and how many going to be in the single room, providing the cost of
booking, asking the users if they want additional service, such as, dinner or
breakfast, storing the guests detail, like, name, address and telephone, asking
the user for confirmation, final conformation views with the detail of booking and
the guest can review or cancel the booking.
Scott (2012) Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa Resort, Singapore is one of the
hotel chains for Shangri-La Corporation. The official website for Shangri-La
Sentosa Singapore is very powerful website, which consist for many useful
functions. The purposes of the website for Shangri-La Sentosa are to provide
hotels information and online room reservation. Visitors can get the hotel
information such as hotel location, room rates, hotel promotions, room
description, photo gallery, and hotel services and facilities from this website.
Besides, the website also includes a fantastic function, which is virtual tour for
hotel. The places available in virtual tour are lobby, rooms, function rooms,
recreation, restaurant and bars. Visitors can use their computer mouse to
navigate around the hotel.
For business person usage, the website provides a form for quest to fill in
their reservation details. In addition to room reservation, guests may fill in
another form to make special request for their reservation. The structure of this
website is well organized and easy to navigate through. Visitors may get a lot of

information from this website. The content of the website is up-to-date, with no
grammatical or spelling mistakes and broken links. The up-to-date contents,
without grammatical or spelling mistakes and broken links are to guarantee
visitors to get the right data. This is a very important theory to apply in the
developed system, as information is crucial for potential quests. The portal must
make sure that potential quests get the correct information, such as room rates
and hotel location. The virtual tour on hotel has added interactive effect and
therefore can attract more visitors to visit the website. By clearly Shown hotel
condition, this may help guest to better understand the place they are going to
stay. They can easily choose any room they wish after the virtual tour. Anyway,
each visitor will have to install Java application before they can view the virtual
tour application.
As conclusion, Shangri-La Sentosa online reservation system is an
efficient, powerful and robust online system. The good characteristics of this
online system should be learn and apply in the developed system. In order to
enhance the current system, the system is developed to enables every visitors
having their virtual tour on hotel. The developed system is appeared to be more
attractive, efficient and dynamic to attract more customers.

Foreign Studies

Marco Polo Guesthouse (2011), the core functions of Marco Polo

Guesthouse online reservation system are to provide online room reservation,
hotel information and tourist information. Visitors can get the guesthouse
information such as location, room rates, room description and other facilities. In
addition, guest can get the tourist information of the place where Marco Polo
Guesthouse is located. Marco Polo Guesthouse is located at BatuFerringhi,
Penang. The online system had includes the traveling information of
BatuFerringhi, and Pulau Pinang as well. This online system appears to have
multi-functions, in addition to online reservation system. Visitors may get know
more about the place they are going to stay, and have make sure they had a
select a right place to stay. The online system had stated out the contact persons
number and email clearly. In case visitors have any questioners, they can call or
write to the contact person. Suggestions from guest are good to help the hotel
business growing.
Anyway, the online system did not provide an instant booking system.
Guests will have to wait for confirmation within 24 hours after their booking. To
enhance the current system, system is developed to enables guest have
availability checks and instant confirmation of the booking. The purpose of this
feature is to save valuable time and to cut cost, as it will eliminate email
exchanges between guests and reservation department. Valuable reservations
staff time is saved because reservation requests will no longer have to be
processed. Although the online system had included the picture for the bedroom,
kitchen and dining room, visitors only can view of it. With a more advance feature

provide in developed system, visitors will be able to view the whole room, for
every angle of the room. The current online system for Marco Polo Guesthouse
did not include the management for housekeeping. In addition to enhance the
functionality of developed system, a Housekeeping features added for
housekeeper to perform their daily work
As conclusion of this case study, system will be developed to have an
instant booking for the room and meals. There is a back office for them to
control the content of the portal. This is to help hotel in better management of
their reservation and content of portal. The Housekeeping features also hope to
provide staff have better management of daily work and be able to work on
Hotel Swiss-Garden Kuala Lumpur(2012) The official website for Hotel
Swiss-Garden is The main functions of Hotel SwissGarden online reservation system are to provide hotel information and online
room reservation. Visitors can get hotel information such as location of hotel,
room rates, room description and hotel facilities. The reservation process
required quest to fill their detail in reservation form. Reservation is guarantee by
giving the credit card details or by cash deposit. The layout of this online system
is clear and user-friendly. Guest can browse through the website to get the
information easily. The content of the website is up-to-date, with no grammatical
or spelling mistakes.

