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A Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan

Science 4
4th Grading Period

At the end of the activity, the student is expected to:

identify ways to protect self/skin from the sun.

empathize with victims of suns harmful effect by telling how one

can help them minimize the pain physically and emotionally.
practice safety precaution to protect oneself from the harmful
effects of the sun through s

II. SUBJECT MATTER: Safety Precautions on Harmful Effects of the Sun


Empathize with the man in the picture. Ask how the man got the wounds on his back.
What if one of your family members had this kind of condition how would you help them
ease the pain physically and mentally?
worksheet, white board and marker, white board, DLP and laptop
Formative assessment, seatwork, quiz
Action Song: Sing a song entitled Mr. Sun
A. Drill: Fill in the blanks.
1. Mr. Sun the main source of ______________________ on Earth?
2. ___________ get energy from the sun?
3. Without energy will not be able to ________________.
B. Review:
1. What are the benefits we could get from the sun?
2. Picture Analysis

Ask: What can you see in the picture?

Infer what happened to the man in picture no.1, no.2 and no.3?
Can you give other effects of too much sunlight on other living things?
C. Presentation:
Present the lesson by asking a pupil from the class to draw a big sun in the cartolina.

Ask children what activities they like to do under the sun and what they know about
the sun. Have the pupils write their responses on the board.
Daily Learning Plan1

D. Body and Developmental Activity

1. Pre-Activity: Think-pair-share
Write 2 things on how you can protect yourself from the harmful effects of sun.
Call the pupils and ask them to write their answers in the umbrella.
2. Discussion
Discuss the answers of the pupils. Give additional information on the topic.
3. Post-Activity: Deal or No Deal?
Instruct the pupils on the mechanics of the activity. They will say DEAL if they agree
with the statement and NO DEAL in disagree (while doing the corresponding
1. Sun has harmful effects.
2. We cannot protect ourselves against suns harmful effects.
3. We should limit exposure to the sun between 10 a.m to and 4 p.m.
4. The suns UV rays are strongest during 6-10 in the morning.
5. We can do outdoor activities in shaded areas.
6. We should drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.
7. Wear loose and light-colored clothes during sunny days.
8. We shouldnt wear sunglasses because it will make you look like blind.

Situation Analysis
Pick a strip of paper. Read and analyze the situation. Get things/materials from the
bag that you needed to give a solution to the situation that you are into. Use the
things /materials and explain why you need them?
1. Your family will go to Boracay for bonding moments. You will be swimming and
doing outdoor activities. How can you protect yourself from suns harmful effects?
2. According to the weather report the temperature will hit 34 degree Celcius today.
How can you prevent dehydration/heat stroke?
3. Its summer time!! How can you protect your skin from the suns radiation?


Ask the class to write on the board a word, a phrase or a sentence that will tell what
they have learned from todays lesson.

Check the statement that tells a way to protect you against the harmful effects of the
sun and cross it out if not.
1. Stay indoor, if possible, when the sun is high up in the sky.
2. Do not use an umbrella when staying under the sun so you will be comfortable.
3. Avoid staying in crowded places especially during hot days.
4. Wear light-colored clothes to lessen the heat.
5. Use/wear sun protection with UV shield.
Research at least one new safety precaution to protect oneself from too much exposure
from the sun in the internet and present it to the class tomorrow.

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