The user-friendly layout of system is a good example for the developed

0portal to follow. This is to make sure that the visitors will feel comfortable or
easy to browse through the portal. The up-to-date contents, without grammatical
or spelling mistakes and broken links are to guarantee visitors can get the right
idea. This is a very important theory to apply in the developed system, as
information is crucial for potential quests. The portal must make sure that
potential quests get the correct information, such as room rates and hotel
location. This online system only shows the static picture of the hotel room.
Guests are not able to view the whole picture of the room they are going to
reserved and stay. A picture worth a thousand words. Instead of giving plenty
words to explain the room condition, it is more suitable for quest to have a virtual
tour on the room they are going to stay. This can increase their satisfaction
towards the room condition.
The online system of Swiss-Garden is fully organized by its developer. The
content of this system will need the website designer to update. As online
reservation system is part of the hotels property, hotel staff should have the
authority to handle the online system. There should be a way for them to update
the information themselves, without refer to the website designer. The online
system should provide contact information to allow quest to contact if they have
any questions or comments. It is important to listen to the feedback from them, in
order to enhance the quality of hotels services.

As conclusion, good characteristic of this online system is applied in the

developed to enables staff to organize their online reservation system. The
developed system is appeared to be more attractive, efficient and dynamic.
Local Literature
According to Mary Grace R. Canlas et al. (2012) in their unpublished
material entitled Online Information and Reservation for MB Dream Resort and
Function Hall. The application of modern technology dominated so far by the
use of internent websites and online reservation systems, gives competitive
advantage to other with same establishment. However, the potential competitive
advantage can be transformed into the real advantage if only the websites have
proper design. As a result, the researchers conducted research on the facts
related to the system that might be helpful to each development.
Aguirre, et al, (2011) online business has been the means of advertising
products and establishments through electronic commerce, which is why they
decided to accomplish a system that would contribute as an immense help in
managing and improving St. Vincent Cottages Resorts (SVCR) reservation
system. The system that they implemented was an online reservation with billing
system. The system was designed to serve and to provide the guests with a
room reservation via online. The system that they developed contains all the
compulsory information about the resort itself, the room reservation, room types,
room rates, services and facilities. And by means of internet connectivity, the
guest would have an easy way in accessing the system for them to have their

reservations booked conveniently, efficiently and effectively. As a conclusion, the

system designed for Nippon Travel and Tours and SVCR is almost similar to the
proposed system of the proponents which also has backup features, restore,
databases and information about the rooms of the hotel that the costumers can
reserve. This article helped the proponents understand more about web based
information systems
Lagman D, (September 2012), Lan-Based Reservation System for
Hacienda Gracia Resort and Hotel. A resort is a place used for relaxation or
recreation, where visitors are being attracted to take their holiday or vacation. It
refers to places, towns or sometimes commercial establishments operated by a
single company. On the other hand, a hotel is differentiated as an establishment
that provides paid lodging on a short-term basis. Computer programmers are
continuously developing a system application to better serve resort or hotel
guests because some hotels and resorts are becoming fully automated while
others are still striving for the similar setting.




LAN-Based Reservation with Billing System for Hacienda Gracia Resort and
Hotel to improve its reservation and billing system. The advent of new
technology gave rise to easy and hassle-free interaction between and among
humans. This is why most hotel and resorts prefer to employ computerization in
their business.
As a conclusion, their system is a lan-based system so we generate their
system a online system for some to organize and developed system is appeared
to be more attractive, efficient and dynamic.

Local Studies
Shangri-La's Mactan Resort & Spa (20l3),a resort hotel owned by ShangriLa Hotels and Resorts located at the island of Mactan, Cebu. It was once
the Philippines'

largest resorts,







suites.Shangri-La'sMactan Resort and Spa, Cebu received the ASEAN Green

Hotel Standard at the ASEAN Tourism Forum 2008 held recently in Bangkok,
Thailand.Since it opened in October 1993, Shangri-Las Mactan Resort and Spa,
Cebu has won various awards from international institutions such as Asia Money,
Business Traveller, Conde Nast,, Smart Travel Asia, Time
Magazine, Travel Weekly (for Best Spa) and Zagat Worlds Top Hotels, Resorts
and Spas.
Besides, the website also includes a fantastic function, which is virtual tour
for hotel. The places available in virtual tour are lobby, rooms, function rooms,
recreation, restaurant and bars. Visitors can use their computer mouse to
navigate around the hotel. For business person usage, the website provides a
form for quest to fill in their reservation details. In addition to room reservation,
guests may fill in another form to make special request for their reservation. The
structure of this website is well organized and easy to navigate through. Visitors
may get a lot of information from this website
Pelayo (2014),The website of The Theodore Hotel gets an upgrade with
the recent addition of a direct reservation system to its online services, allowing
guests to book accommodations within minutes. Guests of the hotel can now

enjoy a quick, easy reservation process, thanks to the recent launch of a booking








access to view and compare available room types, rates,

and features before indicating their room choice and length of stay. A 10%
deposit through credit card secures the transaction and automatically sends
confirmation of bookings via email. This innovative way of reserving
accommodations saves time and energy that guests would normally spend using
more traditional means of booking rooms at the hotel.
As a conclusion, the Theodore Hotel equipped itself with an online
reservation system that can help them promote their services, and at the same
time help their customers lessen the time they spend booking rooms at their
(M.R. Condino, A.M. Cuevas, G. De Leon, March 2013) Online Billing and
Reservation System of Waterville Island Resort , The mode of payment of the
system is through credit card where 50% deposit is required for every reservation
made. The information are stored in database that is why the system can be
used to retrieve data and display available rooms for reservations.
The proposed system is similar to the Online Billing and Reservation System of
Waterville Island Resort because it will also have database where all information
will be stored for security. The proposed system will also use credit cards as the
mode of payment and the hotel also requires 50% down payment for any

In synthesis, the purpose of review related literature and studies is
to study other reservation system and analyze the system by studying other
system can help to develop a more complete and efficient system. These
studies discuss to apply in developed system. Good features of the studied
online system in developed system.

Chapter III

Research Design
The research design is used for this study. The proponents chose a
development research design because it is more systematic than any other
research design. Also, the proponents chose a questionnaire survey instrument
to access the perceptions of the respondents regarding the functions intended by
the Online Reservation for Queen Auroras Garden Resort, how the Online
Reservation can be effective instrument in terms of business advertisements and
to the improvisation and renovation of existing manual advertisement and
process regarding this system.
Data Gathering Instruments
To properly understand and analyze how the reservation system works, a
large amount of information is required. This information is not only focuses on a
single aspect of the study but as well as preparing and for seeing improvements
in terms of design and features needed. The information was gathered by using
library, internet, interview, questionnaire, observation methods and Queen
Auroras very own Terms and Condition when it comes to reservation.

Interview Method

The researchers interviewed the manager of the Queen Auroras Garden

Resort. Researchers asked for the information about the Resort and the existing
system the resort is currently using and other relevant information that are useful
to the study. The actual interview was recorded by the researchers.

Observation Method

It has been observed that the administration keeps a lot of paper files. In
addition, manual transaction is very evident. These caused problems, and in
effect, the researchers proposed the Online Reservation System.


It is a research instrument consisting of a series of questions and other

prompts for the purpose of gathering information from respondents. The
questions were produced and distributed to respondents, who can then complete
the questionnaire on their own time.
Statistical Tool
Percentage. The proponents use this type of statistical tool because percentage
is more accurate and also it identifies the number of respondents who is favored
to a certain analysis. It can also identify the percentage of the respondents of this
study about their perceptions about the system making it also a huge impact for
the system.

Method Used in Developing the Software Product

The software is to be developed to be used by the Queen Auroras Garden
Resort specifically the person in-charge of the reservation of the resort. The
software was intended to run on Windows XP. Visual basic 6.0 will be used in the
developing of the GUI while MS Access will be used for its back-end database
The Rapid Application Method

Figure 3.0

The strategy for building the system is by using the Rapid Application
Development. RAD relies heavily on prototyping and user involvement. To be
able to build the system rapidly, the proponent creates prototypes, which is an
early working version of the system, and obtains user feedback after the
revisions of each prototype.
Four phases of Rapid Application Development (RAD)
The first phase is the requirements planning phase. In this phase the full
participation and cooperation of the users (Administrator and Queen Auroras
Staff) are needed for the researcher to gather information for system analysis.
Obtaining the approval from the Queen Auroras and the Administrator who will
use the system is important as well for the deployment of the system once the
system is converted.
The second phase is the user design phase. It includes the interaction
between the user and the analyst of the system. The develop models and
prototypes are presented at this phase as well as data flow diagrams and the
case tools and also gives example of filling form in reserving for the user to be
fully understand the system flow.
The third phase is construction wherein focuses on web application
development and continuation of the development or improvement of the system.
The user can still suggest for additional features and changes as actual screens
are developed.

The fourth phase is the cutover phase wherein it is the final task of the
implementation phase. The proponent ill provide questionnaires for the users for
the evaluation of the system, conducting final testing with the new system built,
and adopting the system to a selected resort where the system will deploy.
System Analysis
Our system is improving at a pace where it does not exceed the limitation
and we are still on the process of enhancing the proposed system to lessen the
flaws and errors within the system and to accumulate the user needs. In the
development process the developers use added features to modify and
reconstruct the system into a full dynamic and helpful website to showcase the
updated reservation system of the Queen Auroras Garden Resort.
System Design
The system is designed to attract lots of clients/guest. The Online Resort
Reservation is used in order to provide the easiest reservation process. The
client/guest can make a reservation easily through the use of internet, and no
need to visit personally for any inquiry.
The developers uses a slow animation in presenting some views of the
resort for the future client/guest to feel how relaxing and calm being in the resort.
The developers put some pictures of the resort to show the different relaxing
views of the resort.

Figure 3.1
Existing System Context Diagram

Proposed System Context Diagram

Proposed System Top Level Diagram

Database Normalization
Hierarchical Input Output Process

Appendix A

August 29, 2016

Rina D. Serrano
Queen Auroras Garden Resort

Dear Sir/Madam,

We, the third year students of ASIA TECHNOLOGICAL SCHOOL OF SCIENCE
AND ARTS taking up Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, would like to
ask permission if you can allow us to conduct interviews, do some surveys, and
system analysis in your company. The information we gathered will be a big help
in our subject, System Analysis and Design entitled Online Resort
Reservation System.
We are hoping for your immediate response on our request, rest assured that all
the information gathered is highly confidential and for studying purposes only.
Thank you very much and more power.

Truly Yours,
Realyn M. Capate
April Joy A. Dimas
Mary Grace A. Donton

Noted by:
System Design Adviser

We, the third year students of ASIA TECHNOLOGICAL SCHOOL OF SCIENCE

AND ARTS taking up Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, would like to
conduct an interview regarding our Project Proposal entitled Guidance
Information and Monitoring System. Your cooperation is highly appreciated.
Thank you!
History of Resort
Resort Mission and Vision
Resort Rules and regulation
Resort Organizational Chart
Who is the owner of the resort?
When did your resort started?
How many years you had been working in this resort?
What is the process of reserving in your resort?
How much time will it consume?
What are the major and common problem you encountered in this resort?
Does the resort have entrance free? Does it include the accommodation?
What is the standard Check-in time and Check-out time in your
How you ever had a conflict with a customer? How was it resolve?
What is the standard time for Inquiries?
Can we use the resort for an exclusive event?
If you could change or improve anything about your resort what would it
What kind of accommodation does your resort offer and how much is it?
When will I be able to make a resort reservation?

Appendix B
Screen layout

Main screen

Shows the interface for the Registration form of the Resort Reservation
System. This form lets the user to register first before proceeding to the
reservation process. This registration includes fields such as username,
password, confirm password, first name, last name, nickname, address, contact
number, email address and uploading of user image.

Shows the interface for the Log-in Form for the resorts administrator. This
form helps the administrator to log-in and manipulate date in the resort website.
Form consists of several fields such as username, password, and the resort
name where the administrator is being assigned.